Middle East Peace Efforts



Reports of a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President al-Sisi in New York Egyptian President were received with mixed feelings in the Arab World, from “shameful” to a sign of “peace and tranquility”.

It was widely reported in Arabic media and commented upon online. Commentators view the meeting very differently, depending on which side they are with in the complex Middle-East politics.

The meeting was not reported by the popular Al-Jazeera immediately and many other Arab media failed even to mention it.

General Trend

The general trend among pro-Qatar or pro-Iranian media was to bypass the issue. PressTV in Iran ignored the meeting but highlighted a new US military base in Israel.

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Arabiya English and Arabic didn’t mention the meeting directly on its home page but did have a piece devoted to Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s visit to New York and his condemnation of supporters of terrorism and criticism of Qatar. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE have been in a confrontation with Qatar since last year. The general article on Sisi’s New York visit noted that Sisi met Netanyahu to discuss Middle East peace and met with Jewish organizations.  In Arabic the site published a short article on the meeting, claiming it “revived” the peace process and that Sisi stressed the need for a “final and just settlement” of the conflict.

Most Egyptian media highlighted aspects of Sisi’s trip and some focused on the Netanyahu handshake. Although Al-Ahram in Egypt did not mention the meeting on its homepage an article did highlight Egypt’s role in trying to aid Palestinian reconciliation. On the Arabic site, it noted that the Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit, “commended Egypt’s efforts which paved the way for this important achievement.”

Another article highlighted the Qatar crises, claiming that Qatar was seeking to “blackmail Israel.”

Al Masry al-Youm reported, “Sisi stressed the importance that Egypt attaches to efforts to resume negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli sides with a view to reaching a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue in accordance with the two-state solution and the relevant international references.”

The article showed the leaders shaking hands and emphasized that Israel had expressed appreciation for Egypt’s role in the peace process.

Egypt’s al-Wafd featured an article that showed Netanyahu shaking hands with US President Donald Trump and discussed the new US military base in Israel, but did not mention the Sisi meeting.

Certain Media Ignored The Meeting

Other major Arabic and regional media, such as The National in the UAE ignored the meeting. Al-Sharq al-Aswat didn’t include it. Al-Bayan in the UAE didn’t mention the UN General Assembly at all. Its top stories including something about Janet Jackson and her Qatari “billionaire husband” and salacious stories about domestic violence.

Favourable Reports

Al-Ain in Abu-Dhabi reported the meeting with a very straightforward explanation that it sought to settle the Palestinian issue and “create a new reality in the Middle East where all the peoples of the region live in stability, security and development.” It added that the meeting also included Khaled Fawzi, the head of Egyptian intelligence.

Milad media, a Palestinian website, said Sisi had launched a peace initiative in May 2016 with the French and Americans and that Sisi hoped “we could achieve some solution to this issue and create hope for the Palestinians and security for the Israelis and write a new page.”

Views On Social Media

On social media the meeting was publicized with photos of the two leaders smiling. One account called @Al_otaibiq8 with 89,000 followers criticized Sisi for “selling Egyptian territory and restoring relations with Israel.” Accounts linked to Qatar, Iran were more critical. Others located in the Gulf and in Egypt seemed to highlight the event without comment or with a kind of cheeky sarcasm. One twitter used named Hamdan al-Mutairi wrote “Unspeakable happiness” with photos of the smiling leaders.

A pro-Syrian rebel account also highlighted the “chuckling in public” and noted they had met “secretly last year.” The former  vice-President of the Egyptian students union, Ahmed el-Baqry, tweeted a photo of the meeting which he described as shameful, accusing Sisi of being a “Zionist agent” and mocking the leaders’ “love.” Another user said that it was a good sign of peace and tranquility in the region, while another compared Sisi to Anwar Sadat, who signed the Egypt-Israel peace agreement in 1979.

Cleavages Exist

In general the regional coverage of the meeting reveals the cleavages that exist. First of all it plays into the Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egyptian pressure on Qatar. They have linked this to terror funding of Hamas and Hezbollah, two enemies of Israel, which puts Israel in their court. However the general populist view in much of the region is still that Israel is the enemy and that those leaders who openly meet with Israel not only lead to “normalization” but are also attacked as shameful.


The disconnect between elite media presentations and how social media discusses the meeting is clear. Particularly interesting is that pro-Iranian media did not latch onto the meeting to criticize Israel. This may reveal that the old days of using the accusation that enemies “work with Zionists” does not play as well when leaders openly meet with the Israeli prime minister and discuss peace.

Hope reason will prevail and peace will be finally achieved in the Middle-East.

Reactions to the EP walkover

The no contest for the EP is quite expectable given the aristocratic elitist barriers raised to block the average citizens from their rights to be elected to the office of the Presidency. This is more than a sick joke if this country is to be called a democracy when the basic rights of the citizens are taken away from them, that not all men are equal under the law but some are more equal than others based on their jobs and wealth. Now that the show is over, let’s see how the citizens react to the whole farce all for nothing.

For the activitists, there was a sit in vigil at Hong Lim Park, where they protested in silence, nothing more nothing less. Anything more could be dangerous. The turnout was good enough for the govt to take notice.

The next group of citizens simply said, it’s over, let’s move on. This is the typical boh bian group of Singaporeans, resigned to their fate.

A deviant group would grudgingly said, what to do, what can you do about it, and end the story there.

Then there is the usual large group of tiada apa group that just go home with whatever they are doing as if nothing happens. Life just go on with or without the EP show.  The boh chap type.

And there is the very disappointed hedonistic group that are cursing and swearing that they did not have a free holiday. That is about the most important thing in the life of this group.

And you will have the happy group all celebrating and congratulating the PAP and Halimah for winning the EP election, for working so hard for it.

And let’s not forget another group that would give up a big yawn.

This is Singapore and how Singaporeans react to this EP reserved for the Malays.
It is a non event. Who cares? Nobody cares, really. The govt can do whatever it wants, change the Constitution for what it thinks fit and whatever it claims will affect Singapore in the future, whether the people agree or not, it does not matter. The govt said counts.
Oh the Malay community will be celebrating the second Malay President of the island after 47 years. Gratitude man.


The people's President

Several presidents have been touted as the people's president with names
like Ong Teng Cheong, Wee Kim Wee, Nathan etc etc often quoted in the main
media. Oops, my apologies, I think Ong Teng Cheong was only quoted as the
people's president in the social media if I am not wrong. The title of the
people's president seems to endear many people and it is something of a
great honour to be known as one. Depending who you are, everyone would have
his own people's president in his heart and not every president is their
people’s president.

Tan Cheng Bock came close to be another people's president when he lost to
Tony Tan by a hair's breath and then disqualified from standing for the
next election when the Constitution was changed and he was out from the
running. The popularity of Cheng Bock has increased despite his being a non
candidate in the latest EP election that turned out to be a walkover with
only one candidate qualifying though Cheng Bock was the first to express
his intent to contest.

In the public's mind, many thought Cheng Bock was likely to win should he
be given a chance to contest. This could be one of the main reasons why the
rules were changed to disqualify him. Everything is now history and Cheng
Bock unfortunately becomes a ‘has been’. It is difficult to see him
contesting in the next EP as age is catching up on him.

Below is a pic on his popularity when the turned up at the silent sit in at
Hong Lim on 16 Sep. The crowd was with him. The crowd was there on their
own, with no temptation of free chicken rice or free transport. A people’s
president does not need that. These people paid their transport fare to be
with him. These were genuine signs of what a people's president is like,
like by the people from their heart, spontaneous and with no coercion or
any farcical set up to make him look good.

Maybe to some people Cheng Bock is still their people's president in some
way. And in some way Cheng Bock has been robbed of his rightful place in
the Istana.

Photo credit to statestimesreview.

Towards Smart Cities - Part 2

Is a Smart City a Healthy City?

Concept of  A Smart City

In the past decade, an unprecedented shift of people from the rural areas to the cities account for more than half the world's population. This huge surge of people is causing severe congestion, housing shortage, decline in air quality, failing infrastructure, inadequate public facilities and services, increased poverty and reduced general well-being. As such, the need for the development of smart cities has become more urgent.

The conceptualisation of a 'Smart City' varies from city to city and country to country, depending on the level of development, available resources, forward-looking leadership, political will for reform, aspirations and needs of the citizens.

The concept of a smart city is not absolute. There is no end point. It is a process, or series of steps, by which cities become more 'liveable' and resilient and more capable of responding faster to new and unforeseen challenges.

Four Pillars of Development

To provide for the aspirations and needs of the citizens, city planners will aim at developing an eco-system represented by the four pillars of development: institutional, physical, social and economic infrastructures. With this as a long term goal, cities then work towards developing the four infrastructures either simultaneously or incrementally, adding layers upon layers of ‘smartness’, within certain time-frames.

Focus and Objective

The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas and provide solutions to foreseeable problems.

In the implementation, all parties concerned must always bear in mind that the objective is to promote and provide a decent quality of life to the citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart Solutions'.

Core Elements

The core infrastructure elements in a smart city include:

1. Optimum and low-cost water supply,
2. Optimum and low-cost electricity supply,
3. Efficient sanitation and waste management,
4. Efficient and speedy mobility and public transportation.
5. Affordable low-cost housing, especially for the poor,
6. Robust IT connectivity and digitalization,
7. Good E-Governance with citizen participation,
8. Sustainable living environment for humans, fauna  and flora,
9. Safety and security, particularly  for children, women and the elderly,
10. Effective health and medical services.
11. E-education at home to reduce needs for direct instructions and teaching facilities.
12. Efficient and speedy law and order enforcement and judicial services.
13. Well coordinated communications and feedback systems.
14. Efficient, effective and speedy emergency response to all components of maintenance, medical, law and order, transportation, communications, etc.
15. Last but not least, the promotion and facilitation of e-Commerce and e-Services.

A Healthy City

If the planning is well done, coordination well linked and timed, implementation well executed and maintenance well responded, it goes without saying, a smart city will definitely become a more livable, environment friendly and healthier city.

However, there are four big IF's. So, there are going to be numerous teething problems. These problems must be envisaged and not left to chance, because other than foreseeable problems arising, there will be unforeseeable challenges, shocking and undesirable! This leads us to the next part:

The Pitfalls of a Smart City

(Continues in Part 3)

by Rigpa


20th Asian Masters Athletic Championship - Our masters athletes in action

35 Singapore masters athletes will be competing in the 20th Asian Masters Athletic championship in the city of Rugao in Jiangsu China from 24-28 Sep. Rugao is famous for having the most centenarians alive and is most suitable to host such an event. In Singapore we have a strong pool of senior athletes enjoying themselves in the gruelling sports of athletics and would not call it a day until their bodies failed to move, their legs failed to run and their hands failed to lift or throw. These masters athletes are self funding and doing their own training totally on their own without any support from the govt except for some generous individuals and private organisations.

The Singaporean Team of athletes, age 35 to 80+, with some ex state runners like Paul Su, have been training very hard in the past months to do battle with the other Asian athletes, all 3,000 of them from across Asia in this meet. Some of the competitors that have registered for the events were in their 80s and 90s.

Just my event for the 65-69 age group for 100m sprint draws 28 runners. The events include long and middle distance, 10,000 metre walks and field sports like short putt, javelin, discuss and the jumps.

The man behind this Singapore Team is A Kannan from the Singapore Masters Association. Working closely with him and assisting in coordinating all the travel arrangement and logistics is Jason Wong from the Singapore Masters Track and Field Association. The athletes from both associations and some free individuals are all going as Team Singapore to fly the Singapore flag.

The Singapore Team is fortunate to have many sponsors making contributions to this event. The main sponsor is a Mr Andy Foo who will be hosting a dinner for the athletes in Rugao. The other sponsors are acknowledged in the top banner of this blog.

Towards Smart Cities - Part 1


Cities have a long way to go before they can be considered geniuses, but they are getting smart pretty fast everyday.

In the last two decades, many cities in the world have begun to use the voluminous data available  - income, banking, tax returns, traffic flows, fire breakouts, illnesses, thefts, tickets sales, parking habits, etc  - to solve or reduce many of the urban problems. Whether it is controlling traffic flows, or making it easier for people to find parking lots, or guiding parking inspectors to places of illegal and unruly parking, big-data technologies are beginning to change the way cities work.

Although cities have been using data in various forms, the modern practice of civic analytics has only begun to take off in the past few years, because of the speed and volume of recent technological changes. Among them: the growth of cloud computing, which dramatically lowers the costs of storing information; new developments in artificial intelligence, which put advanced analytical tools in the hands of city officials; the Internet of Things and the rise of inexpensive sensors that can track a vast array of information such as noise, traffic or pollution; and the widespread use of smartphone apps and mobile devices that enable citizens and city workers alike to monitor problems and feed information back to the appropriate agencies.

As governments balance risks and rewards, they are nevertheless moving forward with programs that predict and mitigate issues before they happen, document issues faster than ever, and create efficiencies in everything from transportation to regulatory enforcement.

What is a smart city?

A smart city is an urban development vision to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) and Internet of things (IoT) technology in a secure fashion to manage a city's assets. These assets include local departments' information systems, schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, and other community services.

A smart city is promoted to use urban informatics and technology to improve the efficiency of services. ICT allows city officials to interact directly with the community and the city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city, how the city is evolving, and how to enable a better quality of life. Through the use of sensors integrated with real-time monitoring systems, data are collected from citizens and devices – then processed and analyzed. The information and knowledge gathered are keys to tackling inefficiency.

ICT is used to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to improve contact between citizens and government. Smart city applications are developed to manage urban flows and allow for real-time responses. A smart city may therefore be more prepared to respond to challenges than one with a simple "transactional" relationship with its citizens. Yet, the term itself remains unclear to its specifics and therefore, open to many interpretations.

Other terms used are: cyberville, digital city, electronic communities, flexi city, information city, intelligent city, knowledge-based city, MESH city, telecity, teletopia, Ubiquitous city, wired city.

Essentials in developing smart cities 

1. The first thing is awareness. Government officials and citizens alike must be fully aware of the availability, functions and pitfalls of the new technological gadgets and instruments installed. A nation-wide education program must precede the implementation of any new system progressively.

2. Developing smart cities requires teamwork across industries and areas of expertise at all levels, rarely seen in the history of business, government or real estate development. Finding out how to create a sensor-laden, data-driven, sustainable development requires big-thinkers from multiple sectors to work together in order to break new grounds – literally and figuratively.

3. All data collection raises real privacy concerns. In theory, cities can have privacy laws emplaced  to safeguard citizens' privacy and prevent the release of information that might identify any individual. In reality, even when publicly available data is stripped of personally identifiable information, tech-savvy users can combine it with other data sets to gain excess to a lot of information about any individual. Widespread use of sensors and video cameras also present privacy risks unless precautions are taken. Therefore, the questions of privacy must be confronted head-on and not be allowed to shaft down the throats of the stake-holders, businesses and commoners.

4. Smart cities require large investments from both the government and the private sectors. Where are the funds going to come and how are they going to be recovered? Moreover, the residents and users of smart cities will have to pay a costly price on a routine daily basis. This will cause further stress to the already stressful living in an urbanized environment. How can this financial stress be tackled?

5. Implementation - the hardest part. All-round co-ordination and alert systems must be implemented efficiently and effectively 24/7. Otherwise, instead of facilitating a smooth operation, chaos caused by breakdowns will occur frequently.

Is a smart city a healthy city?
(To continue in Part 2)

by Rigpa.


CPF – Phillip Ang carrying the touch

Thanks to Phillip Ang for his persistence in keeping the CPF money issue alive and current. Just keep talking about this subject less some donkey would say 'see, no one is talking about it anymore', so they have accepted their fait accompli about the CPF no longer their money and would not care what would happen to their CPF money anymore.

Here is a quote from 'bapak' in a comment in Philip Ang's post in the TRE.

September 9, 2017 at 11:51 pm (Quote)
And now they upped the brainwatching by advertising on MiddleCorpse a son telling his daughters he is topping up his father’s account as token for bringing him up. Whoever fucking stupid ones will do that. Got money give your aging parents CASH. Why need to topup their accounts?

How many people have read this or know about the foolishness of topping up the CPF of their parents when they should be giving them cash to spend as and when they like? Once the money is in the CPF, you lose control of that money and using it is subject to all the rules of the CPF and could mean tan ku ku.

How many people understand the meaning of putting more money into their CPF or topping the CPF accounts of their parents and did not know the consequences?

I have been told that there is another change to the CPF Medisave Fund. When the owner dies, the money would not be allowed to be taken out despite the owner choosing to pass all the money to the beneficiary in cash. The money in the Medisave will be transferred to the Medisave of the beneficiary, forever retain in the CPF. See how desperate they are to take your money.

A caveat, I need to confirm this change if it is true and if it is retrospective or only affect new CPF members. Phillip Ang and all of you reading this, please check up on this. I will be writing to the CPF to confirm on this change.

This is really frightening and disgusting. I hope it is not true. And Leong Sze Hian has recently reported that if you don't do anything after they sent you a letter at age 65, your piecemeal withdrawal for retirement will be deferred to 70 years old!

And no announcement again in the media.

Has this got to do with blocking Cheng Bock from the presidency? Money not enough?


Rohingya crackdown – Learn from the Americans

The Americans are raising alarm at the crackdown on the Rohingya as ‘ethnic cleansing’. Several thousands of Rohingya are fleeing Myanmar after violence broke out when Rohingya militants attacked police posts on 25 Aug 17. A White House statement, ‘We call on Burmese security authorities to respect the rule of law, stop the violence, and end the displacement of civilians from all communities.’

The Americans should not just make statements like this and think it will solve the Rohingya problem. The Americans have many great experiences in handling ethnic violence and are very good at solving them. They should come forward to showcase how they solved their ethnic cleansing problems in the past that today there is hardly anymore problem to talk about. The Americans have been very successful in solving their ethnic problem and the Myanmese and the countries of the world have a lot to learn from the Americans.

The Americans used to have Red Indian problem of a scale the world today cannot imagine, nearly 100m of them. How the Americans were able to solve the 100m Red Indian problem that turned violent to what it is today, only a handful left, is legendary and exemplary. The Americans should teach the world how to solve ethnic problems using the ways they knew best.

If I could recall from American history books, from Hollywood movies, the Americans were very successful in using violence to tackle violence. They decimated the Red Indian population to near zero and the problem became extinct. What ever that was left of the Red Indian tribes, be generous, offered them fertile reservation land and marched them to these God forsaken land to make the best out of them. Problem solved. QED.

The best part, keep the whole world in the dark about the violence used to solve the ethnic cleansing problem. Who cleanse who? That is history for those who want to know.

The Myanmese govt should send a delegation to Washington to ask for the secret American formula to solve the Rohingya problem. If the Americans refused to help, go to the UN and get the UN to pressure the Americans to share their successful formula in solving the Red Indian problem without being accused of ethnic cleansing, with the whole world kept in the dark of what really happened, what happened to 100m Red Indian braves and squaws and children.

Come on Americans, don’t be selfish, tell the world how you solved the Red Indian minority, or was it majority, ethnic problem? This is all about human rights and humanity isn’t it? So don’t just stop at crying out loud at Myanmar. Teach Myanmar how to do it.


Sit in protest at Hong Lim this Sat 16 Sep 4.30pm

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,

We have just received the NParks permit to stage a first-ever Silent Sit-in
Protest against the Reserved Presidential Election this coming Saturday
16th Sep from 4.30 to 6.30pm.

Its a sit-in protest meaning that we won’t have any speakers for the event
with no stage and no microphone speaker system. You can however bring along
your placards to show your displeasure with the incoming
government-appointed Presidency.

If you feel dissatisfied with the recent events surrounding the
controversial PE, this is the time to show up and be counted. You can
continue to be a keyboard warrior quietly firing away online but the time
to step up is NOW!....Gilbert Goh

The above is a message from Gilbert Goh, the organiser of the sit in protest against the EP process, not against Halimah Yacob as the next President.

Details of his message can be found in Transitioning.org or TRE.

PAP is a forward looking govt, always looking and planning 20/30 years ahead

This is the greatest strength of this forward looking party. They are always looking head, planning ahead, though some have accused them of not looking at now and ignoring current problems. The Buddhists have this saying, the most important moment is now, the most important people are people sitting in front of you, the most important thing to do is what you are doing now. For the next moment you could be dead. How’s that for always planning for tomorrow?

Such philosophical sayings are just that. What is important in politics is about thinking ahead and planning ahead and don’t have to worry about the present or answering to the present. Both viewpoints have their strengths and weaknesses of course. Let’s just look at the strength of the PAP for being a forward looking party, like partying now and look forward to the glorious time in the future.

The first forward looking policy of the PAP is the fear of a rogue govt should the PAP lose power. They fear that the new govt could be rogue and would wantonly and carelessly spend all the savings accumulated by the PAP govt in the form of the people’s savings in the CPF now called the nations’ reserve. How much is there no one knows, don’t ask the President. Don’t think he knows either, or at least President Ong Teng Cheong did not know then. Not sure if Nathan knew or Tony knew when they were in office.

The point is that whatever in the reserves, it could be squandered or gambled away by a rogue govt in the future. So the PAP came out with a plan to prevent this from happening. The solution is an Elected President to do the job as the guardian of the people’s money. No govt in the world could be bothered about this dangerous thing that could happen to their countries. Only the PAP is prescient and responsible enough, and care enough to plan for this eventuality.

After cooking up this scheme to protect the people’s savings, the PAP started to look ahead again and came out with the idea that the EP could also be a rogue and could be in cahoot with the new rogue govt. So the power of the EP must also be constrained less he also did what a rogue president would do. This is NG.

Now a new wonder scheme has been found to as the solution to a rogue EP, ie a President Advisory Council of wise men, handpicked, full of integrity, to curb the power of the President. Though the EP is elected by the people, with the mandate of the people, unless it is a walkover than not elected and no mandate, the EP cannot be trusted and it is better to have a group of wise men, fully trusted, to advise him and check on him in case he becomes rogue, like the rogue govt he is supposed to check. This is double insurance.

This new power given to the President Advisory Council is good, at least for the moment. Once the dust has been settled, the PAP may start to look ahead into the next 20/30 years and may be worried what if the PAC could also turns rogue. Now this will call for a new scheme to watch over the PAC isn’t it?

What would be the PAP’s solution to prevent the PAC from becoming rogue? Is this possible? Is it possible for an EP to turn rogue? Is it possible for a popularly elected govt to turn rogue? If the answer is yes for one, it must also be yes for the other two. Tiok boh?

What do you think? Another 20/30 year ahead scheme in the making to check on the PAC? Know how forwarding looking the PAP is and how much time they spent thinking and planning ahead to fix future problems, I think there is a good possibility for them to think that the PAC could also become a clear and present danger to the EP. Thinking and planning a head is to guarantee that the future is always bright and good.

PS. For those who are still kpkb about the train problems, not to worry, in 20/30 years time all will be fine. This one is guaranteed.


Racial equality must be right sized

TRE has an article by a Matilda Gabrielpillai with the title, ‘Majority Chinese not doing enough to stop closet racism, so much for equality’. She lamented about the plight of the minorities and the disinterest among the Chinese majority to their causes. What is pertinent after all the bitching about the Chinese majority paying lip service to the minorities is this paragraph,

‘More domestication of the truth in the show--those four CMIO boxes, they are not the same size in real life, are they? If depicted more realistically in terms of size, the discourse of each imagined race wanting more than that given to them will start to give off very different meanings than that of human beings always clamouring for more. Don't belittle the minorities' clamouring and make it the same about a majority's clamouring--one is about equality, the other is for greater power. I wonder about the assumptions of someone who can even begin to construct those Singapore boxes as equal.

- More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/majority-chinese-not-doing-enough-stop-closet-racism-so-much-equality
FB: http://fb.com/allsgstuff

I think she has a point. Singapore cannot be equal when the Chinese majority is an absolute majority while the MIOs are not really equal in numbers. I would like to correct her that her closet view on this Chinese majority is not the fault of the Chinese. This is an artificial creation of the British colonial power. They were responsible for the racial composition of modern Singapore. Don’t blame the Chinese like the naiveity of a child that did not know her history and blaming everyone for the wrong reason.

What can be done to correct this imbalance is to do what the British did wrong then and rebalance the population to 25% for each racial group. I think that is the gist of her angst and doing that would please her and make racial equality more real.

What I can say is not to worry. With CECA, and if one really counts the number of the CMIO, I think the percentages are working more towards reducing the Chinese majority to a smaller number if one is to include all the foreigners here, local or foreign workers. Mind you, more than half of the population consists of foreigners and many are not Chinese. So the real percentage of the Chinese majority is much lower today. The biggest gainer among the CMIO is likely to be the Indians. From my observation in the trains, on the streets and in Raffles Place and MBFC and in East Coast, the Indians are a very significant group, very likely bigger than the Malays today. I don’t have the statistics and my observation may be wrong. But this is based on the physical presence, not based on locals, residents, PRs, citizens or whatever.

And if this is not good enough, maybe the likes of Matilda Gabrielpillai should make a representation to the govt to rebalance the racial population so that all the races are of about equal in size. Then everything will be more equal or at least equal in numbers.
The British had an artificial construct with Chinese as the absolute majority. I am not sure the British planned it that way. It did not matter to them then. Maybe the govt of the day may want to have a new artificial construct to please the minorities like Matilda Gabrielpillai. Then we will have real equality and peace in paradise.

What do you think?

PS. I am not going to think about how to make this possible, like telling the majority to stop reproducing or the minorities to go forth and multiply. But if I have to, I am going to curse the British for allowing this to happen and to create so much inequality in this island. I will not blame the Chinese majority for it as they were colonial subjects of the British like the rest of the minorities and had no say of what the British were doing here.

So please get your facts right and go fuck the British and not the Chinese majority for the present situation. This is like blaming the social and economic ills in the region to the Chinese when the real robbers and looters of the colonized countries were the colonial powers, the British, Dutch, Spanish, the Americans and to a certain extent the Portugese. What SE Asia is today is the work of the colonial empires. Stop blaming everything without thinking.


Shame on you America

Cynical Investor wrote on Amos Yee being detained in the USA for 11 months and still under detention for seeking political asylum in the US. The article is posted in TRE.

'SgDaily’s Buzzfeed story (from March) reminded me that Amos has spent 11 months in a US jail. And there’s still no end in sight....

And taz not all. In jail he kanna robbed.
What an ass to believe that America is the land of the free for scroungers. He should have tried Europe but taz the trouble with a stupid boy. He didn’t research or analyse enough the topic. No wonder he’s a hero of the TRE cybernuts. Stupid people like stupid people.'

I posted this not because of Amos Yee or neither do I agree with the disgusting tone of Cynical Investor on Amos Yee. The important point here is that Amos Yee escaped to the land of the free, the beacon of freedom called the USA. Instead of getting his freedom, he is being locked up in jail and suffering the humiliation and abuses not different from a black suspect or convict in American jail.

Why is he held for so long and what is his attorney doing? Nothing because it was pro bono or Amos Yee is not a case attractive enough to fight for? And it is ok for this young Singaporean to rot in an American jail forever, who cares?

I think Amos Yee would stand a better chance to be walking free in the streets of Toledo if he disguised himself like the terrorists as someone escaping from the wars in the Middle East.

America, where is your conscience, where is your human rights, where is your freedom and justice? Or you are just a farce?

Shame on you for treating a political asylum seeker this way.


EP - Why the stony silence

The PAP has been vigorously defending this controversial concept of a reserved EP for the Malays. Oops, let me correct my statement. The non Malay PAP ministers and what else have been working overtime standing up to defend this EP reserved for the Malay race that Chan Chun Sing said would cost a heavy political price. Hope the PAP still have some political capital to squander away.

Chok Tong was also very careful in his criticism of this reserved EP for the Malays and was quoted to have said, “The reserved election this year is quite unpopular with a large proportion of the population because it goes against the principle of meritocracy.” Is that all?

What is strange about this reserved EP for the Malays is the stony silence. Did anyone notice this? The defenders of this reserved EP for the Malays that is good for the Malays are mainly the non Malay PAP ministers and MPs.

Why are the Malay ministers and MPs so quiet about this sordid affair? Do they have anything to say to support and defend this reserved EP for the Malays? Or are they afraid or not sure that this thing is really good for the Malays? And this goes to the rest of the Malay community, the Malay community not defined by the PEC, out there. They too seem to be avoiding talking about it. As for the Malay ministers and MPs, is it a case of better not say anything than to say something and get condemned by the Malay community?

So it is now left to the magnanimous and charitable non Malay PAP ministers and MPs to champion this Malay cause. The Malay community must be very grateful for this unsolicited support from the non Malay PAP politicians and would definitely vote wholeheartedly in the next GE for the PAP for changing the Constitution to give them a Malay President. Otherwise, the system would not allowed the PAP to appoint a Malay as the President like they used to during the time of President Yusoff Ishak under the old system.

What heavy political price was Chan Chun Sing talking about when the Malay votes would now all go to the PAP? Isn't this the main objective of this constitutional change for this controversial reserved EP for the Malays? The Malays are going to have a Malay President with the blessing of the PAP.


A reminder of the Evil Ones and their evil works

The above is a short clip of the legacy of the Americans in Vietnam. More than 40 years after they were driven out of Vietnam, their evil deeds continue to plague the Vietnamese, to destroy the lives of many innocents. 
The same story went to North Korea that the Americans and the West like to gloat about, famine and poverty 5 or 6 decades after the Korean War. They would not tell you that the famine and poverty were the result of their evil deeds by destroying all the infrastructure for economic activities, the water and irrigation system and the land. They even boasted about nothing that was humanly made was left standing after their carpet bombing in that country.

The Vietnamese could suffer a worst fate than the Koreans if they did not chase them out in 1975. The Americans were conducting carpet bombing in a scale many times more than in North Korea and with napalm and chemical agents, the most famous of all, Agent Orange and Purple Rain. Many parts of Vietnam are still contaminated by these chemicals and leftover unexploded bombs.

Take a good view of the video and ask yourself, are the Americans the angels that they made the world to believe in and that you choose to continue to believe in their lies. 

Today they are bent on starting another war in Korea just because the North Koreans are developing weapons to protect themselves from an attack by the Americans. The Americans are lying to the world that the North Koreans are a threat to the Americans. How could that be? How can boy scouts be a threat to the American mafia? 

The Americans are in possession of the world's largest nuclear arsenal and chemical weapons, all weapons of mass destruction, WMD.  Their war expenditure is more than a trillion US dollars a year. And in every war that is happening today, the Americans are involved and had a hand in starting the war. They are now pushing the North Koreans to another war and dragging the world into it, particularly their stupid and very eager allies.

Stop the Americans from starting more wars and conducting more wars.

Watch the picture in this link and ask yourself, are the North Koreans a poor people, suffering from famine and stricken poverty as the west would want you to believe? The picture is produced by AFP/STR, western media, and a recent one, a few days old, reposted in Channel News Asia.


Chan Chun Sing - Govt prepares to pay a high political price

Below are parts of an article in Channel News Asia on what Chan Chun Sing had said at the Institute of Policy Studies forum on Sep 8. If you ask me for my view on it, I will say no comment. But I would like to add the phrase that was often used by the local politicians, 'If it ain't broken, don't fix it', to describe what this govt has been doing most of the time, especially on the appointment of a head of state, the President. It is one thing about fixing things, it is another thing when the fixing is about fixing a symptom and not the cause. And as for the real reason for this fixing of the EP, everyone has his own view on this. I am not sure how many of you agree with Chan Chun Sing, but I am sure many of you don't. Here is the article.

SINGAPORE: It will be a “hard journey” to convince people about the need for changes to the Elected Presidency and the Government will pay a political price but it is prepared to, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing on Friday (Sep Cool.

Speaking at an Institute of Policy Studies forum on the Reserved Presidential Election, Mr Chan stressed that as a young nation, Singapore had to evolve its systems to adapt to its circumstances – not just to meet the “here and now” but also to anticipate and pre-empt challenges that may arise in the future....

“If we are all good politicians, we won’t and we shouldn’t do it,” he said. “No good politician would sacrifice his political capital for a problem that may arise in future generations. Most good politicians in the world would try to preserve their political capital for themselves to manage their current problems.”

“There are many conspiracy theories out there,” he added. “But for every conspiracy theory that is out there, I have a very good answer for you.

“If it has to do with an individual, then there are many other ways,” he said. “And if it is for political gain, then surely we are not achieving it as you have rightly pointed out.”....

“We asked ourselves - PM, do we need to do this now? Because we had anticipated it would be a hard journey to convince people and we would pay the political price, at least in the short term,” said Mr Chan. “PM Lee’s answer will forever be etched in my mind, and that distinguished a politician from a political leader.

“He said 'Yes, we are likely to pay a political price. Yes, we may not have a problem here and now, but what if we have a problem 20 or 30 years from now? Will the fourth, fifth or sixth generation of leaders have the liberty, and the luxury of time and space for them to put in place a system?'” said Mr Chan.

Mr Lee, he added, had taken it upon himself to put in place a system to pre-empt potential issues from arising in the future. “Not for himself, not for his political capital, but always thinking about what this country needs,” he said. “We are prepared to pay the political price, because we think the future of our country is much more important than any political capital that we may have.”....

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/govt-prepared-to-pay-political-price-over-changes-to-elected-9199326


Nice Singapore story on taxi drivers

Copied this story from All Singapore Stuff.

A taxi driver shared this funny but sad encounter during one of his trips from Singapore's iconic Marina Bay Sands to their condominium.

"One day I fetch a well dressed lady with her son in my taxi from MBS to their condo.
The lady told her son "You better study hard and go to University. Or else you will end up driving a taxi like this uncle."
I reply, "Excuse me madam, I actually got a law degree from University of London. But I like to fetch people home."
The boy said "Cool, when I grow up I want to be like uncle."
The lady said "Son, today we took the wrong taxi."

- More at AllSingaporeStuff.com https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/woman-tell-son-study-hard-or-he-will-become-sporean-taxi-uncle-his-reply
FB: http://fb.com/allsgstuff

It is good that the taxi driver clarified to the mother that driving taxis is an honourable job even for a law graduate. And it can be a passion like this law graduate, to love driving people home. In fact Singaporeans love to drive people home in their taxis or private cars using the Grab or Uber system. They especially loved to drive the foreign talents that took their jobs home and also the maids working here after a night out.

And the little boy was smart enough to tell the mother that he too would like to be a graduate to drive taxis.

PS. Not sure if this is fake news or the hard truth.

US - The Financial Highway Robber And Sanctions

US is bankrupt and has an insolvent debt of 26 trillion dollars. It is now resorting to chicanery and unorthodox means of extorting money from other countries by way of sanctions other then printing billions  of petrol dollars in fiduciary issues,

US is the only country in the which illegally uses sanctions as a means to to rob other countries of billions of dollars to fill its coffer. Sanctions have always been used by US in trying to bring down adversary countries to economic destruction. But does it really work?  US Imposed sanctions on China for decades from 1940s to 1970s. The sanctions might have resulted in China adopting the impromptu Great Leap Forward in the later part of 1950s for economic survival and may be the Cultural Revolution in 1960s to get rid of internal class enemies and economic saboteurs as well as the Kuomintang ( KMT ) the US Fifth Column operating in China under the direction of CIA. But the sanctions failed in its objective to raise a counter revolution to bring down the Peoples' Republic Of China ( PRC ). Instead through grit and gumption and the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people China not only survive but grow ever stronger from year to year. US also imposed economic sanctions on many other countries like Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, Venezuela and Cambodia. It didn't work for all these countries survived the American sanctions.

Then why do the Americans continue to use sanctions against other countries. There is a hidden agenda in the use of sanctions. The hidden agenda has many other objectives other than bringing adversaries down economically. It serves to bring American friends and allies under strictor American control and dominance. But the most sinister objective is that it serves as a robbing machine, a banditry organ to extort and rob from friends and foes of multi-billion dollars to fill the US coffer.

US will pick a country to sanction. Then it announced that no countries are allowed to trade or have financial transactions with the country under sanctione. This is tantamount to economic war against third countries which will be exploited, abused and treated with contempt with impunity by US. Using sanctions is US crooked ways of helping American companies to sell their products to the third countries at very much higher prices than what they can buy from the country under US sanction. Thus US is exercising extraterritorial rights through the medium of sanctions..

Under this American bill of sanctions foreign banks and enterprises are subjected to crippling US restrictions, lawsuits and gigantic fines. Companies that trade with the country or countries under US sanctions will pay to  a substantial heavy fine of billions of dollars to the US government.

A Singapore based company CSE Global was subjected to a fine of 12 million US dollars to settle apparent violations of Iran sanctions by its subsidiary  in 2013 for non-US goods and services lawfully rendered by CSE Global and CSE Transtel both based in Singapore. The fine was imposed by US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control ( OFAC ) ,

In July 2015, under a UN deal, Iran gave up its right to develop nuclear weapons and thus international sanctions was lifted. However US retained its own previous sanctions.So under this US retained sanctions any foreign banks or enterprises that transact business with Iran especially Iran's oil and gas would deemed to have infringed serious legal, political, financial and reputational risks and would be subjected to US fines of billions of dollars and US regulatory agencies as well as deprived of insurance coverage and cyber security and other future business opportunities.

US is thus wantonly and illegally exercising extraterritoriiality power against other countries. US seems to be getting away with this mafia style behaviour because it has built up a vast obscure legalistic network to impose its will on the free world economy. This is possible due to the omnipresence of the petrol dollar, unrivalled spywork and intelligence gathering and strong arm twisting and intimidation.

US is indeed using sanctions as an instrument to serve the interest of US industry and economy. The United Nation must denounce this extraterritoriality of US legislation as unlawful and formulate universal laws against the Extraterritoriality of US legislation. US adopts a deceitful outlook as a benevolent country that can only do good but which in actual fact its demonic thick wall of legislation has the precise intention to use its laws to serve US economic and political imperialism with the objective of gaining exclusive economic and strategic advantages.

Armed with this toxic legislation US will always purportedly in the fight against corruption and terrorism righteously pursue any country, entity or person legally against the alleged offender but which in actual fact is to collect illegally the sanction related fines of billions of dollars for the US treasury.

In 2014 France leading bank BNP - Paribas was fined 9 billion dollars for the fake accusation that it used dollar transfers in deals with countries under US sanctions though the transactions were perfectly legal under French law except that the payment was transited by way of U S where it was detected.

Also in October 2016 US fined Deutsche Bank of Germany a whopping 14 billion dollars although it had already paid hundreds of millions of dollars earlier to New York State. This horrific illegal fine due to sanctions may yet cause an European financial crisis.

US is imposing more severe sanctions on North Korea and is tinkling with the idea of stopping all countries from trading with DPRK either in goods or services. This is clearly aimed at China where hundreds of Chinese companies have traditional business with North Korea. Thus not only many foreign companies will be hit but Chinese companies will be hit the hardest. China is US biggest trading partner and so in threatening the economies of China it will seem like US is lifting a stone to drop on its own toes.

It must be seen that all the new bills regarding each and subsequent US sanctions are just a series of US legislative measures to curb and break down other countries national legal sovereignty and create stealthily a globalized US hegemonic jurisdiction in which US can sue anyone or any country for anything with ultimate investigative force and prime enforcement power held by the US government.

Thus the full weight of US sanctions must be seen in the light of its sinister agenda : ( 1 ) To impoverish the country under sanction and destroy it economically.  ( 2 )  Using sanctions as a basis to collect billions of dollars in illegal fines by the mechanism of US legislation and US Treasury of Foreign Assets Control. In short it is trans border armed robbery.  (3 ) Laying the footprint of US Exceptionalism and Extraterritoriality Power.  ( 4 ) Act as fait accompli for US globalized hegemonic jurisdiction and political control.  ( 5 ) Sanctions as part of the means to stop China from becoming a super power.

It is the US petrol dollar that enables US to sinisterly and illegally impose its sanctions. China, Russia and all the BRIC countries are now working hard to break the grip of the US dollar . Once the US petrol dollar loses its value and power US will rot fast and become as poor as a third world country.


Friday, 8th September,2017


Americans setting ground rules and conditions for invading the USA

Over the years the Americans have been setting and defining the conditions to invade a country. The same conditions would be the legitimate reasons for the invasion of the USA. And when other countries are able to do so, the Americans cannot cry foul, that only the Americans can use these reasons to invade other countries but other countries cannot do the same to the Americans.

One condition is to call for a regime change on grounds of a dictatorship or authoritarian govt that is not a democracy, and to add one more for good measures, when they violate the American version of human rights. Is Trump a dictator, or was George Bush/Obama a dictator in sheep’s clothing?

Another infamous reason to invade the USA is the possession of WMD. Hmmm, this one shall stick to the Americans like elephant glue. The Americans possess the most number of WMD in the world and should be a good and legitimate target for an invasion to remove the WMD.

Testing of weapon systems especially missiles and nuclear weapons are also legitimate grounds to invade a country, and the USA is no exception. When they next announced the testing of missiles or nuclear weapons, it will be for the rest of the world to decide to invade the USA to remove these weapons.

Harbouring of terrorists or supporting terrorism and terrorist activities are valid grounds to invade the USA. There are plenty of evidence and historical records of the Americans conducting terrorist activities all over the world, including the assassinations of heads of states. American support for the ISIS is well documented and attacking the Americans to restrain and cut off their support for terrorist activities is absolutely a good reason to do so.

Nuclear proliferation is another ground established by the Americans for an invasion. Should the Americans be caught for spreading nuclear weapons or nuclear knowledge, they deserved to be invaded just like anyone else without any exception. Had the Americans been spreading nuclear weapon technologies to their allies? Ask Israel and Japan.

The Americans are setting the fine examples for others to follow them. They are the guiding lights for countries intending to do justice, to defend human rights, to prevent nuclear proliferations, to do exactly what the Americans have been teaching the world to do so. Just follow the leaders. The Americans are the guiding lights of the world in invasion and regime change. Just do what the Americans are doing and you cannot be faulted by the Americans for invading the USA and to conduct regime change when there is a rogue govt or a mad leader in charge. Bad govt, mad man in charge are good reasons to invade the USA. Are Trump and his gang mad? Talking about precipitating a nuclear war?

See, the Americans said so and have done it. Just do what the Americans are doing to the Americans. American Exceptionalism? Show them the middle finger.
By the way, the Americans demonstrated and said it is ok to fly nuclear bombers along the coast of the USA, to conduct freedom of navigation with naval destroyers along American coast, deployed missile systems along the borders of the USA and also conduct major military exercises with American neighbours simulating an invasion of the USA. You name it, the Americans have done it. So everything is ok.


US Sinister Stratagem In Korea vis-a-vis DPRK

US the rogue empire behaviour in Korea reminds me of a big bully in school  decades ago. It was recess time. Many groups of boys were playing marbles in the playground. In one group a big bully was harassing a smaller boy. He was taunting him with insulting remarks. The small boy just kept quiet when he was challenged to a fight. This happened for many days and weeks. Even some of the small boy's friends called him a coward and joined in to jeer at him. Even a few of his closest friends left him to side with the bully.

But one day the unexpected thing happened. The bully went overboard. He disrupted the small boy and his friends marble games and insulted his parents. All of a sudden hell got loose and freaking fast like a bolt of thunder and lightning he launched a sudden fierce pugnacious attack on the bully and brought him down to the ground. Everyone stood in awe and was astounded by the change of event. The atmosphere of fear of the bully was changed to one of friendliness and respect for the small boy.

Later the small boy confided to one of his trusted friends that his parents warned him not to fight and to bear with patience and if he really had to fight he must strike his adversary down so hard and with suddeness and ligntning speed that he would not know what happened to him and thus in future he would never dare to bully him again.

Now isn't North Korea experiencing the same scenario as described above. DPRK has been pushed to a corner and has to react like a tiger being pushed to a wall. The Evil Empire has been harassing North Korea for almost seventy years since 1950 and since the end of the Korean War in 1953. With the help of the People's Republic of China ( PRC ) DPRK managed to fight America to a stalemate and an armistice was signed. However year in and year out US and its minions Japan and South Korea have been continuously carrying provocative acts against DPRK.

For many years China tried to broker a Korean peace treaty. Each time when terms and conditions of the treaty was agreed and finalised , America would reneged and walked away from signing the treaty by imposing new terms and conditions.

America is untrustworthy and has no genuine interest in peace for the Korean peninsula. They do not want to be bounded by a peace treaty where it is obliged to have its troops and military vacating from South Korea and Japan. US wants to continue its provocative acts and when DPRK reacts to US  vile tactics it ironically turn the table and blame DPRK for being aggressive, provocative and begging for war.

Every year and ever so often US will carry out joint military drills involving all the arm forces with South Korea and Japan, simulating a real life invasion of North Korea. Time and again DPRK warned US to stop all the provocative war drills. As U did not heed the warning but continued the military drills, DPRK had to react with its own missile and nuclear tests to show America that it takes two to tango.

Now the US cunningly and despically using the UN and its mass media lied to the world and portrayed DPRK as a rogue country and that its missile and nuclear tests are provocative and post a danger to the region and the world. What hypocrisy is this ? After often tearing out the agreements and walking away from signing the peace treaty by unilaterally imposing new terms and conditions and then carrying out extreme provocative military war drills the Evil Empire expect DPRK not to react.

US expects the world to believe its hostile military drills and its over four hundred military bases in South Korea , Japan. Guam and Philippines are for peace. US has indeed caught itself in the quagmire of its web of vile intricate plot of evil.

Do not blame North Korea for all its missile and nuclear tests for it is but a reaction to US wild acts of extreme provocation and is its only means to secure North Korea peace and security and a deterrence to US aggression.

The world had indeed witnessed how the outrageous and untrustworthy US and its allies in NATO destroyed Libya in 2011 and brutally murdered Gadaffi after he agreed not to arm his country with nuclear and chemical weapons. In the same manner US, NATO and its Australian and Sunni Arab allies attacked and destroyed Iraq earlier in 2003 and brutally murdered Salem Hussein after falsely accused him of having armed Iraq with weapons of mass destruction. Under its Doctrine of American Exceptionalism, US will just get rid of any regime which does not toe its line or dictates.

The only reason for invading Iraq and Libya is US and the West covet of Iraq and Libya's oil and their strategic location to contain Russia. Syria is under similar situation but is lucky to have Russia's strong intervention on its behalf though US and NATO have not given up hope of subjugating Syria in future. The game in Syria has not ended. It is not over yet.

In Korea US has been manuafacturing fake news and lies about DPRK to serve as an excuse and basis for it to permanently station US troops and military bases in South Korea and Japan so that it can continue to spy on and to contain Russia and China.

US is playing a dangerous game. We must bring US to its senses and stop it from plunging the world to a Third World War where no one will be a victor but for sure it will be the end of human life on earth for eternity. It will be an  armageddon.


Wednesday, 6th September,2017

Lim Tean – Fair Jobs for Singaporeans

The above is taken from a post by Cynical Investor posted in TRE.
Fair Jobs for Singaporeans!

I shall be organising an event at Speakers’ Corner in the 2nd week of September under the aegis of my Movement – Project Freedom , with the theme of ” Fair Jobs for Singaporeans ! ” .

We will not be discussing diabetes , pre-school or smart nation at the event but on the critical topic of what our Government should be doing to protect the rights of Singaporeans to find good jobs in their homeland !

Singaporeans are finding it increasingly difficult to get jobs whether you are a fresh graduate or a PMET who has been displaced by a foreign worker . The landscape for jobs in Singapore gets bleaker by the day . Our government has done little to prepare our workers for the revolution that is about to engulf the world as a result of automation .
I am crowdfunding for $ 20 000 to organise the event . A breakdown of the estimated itemised cost is as follows :-
1.Stage and tentage
2.Sound system
4. Security personnel

Please support generously by donating to the following account ;
POSB Savings Account No : 404-14132-5

I call on 16 800 Singaporeans ( so far $ 3200 has been raised ) to please help give $ 1 each ( and in the process show the displeasure of the neglect of the government in this area ) and to share this meaningful event with your friends .

I look forward to seeing you at Hong Lim Park !

The above is taken from a post by Cynical Investor posted in TRE. The job situation for Singaporean graduates and PMETs has never been so bad that many of them have gone on to the retired list while quite a number are underemployed after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a good degree from our world class universities. The number of Singaporean graduates becoming part time workers, contract workers or even becoming taxi or Uber/Grab drivers is no laughing matter. It is not just a shame but a crime against our very own Singaporeans to end up this way.

Today we have someone serious and credible in Lim Tean to take up this cause for our pathetic and lost Singaporeans. Many have given up, no idea on what to do to improve their lives. Here is a man that could make a difference to the lives of jobless and unemployed Singaporeans. Lim Tean could be the man Singaporeans have been waiting for to come forward in critical times like this to make a change for the better.

Singaporeans cannot continue to languish in hopelessness, hoping and waiting for jobs from MOM’s job banks or to attend NTUC classes to train them to go to work in third world countries to earn third world currencies that would not be enough to feed their families and pay for the expensive HDB flats.

The cause that Lim Tean is taking up is a worthy cause and very important to the well being of Singaporeans. This is a cause worth supporting. I will do my little contribution to this calling. Something serious must be done now to stop the destruction of the Singaporean PMETs from the employment market. They have families to feed and a son is critical to be able to live in this most expensive city in the world.

Please support this cause and support fellow Singaporeans. It is a shame to see millions of foreigners walking into this city as tourist and get a permanent job while Singaporean were left on the shelf, lamenting what is happening to their lives, to their degrees, to their abilities and their self esteem.

Lim Tean is asking for a dollar from each Singaporean. I am sure every Singaporean can do better than this for their fellow Singaporeans. This is like the building of Nantah when the ordinary Singaporeans dug deep into their pockets to help the ordinary Singaporeans. Forget about the millionaires. They have more important matters to care for. They don’t have time for the ordinary Singaporeans, the so called losers.


A deep sense of helplessness in Sin City

The failure of the opposition parties to make gains into Parliament GE after GE and by election after by election has led the citizens that were looking forward to change into a state of despair. Nothing is going to change and the people will have to live with the PAP as the ruling govt for the next 50 years. Lee Hsien Loong knew this and that he would remain as PM until he chooses to retire at a time of his own choosing, that is when he is 70. This is only one of the unbearable hard truths that Singaporeans would have to live with and feeling helpless about it. And the helplessness did not stuck with just the political system.

There are many things that Singaporeans felt are very wrong, or not to their likings but, yes, helpless to do anything about it. So they would just have to live with them and make the best out of a bad situation, or a very bad situation.

The influx of foreigners into the island, as job hunters, as PRs and eventually given citizenship, is so huge and so disproportionate to the number of citizens is a big sore point. More than half of the population, including many new citizens, is foreigners, not locally born. Did the Singaporeans agree to it? Were they asked that this is ok? No, but they could not do anything about it. It is a fait accompli dictated by the political party they elected to Parliament, to be their govt.

The problem of the influx of foreigners is not just a number. Singaporeans lost their jobs, high cost of living, inflation, high property prices and rentals, and stress on the infrastructure especially public transport, housing and medical. What can the Singaporeans do about it? Nothing.

Many have been cursing about their life time savings in the CPF that they thought were something to look forward to at retirement, ie 55 years old, only to see their savings slipping away from their fingers. The govt keeps changing the rules to keep them from touching their life savings, at times with ridiculous nonsensical reasons. Some jokers even openly said the savings of the people in the CPF are not their money. What can the Singaporeans do? Nothing. Just as helpless as if the money is really not theirs. And many of the natural aristocrats are grinning at their stupidity and helplessness.

Recently there were many noises about whether the HDB flats they lived in belong to them or the HDB ie the govt. Are they owners or lessees? If they are lessees, why are they made to pay property taxes and for the upkeep and maintenance and repairs of the HDB flats? No matter how much kpkb, nothing happens and the people lan lan continue to pay their property taxes on the lease property, their HDB flats accepting that they are the real owners of their HDB flats.

And now the case of the Elected Presidency. The govt changed the terms and conditions to the Elected Presidency. Only a handful of super rich elites can stand for election as the EP. This is no longer the right any citizen like before. This used to be the right of every citizen but no more. So, what can the people do about it?

The govt also decided that a Parliament appointed president can also count as an elected President despite everyone knowing that the first elected President was Ong Teng Cheong. Tan Cheng Bock went to court but his case was thrown out. The govt has the absolute right to determine what is an elected president and what is not according to the court rulings.

The govt also has the right to decide who is a Malay or who is not a Malay to be eligible to stand for the reserved election for a Malay President. A non Malay or half Malay also can if accepted by the President Election Community. What can the people do? Nothing. Helpless.

What about the case against the WP in the management of Town Council? Were there more serious cases of bigger losses and mismanagement than this case? This time the WP looks so helpless and waiting for the guillotine to slam down on their necks, as sure as the sun will rise. What about the people? They can only look at the case helplessly. There is nothing that the people can do about it to speak out and defend their elected representatives in Parliament.

What about the foreigners taking charge in the job market, recruiting and filling good jobs with more foreigners citing that Singaporeans are daft, no skill, lazy, incompetent etc etc and foreigners are the best fit for top jobs? The helpless Singaporeans only try to help themselves by applying to be taxi drivers or be content with part time jobs or contract jobs. What else can they do?

Helplessness is everywhere, if one bothers to look, in Sin City. Fees, taxes, transportation costs, prices of everything are going up and up. The helpless people just have to live with them.

PS. Actually this picture of helplessness is not true. Many Singaporeans are buying bigger houses and bigger and more expensive cars. The helplessness only happens to the losers, the Singaporeans that are jobless, underemployed or unemployed.
But what about the foreigners? They have never had it so good. It is like landing in paradise, away from their slum filled countries where jobs were hard to come by, to a land where pots of gold are everywhere and fortunes are made. Many went home rich, became landowners and starting their own businesses. Some even retired and no need to work anymore, living as the nouve riche in their original home countries where they were once poor ordinary folks.


Shanmugam – China’s BRI good for China and participating countries

Minister K Shanmugam: China a “world leader” and the BRI “the most ambitious project” in human history:

“The project was bold, imaginative and ambitious, and exemplifies the vision of a country that is currently the world leader in many aspects of infrastructure technology. China has also been very strategic in the way it has been investing, linking up with other countries and building relationships, and its companies are prepared to take risks and invest in large infrastructure projects… the BRI is arguably the most ambitious infrastructure project in history with the potential to bring Eurasia, China and Southeast Asia even closer together… It’s in China’s interest – and ours too – that its rise to great power status, or even superpower status, is peaceful and is seen to be peaceful… The rise of China is likely to be the largest world economy in absolute terms, though not in per capita terms. Technologically and militarily, China will become a more significant player over the next 20 to 30 years.”.... “It must be acknowledged that the country has achieved results for its people over the last 35 years on a scale that no other country in history has – both in terms of the speed of progress and the number of people who have made the leap from poverty to prosperity. China has been showing its detractors are getting it wrong. Its success in the field of science and technology, contradict claims that its political system does not allow innovation.” thestatestimes.

Singapore has officially put it on record the importance of China’s BRI project that would benefit all the countries participating in the project as well as countries not wanting to participate, notably India, Japan and the USA. From the start China has kept the door open and invited every country to be part of the BRI. India, Japan and the USA refused to participate for political reasons. They knew how valuable is this peaceful economic initiative that would boost connectivity and trade between Asia, SE Asia and Europe.

These three countries are going to lose out due to their narrow mindedness and selfish political interests. India would be left out in the cold and be bypassed. Good riddance. Japan and the USA, both technology and engineering power house with many big companies that could participate in the massive infrastructure projects could kick their own asses for not wanting or be allowed to be part of the scheme of things by their respective govts. Now they too are left out in the cold and cursing their govts for playing the spoiler game.

It is good that these countries opted out themselves from the BRI and not be in to be trouble makers. China should just leave it that way, no need to bother to invite them in again. And if they wanted in, treat them the same way they treated China when the latter applied for membership to the IMF. Just keep them outside the door with all the barriers to let them have a taste of their own medicine.

The BRI would go ahead in full steam with or without India, Japan or the USA. Let it be and let them be. A good project that is beneficial to all countries would be beneficial to all that could see the benefits. There is no need to hard sell the project. The BRI sells by itself. Only the blind could not see how important is this BRI project. India, Japan and the USA would be the real losers for playing the bad guys.


SEA Game - A picture is worth a thousand words

I just have to post this for all to see. Video credit to Mothership.SG

China hopes India has learnt from Doklam stand off

The Indians withdrew their soldiers from Chinese territory prior to Modi attending the BRICS Summit in China. India announced that both Chinese and Indian troops have withdrawn from the area for some face saving. Why or how would Chinese troops have to withdraw from being in Chinese territory?

From this statement it clearly shows that India did not learn anything despite China’s warning and military build up to drive the Indian soldiers from its territory. While China has never treated India as enemy, India has consistently treated China as enemy for many reasons. The land that India claimed were never India's land in the first place. Neither was India a natural country but a contrived amalgamation of land put together when the British colonized the subcontinent and called it their colony, and subsequently gave it independence, lock, stock and barrel, including all the land the British seized from China arbitrarily by drawing a new map with new borders in the British favour.

This land grabbing by the British, and subsequently the Indians too want to claim that these were Indian land is the seed of territorial dispute between India and China that led to the first Sino Indian border war in 1962. India is insistent to keep these land the British grabbed from China when it was not a country, not a nation. India is a country of mix bags of loose states put together by the British, at one time including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India also harbours the grandeur of big power status and felt aggrieved that China is richer and more powerful and also sees that as a sore point. To India, China cannot be better and more powerful than India. India’s mission is to be richer and more powerful than China and is also in its own race and haste to out perform China. Though China has no historical enmity with India, very few records of historical territorial disputes or invasion, India has been psychoing itself that China is going to invade to run over India. China is the demon that India has created for itself and unable to shrug off this make belief.

China has been very patient and tolerant in this border incursion by India and has given India all the time and space to withdraw peacefully. But this kindness would not be appreciated and would be seen by the Indians as a sign of weakness and would encourage the Indians for more border incursions in the future.

This withdrawal is not the end of the Indian story and more would come. China should not have any misplaced hope that India has learnt any lesson in Doklam. Their mentality would push them for more mischiefs in the borders separating the two countries.

India is behaving like the Americans and the West in trying to stop the growth and rise of China. It refused to be part of the BRI and ended up being left out in the cold with progress and development bypassing the Indian subcontinent. If there is anything the Indians could learn from China to achieve its wet dream of becoming a rich super power, it should take a close look at how China progresses and leapfrogged over Europe and Japan to become the second superpower in all ways and going to overtake the Americans in a matter of time.

The Chinese did not try to create trouble for anyone but put their heads together to work really hard, planned their growth path and put every ounce of energy into it to make China what it is today. It is all about undying effort and determination, a lot of sweat and tears to rebuild a new China, staying away from wars and political bickering. If India could see this success formula and get its act together, it is a matter of time before India would also be a success story. The daily bickering and self delusion of greatness would not make India great but a chain to hold back India's rise as another superpower. 

Would India learn from the China experience and work for its own success rather than trying to be a bad boy in the region, behaving like the Americans and the West, and now hiding under cloak and dagger with the Japanese to derail the Chinese growth engine.

The American experience is tragic failure as a big power is another case for India to learn. Spent your money and resources wisely on economic reconstruction and development instead of wasting precious resources on arms and the military and everyday thinking of war.  And stop lying with the myth that China is going to invade India. The Americans have squandered their decades of being the top dog by investing in nothing but military and weapons of wars. They have given up their leadership in economic development and the leader in science and technology for the good of mankind. Their only product today is weapons of war and to pursue wars to sell their weapons of destruction.


Today at Hong Lim Park - Elected President

''HongLim Park (Clarke Quay MRT) this Sat (2 Sep 17) from 4.30pm and be advised on how to vote at PE 2017.''

I thought this talk was off. Come and listen to the various speakers and decide for yourself! I think Lim Tean is the keynote speaker.

Can someone confirm if this is still on after the notification by the authorities on the zip on the EP issue with the impending election.

Chan Chun Sing – Preparing our workers for tomorrow’s jobs

Leong Sze Hian raised some concerns about what the govt is doing to provide jobs to the present lot of PMETs that have lost their jobs to foreigners that came as tourists and ended up happily employed while the PMETs ended up jobless or underemployed. Here is what Leong Sze Hian wrote in his article posted in TRE.

‘I refer to the article “Adult education system has to evolve to ‘get tomorrow’s jobs for today’s Singaporeans’: Chan Chun Sing” (Straits Times, Aug 26).

It states that “Singapore has to keep evolving its adult education system, so that its people are one step ahead of others in this rapidly changing economy, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Chan Chun Sing on Saturday (Aug 26)….

“There is no point for us to get yesterday’s jobs, or even today’s jobs, for today’s Singaporeans,” he added. “The question is whether we can get tomorrow’s jobs for today’s Singaporeans.””
Tourists come to compete for jobs?

Arguably, what’s the point of being “equipped with the skill sets for tomorrow’s jobs, rather than just today’s jobs”, when practically everyday – we may be the only developed country in the world that allows practically every Tom, Dick and Harry, to come as tourists to look for jobs, and stay when they find one?’

I must say I agree with both Chan Chun Sing and Leong Sze Hian’s comments. What is the point of preparing Singaporean for today’s jobs when they have already gone to the foreigners and also they were not prepared for these jobs? Either way the Singaporeans are the losers.

And, in Leong’s comment, what is the point of equipping Singaporeans with tomorrow’s job skills when foreigners could walk in as tourists to steal their jobs?

My conclusion is that both knew that it is a serious problems and both solutions are no solutions to the problems of the PMETs. It is as good as doing for the sake of doing but ending up doing nothing or no result. My recommendation, to save the time and effort of everyone, don’t do anything. Just let it be since both situations did not solve anything.

Unless they are going to stop foreigners coming here as tourists and happily applying for jobs. Unless they are going to be serious and start to apply some control and quota on the number of foreigners being approved for jobs here, everything else is nonsense.

Saying this is easy, but implementing it is difficult unless they are going to make companies and HR professionals doing the hiring, responsible for hiring Singaporeans first and not going through the motion with no intention of hiring Singaporeans but to hire more foreigners.

How to do it? The MOM must be serious and hands on and put in policies and people to manage the situation like making sure HR professionals are Singaporeans and answerable to MOM. The details could be a bit more complicated than just these. Worth the trouble to do it? Worth the trouble to look after Singaporeans or never mind, foreigners are more important? Singaporeans you die your business?

Just look at these numbers put up by Leong and ask what the fuck is happening.
‘…from 2015 to 2016 – it is estimated that almost none of the 11,400 jobs growth (37,300 foreigners’ jobs growth) to locals – actually went to Singapore born true-blue Singaporeans (61,005 new PRs and 42,917 new citizens granted in the same two-year period)?’

Even if this is 50% correct it is a serious problem. But more likely this is nearly 100% correct as Leong’s data are from official sources.

PS. Today's Singaporeans not getting today's jobs is never mind.