Fear not, Singapore is an infinity

I read Chee Soon Juan’s rebut to Lawrence Wong’s optimism about the unending building programme of Singapore. Lawrence Wong’s position is that Singapore is still building and a lot more could be built. Sure, just pull down old inefficient buildings and build higher in an unending cycle of build, pull down and build. Chee was worried that Singapore’s land is finite and there was just so much that could be built, just so much concrete to be poured onto this piece of rock.

I think Chee should not be too worried. Singapore is an infinity. Though Singapore is only 800 sq km, it has unlimited capacity to build and to populate. Chee must have heard of the sky is the limit and the Tower of Babel. Singapore not only can build towards the sky with today’s technology, it can build downwards to the core of mother earth.

Singapore’s land or space is unlimited. That is why some of the very clever people are saying Singapore can house 10m, 15m or 25m people, or may be the whole world. Nothing is impossible if we can buy all the foreign talents to show their talents and make this an infinite island.

In Singapore, everything is infinite. You think the salary of ministers is high? There are plenty of rooms for more pay hikes. And this applies to the CEOs down to the workers. We can pay all our workers higher and higher salaries than the beans of the rest of the world. Our productivity can go up and up and up to justify the high salaries of our workers and still be very competitive. They deserved every cent they are paid and are very productive.

And our properties, see how people are grabbing HDB flats and willing to pay a million dollar for them? This is the other infinity in Singapore. Property prices can only go up and up to high heavens. 99 years? Not to worry, something will happen and the property prices would still go up and up. Soon HDB flats would all be fetching millions of dollars if the trend continues. And private properties would be in hundreds of millions of dollars with workers being paid in the millions to pay for them.

What about the cost of living, the cost of everything? Sure they will go up as well. But not to worry, fear not. Singaporeans would be able to afford all the good things in life no matter how expensive they are. The salaries will just go up and up to match the up and up prices. There is no limit to infinity. Singapore is infinity.

Chee Soon Juan should not be too worried about the limitations of this little piece of rock. Everything is possible when you pay millions to the talented to come out with their miracle solutions. The impossible will become possible. Miracles would be a normal occurrence. Singapore will be a miracle city with towering blocks swinging in the clouds or winding deeply into the caverns of earth. Have faith in this miracle City of Infinity. Everything is infinite. In Singapore, everything has no limits.


The hubris of an Indian chatter in the Indian media

The Indians are now gloating about their success in standing up ‘to defend’ a small weak state like Bhutan by sending Indian soldiers to stop Chinese road building along the China Bhutan border. And they are grinning from ear to ear that all China could do was to bluff that it would teach India a second lesson while Modi ‘kept his cool, refusing to respond to any Chinese threat, much less withdraw its forces according to Bhrahma Chellaney in his article ‘Calling China’s bluff: Why scare tactics won’t work’ in the Today paper on 14 August.

His reasoning, supposedly someone credible from Project Syndicate, is that China is a warmonger and trying to bluff India by using psywar. India is not afraid of China as it has many advantages and cards to play over China. China would not dare attack the Indian soldiers inside Chinese border for doing so would push India into the American embrace. India is a big market and China would not want to jeopardize it US$60b trade surplus with India. And Xi Jinping would not dare to start a war with India as it would affect his position should he lose the war. China is in a dilemma. So Xi would need India’s help to extricate himself from this stand off to protect his image as a tough leader. Basically what he said is that China is a loser in all counts in this incident.
Chellaney even said the standoff and India’s standing up to China is an important lesson to other regional states to stand up to China, to call China’s bluff as a big bully. India is setting the example for others to follow.

China is now hapless against a tough India and would eventually back off and stop its road building work in the China Bhutan border. India is well fortified, well prepared and in a militarily superior position, just like in the 1962 war.

Who is the big bully and who is going to be evicted from the border is waiting to be seen. Let’s see how long this hilarious gloating would continue, just like the early days of the 1962 Sino Indian border war when they arrogantly thought China would be a pushover and splashed across all the Indian media with their initial successes against unprepared Chinese border guards taken by surprise. By now China would have done all its preparation and waiting for an order to evict the Indian soldiers in Chinese territory.

History is going to repeat itself. The China of today is even prepared to take on the Americans together with all its allies. China hapless against India?


Would the Americans sacrifice South Korea and Japan

In its single minded pursuit of the American Empire would the Americans sacrifice the South Koreans and Japanese and provoke a war with the North Koreans under contorted lies that the North Koreans with their two ICBMs and unproven nuclear bombs are a real and present danger to the Americans that possessed thousands of nuclear bombs waiting to vaporize the North Koreans? They have been fabricating this lie for a long time and wanting to use this lie to stamp their unchallenged position as the top dog of the world and now is the moment to show the world that they can do it, to decimate the North Koreans. And in the course of this madness and delusion for power, South Korea and Japan would be the first two sacrificial lambs offered to the altar of the hegemon god.

For decades the Americans have dragged the South Koreans by the nose to provoke the North Koreans on a daily basis and could start a war with the slightest fake excuse. Japan too played along thinking that this is just an American mind game to demonise the North Koreans and justify their military occupation of South Korea. Never would they think the Americans would be mad enough to start a nuclear war with North Korea. Now this madness is becoming a threatening nightmare and could become a reality at any moment.

The South Koreans are the first to panic. President Moon Jae in has been quoted to have said, ‘resolving North Korea’s nuclear ambitions must be done peacefully…There must be no more war on the Korean peninsula. Whatever ups and downs we face, the North Korean nuclear situation must be resolved peacefully. I am certain the United States will respond to the current situation calmly and responsibly in a stance that is equal to ours.’ Moon also said that only the South Koreans could decide to go to war. He is rather na├»ve to think so as the massive American military presence is beyond his control and the Americans could precipitate a war at their call. The Americans are in charge and calling the shot.

The fear and concern of Moon may be too late when a lunatic is in the White House surrounded by military hawks. The Americans have been pressing for war for a long time, not for fun, not just military exercises to threaten the North Koreans. All options are on the table, guns are loaded.

The top American general Joseph Dunford has taken note of the South Koreans’ fear and is in Seoul to reassure that war is not on the card. However, war is still an option if diplomatic and economic pressure failed ‘to achieve the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and a dismantling of the regime’s ballistic missile programmes.’ This last part confirmed by both Matthis and Tillerson is the key to American’s position and this last part is not negotiable as far as the North Koreans are concerned.

The Americans are adamant to go to war as the North Koreans are not going to give up their nuclear arsenal. The assurance by Gen Dunford is as good as no assurance. It is looking very real that the South Koreans and Japanese are going to be sacrificed to serve the American hegemonic ambition. The start of a war would see South Korea and Japan as the main targets for destruction. The Americans in their homeland are safe. Would they care about what would happen to the South Koreans and the Japanese?

This is the heavy price that South Korea and Japan would have to pay for dancing and sleeping with the devil. The Americans can afford to start a war now as they probably think the North Koreans would not be able to hit homeland America and if they could, only a handful of prototype ICBMs that could be taken down quite easily. This is the time to destroy the North Korean nuclear ambition before it is too late.

Good bye South Koreans and Japanese. You have been good friends to the Americans.
Both the South Koreans and the Japanese are shitting in their pants now. This is what they get when playing with fire and conspiring with the Americans. Their lives are not important to the Americans. The memorials in Nagasaki and Hiroshima are reminders of what would happen again should the US attack N Korea. N Korea would lob as many nuclear bombs they have into American bases in Japan.

The only piece of good news yesterday was that Kim Jung Un has proven to be a reasonable and rational man, not mad like Trump as the Americans would want the world to believe it, for calling off the threat to send missiles around Guam. This move has helped to lower tension provided the mad Trump did not see this as a sign of weakness and press ahead with more provocations.

Would Trump and his mad men and women in Washington take this as a face saving move to deescalate tension in the Korean peninsula? Or would they still think of sacrificing South Korea and Japan in their hegemonic ambition to start another war in Asia, away from the American homeland?


What is a Rogue Empire?

This phrase is quite familiar and similar to what is a rogue govt. A Rogue Empire will never tell you that it is rogue. In fact it would tell you they are angels of God, out to do good, to protect you, to save you, you needed them for your own good while they eat your lunch.

After being fed a life time by western media, believing in the Americans and the West as the saviours of human kind, the white gods, is understandable. The glory of the Americans has its roots in the victory over evil Germany and Japan and the rebuilding of Europe with the Marshall Plan for Europeans, and a new world order that allowed the rest of the world to have peace and stability to rebuild themselves. The peace was not that the Americans willed it but there were no evil Japan and Germany to want to conquer the world. The Americans were in fact conducting another war with the Communist bloc, the Cold War. When this war ended, the Americans continue with more wars in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

The Americans today are living on these past glories and nothing more. Since then, they have been engrossed in building and preserving their Empire by building military bases all over the world and oppressing and destroying any country that did not bow to the will of the Empire like Korea, Vietnam and the Arab countries.

They waved the flags of freedom, international responsibility and rule of law but violated every one of these ideals in the interests of the Empire. They conducted tens of regime change, destabilized countries, invasion, conducting wars, and creating instability all over the world using these as justifications.

In the name of freedom and international responsibility, they have invaded countries and destroyed the lives of many people since the end of WW2. In the name of rule of law, they have violated all the international laws to dominate the world. They ignored these laws and would not be bound by these laws but used these laws to threaten and bully other nation states. They talked about saving the world but would not rectify the Paris Climate Change agreements. They talked about respecting international laws but would not rectify UNCLOS. They talked about being responsible international citizens but created all kinds of fake excuses to invade countries, support and breeding terrorist organizations.

They talked about free trade but killed the TPP, a supposedly trade pact for free trade at least within the pact countries and turned towards an isolationist trade policy. In the name of peace they started wars in all corners of the world.

The Americans break all international laws, they are above the laws, they are lawless, they are the outlaws. They expect all countries to observe international norms and laws except themselves, and elevated themselves as the Number One International Outlaw.
This is what a Rogue Empire is all about. They used all kinds of laws to bully other nation states, twisted the interpretation of laws to their own interest. Used the rule of law and international organizations to threaten and attack other nation states.

Think about it. Remove your blinkers and call a spade a spade. A Rogue Empire is a Rogue Empire. Their only reason to exist is to protect the Empire, to rule the world by destabilizing the world to support their only industry, the war industry and their war machine. They have nothing else useful to contribute to the world. They needed a chaotic world to divide the world for world supremacy, to justify the US$600 billion budget and more than 1000 military bases around the world.

This is as stark and as real as you can get, The USA is a Rogue Empire.


NUS – Singaporeans growing confidence in Singaporeans

The latest appointment of another Singaporean to be the dean of NUS School of Public Health is a sign that Singaporeans have started to rediscover themselves and growing more confident in their own abilities after a couple of decades of worshipping fake and dubious foreign talents. For two or three decades there was this sinking feeling that Singaporeans are really daft and useless people despite their claims of aceing their academic tests from the best universities in the world. As a result of this self doubt, not sure which donkey started this myth and trend, many foreigners were brought in as foreign talents to replace Singaporeans in many top appointments, including the academia. Today, NTU and to a lesser extent NUS has a predominant foreign presence that did not augur well for the future of Singaporean talents. If the trend continues, one day a minister would say they have started a programme to train Singaporean academics and it would take another 50 years for them to be ready.

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, NUS President, has been reported to say that NUS went on a world tour of sort, to look for the best in the world to fill the position of the dean of Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health only to find that the incumbent vice dean Professor Teo Yik Ying is still the best man in the world, to be the dean of the School. Should there be a sigh of relief that Singaporeans are now confident enough to look at themselves and confidently tell themselves that we are really the best in the world and not second liners to foreigners?

Would this appoint of Professor Teo be a revival of faith and trust in Singaporean talents and their ability as among the best in the world and the stupidity of thinking that any foreigner, with dubious backgrounds and qualifications that could not be verified or unknown to us, is the best man to helm our institutions? Would there be a soul searching in the top circle of Singapore elite to reflect on this silliness over the last two decades to adore everything foreign and start to have faith in Singaporeans?

We built many great organizations and institutions only to import foreigners to take them over and to replace more Singaporeans with their respective foreigners, leaving Singaporeans in the lurch, destroying their faith and confidence in the process and resign to the fate of being security guards and taxi drivers or temp workers.

If Singaporeans have no faith in Singaporeans and their abilities, Singaporeans will be the ones that will destroy Singapore by importing dubious foreigners that could not build their own countries, failures in their own countries, to take over this island, the island built by Singaporeans.


Racist F&B outlet replied S'pore is not Saudi Arabia when asked if they were halal

This guy Chun message an F&B outlet selling pork dishes and asked if the outlet was halal. The outlet replied and this guy went on to accuse the outlet for being racist. Who do you think is the racist and the mischievous one? Ask an outlet selling pork if it is halal is like asking a Muslim outlet if it is halal and the reply could be more curd than this one. To me this twit was asking for it.

What do you think? Below is his post in All Singapore Stuff.

Was actually happy when they reopened, because my fiance and I used to frequent them before they disappeared for awhile without any notice. It really seems as per what a customer said in an earlier review - that they do not take pride in their eatery nor value their customers.
Yesterday I facebook messaged them (Sunset Grill & Pub Pte Ltd) to ask if they are Halal certified. My message was simple: "Hi are you guys halal certified?"
The reply was shocking and upsetting: "Hi Chun. Why do you ask such a question. This is Singapore not Saudi Arabia. Anyway. You'll be pleased to know that we are a pork loving restaurant. Peace be with you."


Attacking N Korea could be a disguise to attacking China and Russia

The raising of tension by Trump and his threat to attack N Korea must not be seen in isolation. Attention for the moment has been directed at a possible attack on N Korea with little thought on what if this is only a disguise, and excuse to launch American nuclear weapons to attack China and Russia? Let everyone be alerted to the possibility that ICBMs flying towards N Korea could be diverted once at the border of China and Russia and both countries would have no time to react and be blown to pieces before they know what was happening.

American ICBMs cruising towards N Korea are as good as cruising towards China and Russia. Both countries are in the same flight path, same trajectory path. What better excuse would the Americans have to launch ICBMs with the Chinese and Russians misled into thinking that the ICBMs are heading towards N Korea when the real targets are China and Russia? At certain range from the borders of Russia and China, in fact once it is launched, and if China and Russia did not launch them as the same time towards the USA, the two countries are as good as cooked.

Would the military strategists and military commanders allow the Americans to launch their ICBMs towards N Korea when there is no guarantee that they would not change course in mid space? Would China and Russia trust the Americans firing their nuclear tipped ICBMs in their direction and think all is fine when the consequences could be the end of China and Russia?

China and Russia may tolerate a conventional war in the Korean Peninsula and play along as long as the war can be contained, limited. But once ICBMs are flying, it is all a different proposition altogether. When the Americans fired their ICBMs, there is no option left for China and Russia not to fire theirs at the Americans. There is no fail safe when the ICBMs are launched and no room for error.

The whole N Korean crisis could be an American ploy to lull everyone into a state of complacency. The main objective could be an all out attack against China, Russia and all other nuclear powers, to wipe them out without them knowing what hit them until it is too late..

Would the number one outlaw masquerading as the world's policeman be arrested before they commit the final crime against civilisation and the human race? This outlaw is an international terrorist on all counts and must be stopped immediately.