7 million population a working target

The news were splashed across the main media that the mass rapid transport system would be further enhanced with a couple more lines across the island, the Cross Island Line and the Jurong Region Line, plus the extension of a few other lines in progress. What are these expansion and upgrading for? Are they being developed to ease the problems of public transportation today or are them meant to cope with a bigger population in the future?

A White Paper would be discussed for a population of 7m, not 6.5m. Is this the main reason for the big news on the future MRT lines? If this is it, then the congestion and all the problems the commuters are facing today will become a matter of normal discomfort and commuting using public transportation. The commuters just need to get used to them. Nothing much is likely to change if the population is to hit 7m. And the 7m million is not going to be the final stop.

When 7m is hit, and the economy stagnates, the call for an increase in population to stimulate growth will become another no choice option. Sinkies need to prepare for 10m or more people in this island, to build more flats and other supporting facilities, roads and to sell more COEs.


patriot said...

A calamity of sort is in the making and our Rulers are the Architects for it.


dotseng said...

How did the planners derive at the magic figure of 7 million? That is what an intelligent person will ask. Was it bc they believe if this value is factored into their growth equation, then it will produce x results, which is growth. So tell me, if all the worlds most highly paid planners just know how to grow the economy by ramming up the population. Then what will happen after that figure is attained?

Maybe then the next milestone will be 9 million. And once that figure is attained. Maybe the new set point will be 12 million.

I do not know Chin Leng what sort of logic this is. If you go to any prosperous country in this world. I do not believe it is possible to find such an aggressive immigration policy as a means of carving competitive advantage. Do you want to know why? That is because this is the worlds laziest and least imaginative and probably the most damaging way for the natives to grow an economy.

I wonder why do the worlds most successful countries spend so much time and effort developing their natives and home grown industries? Why don't the Swiss just bring in ship loads of Bangla's along with outsourcing their watchmaking industries to Guandong and Xiamen?

You know what Chin Leng. I feel sorry for young people these days. They live in a high priced world it seems. Once they buy a house and car, they have more or less mortgage the best years of their life away. Everyday they work, work and work to pay out their crappy Korean cars and pigeon holes in the sky.

Tell me Chin Leng - WHO benefits from all this?

Not too long ago. A green horn graduate asked me whether, he should return home to Singapore. He told me that he was now nearly thirty. As he went overboard with studying. And now when he compares himself with his peers who have now begun to work in Singapore. He seems to have so little compared to them. As most of them are already HDB home owners and they all seem to even be able to afford a car.

I told this young man - life can be deceptive. And he should not be so presumptuous. As many of his peers are heavily in debt. They owe the banks so much money that they are really just working off to pay their debts. And it's going to get harder. As since this govt doesn't seem to understand the economics of salary destruction when large number of professionals are brought in from elsewhere to bump up productivity. That can only mean many of this young man's peers will see their salaries levelling off. And since this is a government that takes great pride in propagating the Darwinian theory of the survival of the fittest through its kooky notion of meritocracy. In the NEAR future many of his peers will simply find themselves ending up as grist to the mill in the great Singaporean pressure cooker.

I went on to tell this young promising man that even he who thought he had nothing, except a bicycle to his name was already richer than any of his peers - as he was debt free. I went to tell him, that even a beggar on the streets of King Cross was richer than even a young couple who owns a HDB and a car in Singapore as he was debt free!

When said all this, this young man suddenly felt very wealthy and rich. He thanked me for my wise advise. And said that he will stay on in Australia. I told him he should stay on and work hard to build a network. He asked, "network?" I said, yes, as one day those friends who he believes have made it in life will probably need it one day as they find themselves pressed to one corner. They may want to migrate to greener pastures to create a better tomorrow for their children. When this young man heard this, his eyes started to glistened and he said to be, "I have so much to do in so little time."

Do you now understand Chin Leng why alll that glitters is not gold. It could well be invisible and odorless shit. The sort that you could even be neck deep in and still not realize it.

Darkness 2013

Anonymous said...

We are all turned into banking slaves by our gov who worked as the intermediary (cos they already fall prey) for those bankers. People will do all kinds of nasty thing to each other so that they can pay off their debts. You can easily see this in the corporate world. If there is no debt to pump up all those flats, COE etc, housing and cars are very affordable in Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a very good explanation why we don't need too clever people to be in the govt when the heart is not there. They used their talents to enrich themselves instead of making life better for the people.

The solution of adding more and more people to get growth does not need any brain and does not deserve to be paid in the millions. Yes, the citizens are now enslaved by the big debt to service the big housing and car loans.

Matilah_Singapura said...

7 million is still to low.

Try 9 million. And then 15.

My engineer and architect friends tell me that it is possible. And I believe them.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong policy makers are hoping that they could be less people, less congestion, less PRCs.

Here in Singapore in past 20 years, OLDman & Talents were crazily trying their best to import more people so that Singapore has "critical mass for domestic demand" like Hong Kong.
OLDman talked about a population of 8 mln, 20 years ago. And no one question him on his flaw logic and consequences; they just follow.

Wow! In Hokkien, "Kong Kum!" ie Plain Silly.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah. The world has changed, and Singapore has changed radically. JB is already a de facto suburb of Singapore. The "smart" non-complaining Singaporeans are already moving there. Rent out their S'pore property at sky high prices, move to Johor and kick back in landed property, in their green gardens, eat chiku and durian all day, get blow jobs and massages at bargain prices.

I know of a few Singaporeans who win the prize for "lobang exploiters", and are worthy of mention.

1. Decide to move to Johor

2. Rent your over-priced govt-assisted pigeon hole or private home(s)

3. Rent or buy in Johor -- depending on your circumstance.

4. Engage a Malaysian driver with his own Malaysian-registered car

5. Pay the dude RM 1000 per month (plus petrol and ERP) to drive you around anywhere you need to be in Singapore

Cheaper than taxi or owning your own car. No astronomical parking fees incurred.

$95,000 for COE? SG.GOV: get fucked, then suck my dick lah. Hire a Malaysian, and help the Malaysian economy!