Just when you think no more Chee By election

The Bukit Batok by election was all about Chee Soon Juan and was popularly and cheekily called the Chee By election. With such a phrase so easy on the lips the Chee By election would be remembered for good. And just as we think this co incidence is a rare find, and would not be repeated for a long time to come, who knows when there would be another by election to be called a Chee By election again?  The Chee persona is everywhere in this by election, even the root cause of it. If there is going to be another by election, Chee may not be the candidate to dominate the discussion or may not even be fielded at all.

No more Chee By election? Don't be too sure. The next coming presidential election is going to be all about Tan Cheng Bock. And, you got it, some are already calling it the Cheng Bock president election or CB president election for short. It is all about CB and whether he is or is not the target of all the changes in the next president election. It is all about whether CB will be eligible to stand in the next election. Don't get me wrong, CB is Cheng Bock's initials.

So, would the next president election be called a CB president election, with or without Cheng Bock running? It would be easy to call it a CB president election if Cheng Bock is running. It would even easier to some to call it a CB president election without Cheng Bock running. Again this time it is all about CB and nothing else. Oops, I mean Cheng Bock and nothing else.


CMIO classification – Greater importance and indispensability

For a long time, there have been calls for the removal of the race classification in our identity card. Some believe that the presence of race in the ID is itself a racist thing, a divisive thing. We are all Singaporeans and there is no need to identify which race we are from. It just increases the awareness of our differences. Do away with it and over time we would become one people, less conscious of our different races. I am not sure if the Americans carry identity cards like us and whether there are similar documents to identify them as Africans, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Eastern, native Indians, India Indians, etc etc.

To those who are rooting for the abolishing of this racial distinction in our ID, they would not be saying the same thing after the constitutional changes on the Elected Presidency come into effect. The minorities would want to be identified as what they are. The Malays and Indians would want to be identified as such. Why?

Being a minority, they have two chances to crack at the post of EP. They could stand for election in the open category. They could also be given a second chance with higher probability in a reserved EP election once every 30 years if they did not get elected. The majority Chinese got only one chance.
What about the Eurasians? They will be most happy to be in the Others category. For in this category the chances are even higher as they are the absolute minority with relatively lesser numbers.  But this could change with the influx of foreigners that may end up in this Others category.

I think children of mixed marriages would now be very pleased if their parents have chosen to put them in the Others category. Hopefully there would not be a big scramble at the ICA registry for citizens to want to switch to this Others category to improve their chances to be an EP.

And hopefully the Others category would stay and not be amended when other minorities claimed they are discriminated and want their own race to be reflected as other minority races to improve their chances and their share for a reserved election to be the EP.

Many parents of mixed marriages would now have to consider this classification very carefully and choosing a minority category or Others would be a favoured choice if they are eyeing the EP. Race category comes with its own privileges, a bit like bumiputras but in favour of the minorities. Would we be creating a different kind of 'bumiputras' in Singapore? The danger about such a change is that it is very much more difficult to remove or unwind the situation once done.  A time bomb in the making.

Now you see why the race category in the ID is gaining importance? It carries a lot of rights and privileges to be an elected EP.  Being classified as Chinese would become a disadvantage when this thing happens.

Looking down the road the population of classified as Others could grow at the expense of the Chinese when mixed parentages opted for Others. The Chinese majority would does decline in numbers while Others could become an absolute majority.
Race has its advantages, especially the minorities.


Elected Presidency – The number games

Since the changes to the Constitution is going to be a reality come what may, let’s look at the numbers and how it could work in the future. The key proposal for minority president is 30 years. So if a minority is not represented in 30 years, it would have an automatic reserved election to elect one of its kind to be the minority president.

Today we have 3 minorities, Malay, Indian and Eurasians. What happens if the new minorities also want to be counted in this minority game? Let’s say the Pinoys, Myanmese, Vietnamese and perhaps the Europeans, the latter would cleverly choose not to be Eurasians, then we would have 4 more categories of minority races. Not sure how many more would want to be counted as a different minority race. Let’s stop at these 4 plus the 3 categories we are having at the moment to make it 7.

If each minority would to serve one term of 6 years, it would mean 42 years before the majority Chinese would have its turn in an open EP election. Hey, is that not more than 30 years? If only there are 5 minority groups, it would even the slate and every race, including the Chinese would have to wait 30 years before their turn is due. Even under the current CMIO status, a majority Chinese EP will come about after 18 years when each minority has its 6 year term, at least, on condition that the Chinese will vote for a Chinese EP in an open election.

The problem here is that the minority is guaranteed a 6 year term every 30 years. The majority is not, I think. If this is the case, the majority may not even be represented every 30 years if they lost out in the open EP election.

Now got to watch how the Constitution is going to be amended and hopefully the majority would not be disadvantaged.

What do you think? Fair or not? Possible or not? Would the new minorities be fighting and pressuring the govt to have their rights to be automatic EP in reserved elections?


Asia must stop Japan from resurrecting its evil Imperial Military Armed Forces

                                                                        Asia must prevent Japan from resurrecting its criminal Imperial Military Army     

The writing is on the wall Japan is aggressively pursuing a confrontation course against China. It thinks it has the backing of USA and it is now time to have a showdown with China. Japan's evil thinking cannot be more wrong. The Chinese people and China and for that matter the whole of Asia have yet to settle the account for Japanese atrocities and war crimes from 1885 to  end of the Second World War in 1945. What makes the evil sub-human Japanese think that with American backing it can create another war in East Asia. In the Second World War USA dropped two atomic bombs on Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This time round China should not be so kind but compliments Japan's wish for its doomsday  by taking  Japan off the map once and for all with a hundred or more atomic or hydrogen bombs on all Japanese cities. This is not what the Chinese want to do but it is what the Japanese are asking for .

Japan is  using USA to take on China hoping that the clash of the two titans will destroy both and provide an opening for Japanese military resurrection and imperial aggression again. On the other hand USA is goading Japan to fight China using it as a proxy to destabilise China and contain Chinese peaceful development. What ever it is China must always be well prepared to take on both despicable ruffians and destroy them simultaneously.There are good reasons why China must take the upper hand now to destroy Japan once and for all.

Under the Showa Era of that criminal monster Hirohito from late 19th Century  until 1945 ,the Japanese military forces, the Army, Navy and imperial Japanese family were responsible for crimes killing millions of Chinese civillians and prisoners of war.

Today Japanese leaders show no remorse or repentance for their brutal atrocities and unpardonable war crimes against the Chinese people. They pray at the Yasukuni Shrine which include convicted Class A war criminals in its honoured war dead. The short despicable Shinzo Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party openly denied Japan had committed those atrocities and the case of forcing women as sex slaves - " Comfort Women."

In 1885 Japan attacked China and took Sakhalin Island to the north of Hokkaido and the Liu Chiu Islands ( which they renamed Okinawa ) from China and in 1910 it took away Taiwan and the Pescadore Islands. In 1895 Japan seized Manchuria. In the course of these wars from 1885 to 1945 Japanese military killed more than 15 million Chinese civillians and prisoners of war.

The number one war criminal was Emperor Hirohito who personally instituted the Three Alls Policy of taking no prisoners - Kill All,Burn All and Loot All. This scorched earth policy of Hirohito not only killed millions of Chinese but also caused untold misery and great suffering to many more millions.

Hirohito personally directed his military forces to carry out mass killings . In the Nanking Massacre of 1937-1938 , more than 300, 000 Chinese civillians and prisoners of war were either shot, decapitated or buried alive.Other mass killings were carried out in other parts of China under Japanese occupation. Hundreds were killed or buried alive in Gaocheng county in Hepei and in Mengcun village also of Hupei more than 1500 were killed or buried alive.

The Japanese pursuit of killing of Chinese extended to South East Asia. In Singapore about 100,000 Chinese were killed or buried alive in 1942 under the code Sook Ching. In Malaya many more hundreds of thousands of Chinese were slaughtered in countless villages. Thousands of Chinese were also killed by the Japs in various parts of Indonesia.

What is even more gruesome and intolerable is that they would bayonet young children alive or tossed Chinese babies in the air and then bayoneted them. The Japanese are really beasts and inhuman.

One of the Japs horrible war crimes was "Human experimentation and Biological warfare under Unit 731 which was established by order of Hirohito himself. The commander of Unit 731 was Shiro Ishii. Victims were subjected to experiments like vivisection, amputation and others without anesthetics. Other victims were subjected to testing of biological weapons. Victims were used for plague and pathogens experiments. According to the 2002 International Symposium on the crimes of Bacteriological Warfare , the number of people killed by the Imperial Japanese Army germ warfare and human experiments was around 600,000. More than 400,000 Chinese died of bubonic plague, cholera, anthrax and other diseases resulting from the use of biological warfare.

However it is shameful and despicable for USA not to prosecute top officers of Unit 731 for war crimes  after the war in exchange for the criminals in turning over the results of their research to USA. These war criminals of Unit 731 were also given responsible positions in Japan's and America's pharmaceutical industries, in medical schools and health ministry. In doing so USA  is guilty of complicity in the war crimes against humanity especially against the Chinese .

Besides the wicked Hirohito also signed orders specifying the use of chemical weapons in China.Thus in 1937 tear gas was used against the Chinese army. In 1938 the Imperial Japanese Army began full scale use of many different kinds of poisonous gases against the Kuomintang and communist troops. The gases used were phosgene, chlorine, lewisite, , nausea gas ( red ) and mustard gas ( yellow )

In the Battle of Wuhan , August to October 1938, Hirohito perfsonally authorized the use of toxic gas on about four hundred occasions resulting in tens of  thousands of death and lingering suffering. In the Battle of Yichang October 1941 , the Jap Imperial Army launched more than a thousand mustard gas shells and 1500 red gas shells at Chinese forces in which thousands of soldiers and civillians died. Later in 1944 the Japs started to use cyanide gas which killed even more Chinese soldiers and civillians.
Finally the Japs used widespread gruesome torture to gather military intelligence quickly. After interrogation and torturing, the prisoners were executed or buried alive. The Jap officers claimed they acted on orders from their senior officers and they were convinced that they were doing so in honour of their country. As one Jap officer said, " We carried out our duty as instructed by our masters. We did it for the sake of our country. From our filial obligation to our ancestors. On the battlefield we never really considered the Chinese humans. When you are winning, the losers look really miserable. We concluded that the Yamato race - the Japanese were superior."

From the above it can be seen that the Japanese will never change their beastly  behaviour, their penchant for aggression and conquest. They still think they are superior to the Chinese yet they have to adopt many things from Chinese such as Chinese writing, tea culture, the kimono was a Tang Dynasty dress for cultured ladies of nobility and even martial arts. Since the Japanese elites think so highly of themselves and are itching for a fight and since their crimes can never be forgiven, China should take them on and present them with a hundred atomic or hydrogen bombs to make sure Japan  will never be  a menace to the Chinese and others again.

China should seek a modus vi-ven-di with USA before launching a full scale attack on Japan.

As an aside information, my father was tortured by the Japanese in Singapore Fortunately he was saved by a Taiwanese senior officer of the same surname, My mother too was kicked and slapped by the Jap soldiers for not bowing to them. The Japs also confiscated all the money and jewellery from my parents and up to now our family has not been compensated.


Thursday, 22nd September, 2016

Which mess do you want? Hillary or Donald Trump

This is what the Americans are going to choose in the coming Presidential Election for the most powerful job in the world, a real executive president, the leader of an Empire. It is so pathetic that the Americans have come to a stage when they have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. What kind of choice is that? America got no talent? These two are the best there is to choose from? They should adopt the Singapore’s stringent criteria for an Elected President if they want someone good and able to run America and the Empire.

Please don’t laugh. We are moving forward towards the same dilemma, to choose from a slate of people that you may rather not want to choose from. The current presidential election regulations are already so restrictive that only a few individuals could qualify. When the immortals raised the bar, how many more would be left standing to be counted as good enough for the elected president post?

Then there is gonna be a reserved election for the minorities after a lapse of time. And the people are expected to choose from an even smaller plate, the best in a tiny cup, without comprising on the quality, based on meritocracy of a small pond.

When that day comes, the people may also be choosing which mess they want. The stringent criteria got nothing to do with the goodness of the person but with his ability to rise to the top of the heap in a big organization, to be able to count money. Many otherwise better candidates, better men and women with better moral values, better philosophies, better understanding of what life is all about, would be ruled out as unfit, misfit to be the Elected President. Even Jesus Christ would not be good enough. Only a very select few would qualify under these stated criteria and get through. What about unstated criteria? Are there undisclosed criteria that the potential candidate must satisfy to be eventually confirmed as safe and good?

With all the written and unwritten rules and criteria, it is quite possible that the people would be put to elect the lesser evil, like the Americans, which mess do they want. The Americans have more than 250 million people to choose from and they ended up with just Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Singaporeans did not have 3.5 million people to choose from, only a handful of the so called ‘clever’ people. And in a reserved election for a minority, the pool of ‘clever’ people would be less than the fingers in a hand. What kind of choice is that?

What kind of mess do you want?


Made in Singapore?

Modi wants to turn India into another manufacturing hub and came out with his Make in India slogan. His vision is simple and clear, products and services made in India, ideas originated in India, and made by the Indians and sold at Indian prices.
China, the factory of the world, has Made in China products and services. The products and services are made in China, by the Chinese and at Chinese prices. There is a slight difference. Many of the products and services originated from the West, the ideas from the West, but copied and modified and produced at much lower cost to sell at much lower prices.
What is Made in Singapore? It used to be made by Singaporeans and to some extent Malaysians working here. The ideas were western and some from Singaporeans. Today, Made in Singapore is no longer what it used to be. Many have ideas originated not from Singaporeans, and the products and services are made and provided by Third World citizens. The only thing that is still Made in Singapore is the price. Oh, the system and infrastructure could still be Singaporeans. The delivery and execution are hardly or barely Singaporeans. Walk into any hospitals and you may think you are in some Third World countries served by Third World citizens.
The universities have been taken over by foreigners and literally run by foreigners. The banking and finance industry, the IT industry, some manufacturing products and services, the medical industry, the human resource industry and what else, God knows, are all made and provided by foreigners.
We used to laugh at the Proton car that the local content is very little. Now Made in Singapore brand, how many percent is Singaporean? Can we still call it Made in Singapore, Singapore quality, served and provided by Singaporeans and charging Singaporean prices?
What is Made in Singapore? What is Singapore?


Elected President - My last post on this issue?

I thought I have written enough on this thing with my last post yesterday but someone prompted me to look at it from another angle. And this view is an answer to what Shanmugam said about our EP becoming a laughing stock. Shanmugam was quoted in the media to have said, ‘The scenario of an individual who steps forward to run for the position but does not get a majority vote could make Singapore a "laughing stock"…’

What would this statement make of the 35% votes for Tony Tan? Did he get a majority vote or the best among the candidates with less than the 51% majority? Would the proposed changes to the EP ensure that a minority candidate gets a majority vote when put on the vote?

This is the catch. Remember the official mantra that the Chinese majority are ‘racist’ and would vote for Chinese candidate? How true is this? If this is true, a few scenarios could happen during the reserved election for a minority president. One, because they are ‘racist’, they would boycott the election since they did not want to vote for a minority candidate. Two, they may cast blank votes since there is no Chinese candidate for them to vote. Three, they would cast spoilt votes to register their protest or they simply did not want to vote for a minority candidate.

So, guess how many percent of the popular votes would a minority candidate get in a reserved election? With the Chinese population at 70-75%, the max for a minority president to get is 30%. Or say 20% of the Chinese are not racists, he would get another 15% to make up a total of 45%, still less than 50%. He does not have a majority vote, and he will become a laughing stock.

See how this potential is being created by the false assumptions and the contrived logic to make this minority president a reality? What is worse is that the minority will deem this as an insult, a racist thing, and it will become a racial issue. With this new brew of minority representation, is it a recipe for disaster, for more racial tension and unhappiness instead of the professed aim of building a more cohesive multi racial society? Would it end up dividing the races rather than bringing them together as one people regardless of race? Are the wise men and women up to it to foresee what they are cooking for the future?

If this is a good solution, the wise men and women of the past would have thought of it. The Oracle would have thought of it. When the Oracle feared to tread, who dares to defy the past wisdom of not having this in the Constitution?