USA, the world’s number one terrorist state holding court

The world’s number one terrorist state, the USA, harbouring the world’s number one terrorist organization, the CIA, got the cheek to accuse and brand North Korea as a terrorist state and acting like they are Gods, all virtuous! Can you believe that? All the evils committed by terrorists around the world have their source in the CIA and the USA. The bombing and demolition of the World Trade Centre in 911 have been conclusively proven that it was an American job but putting the blame on Osama and a few Arabs that are still alive. The killings of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were two state sponsored terrorist acts committed by the evil Empire, conspired and fabricated in the White House and no one dares to take the terrorists in the White House for trial for crime against humanity?

And the biggest joke of all, the rest of world believing or accepting the world’s number one terrorist state passing judgement on North Korea and other countries and organizations as terrorists without question? They accepted this fait accompli meekly, afraid to ask question, or unthinkingly accepting these as the American truth.

What the hell is going on to the people of the world? Where is their conscience and sense of justice? Satan is ruling the earth and they pray to Satan as their new God. Unbelieveable but this is the situation today. The devil is in charge and branding everyone the devil dislike as devil and all the unthinking people of the world would say aye, aye sir and went about screaming at the victims.

Who is the biggest devil that is supporting and giving birth to all the terrorist organizations in the world? Who has been financing them, training them and arming them? Who has been fomenting and provoking acts of terrorism around the world which they called it war to legitimize the killings of the innocents?

No prizes for the correct answer. It is definitely not North Korea. The criminals of the world are passing judgement on other states. They assume the role of judge, jury and executioner and the daft of the world meekly accepted this fate and worse, some even happily and voluntarily bowed to this world number one terrorist and willing to do its bidding and went about screaming North Korea is a terrorist state.

Stupidity has no cure. Or is it criminals will flock together to commit crimes together?
The series of accidents involving the naval boats and aircraft of the evil Empire is God’s way of dealing with this devil. The accidents would not stop and more American boys and girls will die under mysterious situation, not in war. Be warned!

The temple of God is not in the White House. The White House is the throne of Satan.


What, raising taxes again?

After so many tax hikes, grabbing more CPF money, higher ERP fees, higher COEs, 30% fee water hike, still want to tax more? What is happening, our treasury drying up? Something must be seriously wrong with our finances. With more tax revenue, with the huge profits of GIC and Temasek bringing in billions, still not enough meh?

What about cutting down on the grandeur items, on frivolous expenditure that is not necessary, not essential like the F1 and the fake garden and the free scholarships given to foreigners, just to name a few? What about cutting down on the hiring of so many foreigners in the academia and so called think tank agencies? When money runs out, isn’t it the first thing to do should be to look at the expenditure, cost cutting? What about cutting down on military toys and extravagance and stop spending as if we have a mountain of gold and money is not important, endless supply?

What about improving productivity, from the top down? Why is there a need for so many ministers, two ministers plus so many ministers of states, etc etc to helm a ministry, so many mayors? Is this productive or counter productive? What about the many million dollar jobs that may not be necessary or justified? Not every ministry is the same, not every stats board is the same, not every GLC is the same. It is time to cut down on extravagance and frivolous million dollar salary. If jobs do not justify a million dollar pay, then the incumbent should not be paid in millions. Let the highly qualified incumbents that could command million dollar salaries to go where they could be paid justly for their contributions. Anyone earning million dollar salary must account and justify by his contribution. Did they produce goods or services that are worth more than their million dollar salary? Million dollar salary in public service must not be a given. It is taxpayers’ money and derived from taxes, a big burden on the people.

The people have been squeezed dry to the bones. Even their CPF savings are said to be not their money and people can anyhow make them pay by compulsion for things they did not want nor agree to pay.

The belt tightening should be at the top, aim at those with a 50 inch girth than the lean and bony citizens that have nothing much left to be taxed. Take away a few hundred thousand dollars from a million dollar man is nothing compare to taking a few dollars from a pauper. Stop being so mean to the less able. They are poor but not idiots, not fools. Stop squeezing them so very often. Where is your heart?

Do you think raising taxes would raise cost of living and would turn this place uncompetitive and bad for the economy? Who cares? What is important is that high taxes mean that there will be enough money for big bonuses, for more pay hikes, and continued to be paid in the millions. You die your business?


Japan should stop sneering at our world class SMRT

An article in thenewpaper on 20 Nov by a SM Ong took offence at an apology issued by the Japanese MRT for a slight hitch in the departure of its train. SM Ong was incensed, felt insulted because the apology was not because the Japanese MRT had a ponding problem, not because their MRT had regular and frequent breakdown, not because their train had a collision. The apology was because their train departed a mere 20 seconds earlier than it was supposed to. How would 20 seconds affect the lives of the commuters? This is like a case of perfectionist mindset, a privilege only a perfectly efficient system can brag about. But they were not bragging, it is just their culture, something very different from our SMRT culture. Want to blame them for having an efficient culture?

By the way, the Japanese apology was reported in the Japanese media for Japanese consumption. How did it appear in our local media? Who did this and what was his agenda? If this is done by the Japanese, then it is right to feel offended for rubbing in on our serious train problems. But if the Japanese did not do it, instead it was done by a Singaporean or new Singaporean, or a local, then it is very unfair to blame the Japanese for it. It is misplaced anger that is typical of daft Singaporeans.

I quote SM Ong, ‘So we don’t need you, Japan, to make us feel worse about it. We don’t need your Japanese CEO of your Japanese car company Nissan to say last Friday that he will return part of his salary after an inspection scandal led to a recall of 1.2 million Nissan vehicles…Our transport minister, Mr Khaw, once said: “In Japan, the chairman, the CEO will call a press conference and take a deep bow, and in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri.”’

Now, aren’t this going too far and being overly sensitive? Actually we have a lot to learn from the Japanese if we adopt a healthy and positive mindset. We should be striving to be like the Japanese in terms of efficiency, be on time, not every day apologizing for delays and breakdowns. We should learn from their culture of accountability, failure to perform, return the salary for not performing, and…ok perhaps committing hara-kiri is demanding too much. Just simply resign may be an honourable thing to do.

This is a case of failure to see the real problem, refusing to see the problem and beating the messenger for bringing the bad news. This is our daft culture, a nation heading from first world to third world and behaving like third world people.

The decline is evident and very assured. And in the article SM Ong quoted Hsien Loong saying that our SMRT is among the top 4 cities in the world and Japan not even mentioned. Is this the same as bragging that our local universities are ranked among the best in the world while Japan’s are not so highly ranked, so we are better than Japan, our SMRT are better than Japan’s?

Oh my God. 无药可救. No medicine can help liao.
If one takes into consideration lightning strike and one SMRT train captain was injured, be mindful, be very mindful that HE is watching and obviously not happy with how things are developing. When the collision hit, I was asking what can be worse. Now lightning struck. What can be worse after this.

Someone suggested that commuters should think seriously of getting travel insurance. I hope no clown would jump onto this and suggest making this compulsory and using CPF money.


When multi million dollar pay produces nothing

When the scheme to pay multi million dollar salary to govt scholars was introduced it was only a small dent in the budget. There were only a handful of such scholars to talk about and to be paid. No big deal. Today there are thousands of such scholars floating around waiting to be put into multi million dollar jobs, or was it thousands of scholars being paid multi million dollar salary but with only a few multi million dollar jobs available? In the end jobs that do not need to be paid multi million dollar salary would still have to pay multi million dollar salary because the incumbents have to be paid multi million dollar salary regardless of the jobs?

How did we end up in such a situation? How can this be sustainable? In a production and manufacturing economy, the people being paid multi million dollar salary earned their keeps. They created values, sell goods and services that brought in the revenue and profits. What did our multi million dollar scholars produce that are of value, what did they do that brought in the dole? Practically everyone is involved in pen pushing jobs, unproductive, no real value added jobs. They did not do anything of real value. They produced nothing. They are unproductive.

Oh, they raised taxes, raised fees, raised rentals, create COEs and ERPs. Oh they raised the values of properties in asset enhancements to make everyone a millionaire property owner. They are also very good at creating demands and turning them into revenue and profits by using the savings of CPF members by legislation. They are also very good at holding the people’s savings in the CPF forever. They are also very good at telling the people to put in more money into the CPF. Are these really productive work, work with real value?

Seriously, did they create or produce anything of real value, commercial value, goods and products like mobile phones and online businesses? Did they do anything that is real, of economic value to deserve being paid in the millions? What have they produced, the thousands of multi million dollar salary scholars in public services?

Do they deserve to be paid in the millions for being unproductive in real economic sense, for producing nothing of real economic value? How can an economy survive and sustain itself with so many thousands of people being paid multi million dollar salary but not producing a thing of real value, without producing anything that is useful economically? Can you believe that?

Here is a quote from Teo Ser Luck, MP, former minister, now a happy entrepreneur. ‘It gives me great satisfaction to see that I have created something and that it is helpful and beneficial of others. That to me is very fulfilling.’


Architecture of old China

I briefly mentioned about the mansion of Mo Biqiang and Dong Xiaowan in my previous article and the little corner of the city that was preserved for posterity, a past that should not be forgotten. Here are some of the photos I took of this part of Rugao. Incidentally the mansion of Mo Biqiang is now a tourist attraction, very well preserved and maintained. Here are the pics of the old rich in dynastic China.
Park entrance to Mo Biqiang's mansion.
First bridge after the entrance with a statue of Mo Biqiang, a rich gentry.
The actual main door to the home of Mo Biqiang, a 400 year architecture in the dying days of Ming Dynasty.
Portraits of Dong Xiaowan and Mo Biqiang. Dong, a famous courtesan of the time was a mistress of Mo. She died at age 29. Mo was a few years older than her but lived past the 60s and the portrait was painting after his death as customary practice then would not paint a portrait of a living person.
The garden with thousand year old bonsai.
One of the building in the garden.
Another well preserved building.
Roofs of connecting walkways.
The lake in the garden.
Intricate carved walls of room dividers.
Walkways around the mansion.
Connecting rooms and open access area.
A back section of the mansion with a stone painting of Kwan Yue, the God of War.
Main hall for receiving visitors.
A different angle of the main hall.
A pavilion in the garden.
Some of us in the mansion.
The wall around the mansion.
Another view of the wall.

I will post more pics of the ancient quarters in my next article.


Welcome to Third World Red Dot

Finally we have arrived at the dreaded third world that we have left a few decades ago. In the media, everyday without fail, there will be reports of train breakdowns, and now even accident that caused more than 30 people injured and needed medical treatment. Here are some samples of comments that were posted in Yahoo News.

Commuters travelling on the North-South Line on Wednesday evening (15 November) were advised to add 40 minutes of train travel time, rail operator SMRT said on social media.

Free one-way bridging bus services from Bishan to Yishun and free regular bus services between Bishan and Yishun in both directions were available, SMRT added in the tweet posted at 6.29pm.

“They (SMRT) have been saying that they’ve been upgrading… but this has been going on for at least one, two years already,” the shipbroker told Yahoo News Singapore.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, commuters on the SMRT-run East-West and Circle Lines were hit by delays.

There was also a train collision at Joo Koon station on the East West Line that injured 28 people.

The govt has invited Taiwan's rail operator, an organisation that was much younger than SMRT and has lesser years of experience in train operation and management, with their top management being paid a pittance compared to the millions SMRT is paying here, to help to solve our seemingly unsolvable problems of daily breakdowns. And here is what the Taiwan train president was reported to say in Channel News Asia.

With 117 stations, .... has a punctuality rate of close to 100 per cent, reporting fewer than 30 delays exceeding five minutes a year.

“We always plan ahead of all the maintenance operation procedures for every system, and execute thoroughly in order to ensure the system can operate smoothly, ” said B C Yen, president of Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation.

This requires proper training for maintenance staff, as well as strict controls on system parts thorough execution of construction works and material supplies and qualities in order to maintain the system’s stability, he added.

I am sure what the Taiwan train president said above is not rocket science and simply basic management processes in train management or in the management of any systems. We don't even do these things? We need to be told that this is how it should be done?

But this is not why I said Red Dot is now in the Third World. Look at this pic. Photo credit to Yahoo News.

This reminds me of the days when there were no computers and word processors and the secretaries were typing with manual typewriters. When there were errors, they either blanco it and typed over it or typed on another slip of paper, cut it and pasted over the errors. This is exactly what this sign board is all about. Third World starring at you in the 21st Century. My eyes popped out when I saw this. Unbelieveable that no one thinks this cut and paste thing is unacceptable except in the Third World. But it is happening, it has arrived!


Get an education from LaRouchePAC

Watch this video to get an education for yourself and free yourself from the clutches of neo colonialism of your mind by the West. Many western scholars have been trying very hard to do this to help the unthinking Asians and Africans to think and to find some self respect in themselves, and to stop them from continuing in their unthinking ways, allowing the West to think for them. This is a video that is very educational and the things said would hopefully remove the blinkers and the clogs in the minds of daft Asians and Africans.

Cutting Through the Childish Lies Against China
Streamed live on Oct 26, 2017

Bill Jones, EIR Washington, DC Correspondent, joins us for a discussion on the silly lies spewing out of the Western media establishment about China. What most Americans have been fed this week about China and how it views the world is utter nonsense. It is the crudest of cartoon characterizations. According to our fake news media the Chinese have overtaken the arch devil Putin in attempting to emasculate the United States. Breitbart even went so far as to compare China’s current thinking to national socialism. These are all ludicrous lies peddled by the same people who are out to destroy Donald Trump — precisely because he might ally with Xi Jinping to bring real economic development to the United States and the world. These lies will increase in intensity the closer we come to the President’s state visit to China in early November.

Our guest tonight, Bill Jones, has been a key aide to Helga Zepp-LaRouche in fighting to bring China's Belt and Road Initiative into collaboration with the United States. He has closely followed the recent Party Congress and its significance both for the Chinese and for human history. He understands the unique perspective of China's Belt and Road Initiative, the largest infrastructure building project ever undertaken by mankind, both in terms of physical economic development but also in terms of cultural interchanges and a new type of relationship between nation states based on mutual benefit. The Chinese call this win-win cooperation, a model vastly different from the geopolitical zero sum calculus employed in the West. This western world view, authored by the British Empire, creates the perpetual warfare we have suffered for the last decades. Join us tonight for what promises to be a most intriguing discussion.

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SMRT’s bad luck just would not go away

When Khaw Boon Wan mentioned that it was bad luck that caused all the problems in SMRT, or something like that, many took it with a pinch of salt or laughed it away as market talk. How can technical problems be attributed to bad luck?

With each passing day, this bad luck thing seems to get more real. Whenever the media quoted Boon Wan or someone in the SMRT management claiming that services had improved, banged, something worst would happen, and the trains would suffer more breakdowns to press the point that it was not so, that the train services were not improving.

The point I am making about this bad luck thing is that it is not due to poor management or poor maintenance. Whatever maintenance processes they are doing, using high tech, big data, 3D printing or rocket science, if the breakdowns are due to bad luck, nothing will work. The SMRT staff is working very hard, I am very sure about that. Working hard is not the solution if they did not know what is the real problem. Worse if it is due to bad luck.

Perhaps a little divine intervention may help in some cases. From what Boon Wan had done, including inviting the religious leaders to pray to protection, it is still not working. Got blessing and things get even worse. It was just inconvenience, now people are getting hurt. Some said it was so lucky that no crowded train drove into the flood tunnel as the consequences of commuter drowning inside a flooded tunnel is beyond comprehension. So what can be worse than that? Would that be the end of the bad luck?

Fat hope. This morning, 15 Nov, one train collided with a stationary train in Joo Koon and 29 commuters were hurt as reported in main media, not fake news. This is first time in Singapore’s history, oops second time, that a train crashed into another train. Talking about bad luck! Sure this kind of accident must be bad luck. There is the train signal system to prevent such a collision. Could you believe it that it was the train signaling system that caused the accident? The train signaling system that was supposed to prevent such accident ‘was inadvertently removed’ when the train passed by a faulty signaling circuit. Holly cow, how can this be? Does anyone know how dangerous this is when trains are moving fast instead of this case when both were stationary and only a few metres apart? And this is a new train signaling system! How can a new train system have this kind of serious flaw embedded? This is totally unacceptable. A safety feature cannot and must not be allowed to be removed by accident or unintentionally even by a faulty circuit.

The most important thing now is to find the source of bad luck. Oh, also debug this new train signal software to make sure it is fit for operation. Many lives are put in danger if this bug is not removed completely and the system declared 100% safe for installation. As for the bad luck, if it is due to an individual, then the individual must be removed. This time big data can come in handy. Use big data to correlate the bad luck with some individual and remove the individual to remove the bad luck.

For a good start, all the top management staff and Boon Wan must go and bathe with flower water as a precaution.


SGX –No lunch break reinstated

Is this an admission that the no lunch break decision was a failure or an act of farce? Before it was introduced they gave reasons like longer hours meant more business. Such a simplistic view was unbelieveable! Now that six years have elapsed and the business boom that was supposed to come along with no lunch break with longer trading hours failed to materialize and failed miserably, what else is new? Should every laugh or clap at the naiveity?

Another reason was to keep the market open for continuous trading across regions and across different stock markets so that the traders, were they funds managing millions and trading across borders or little kuching kurap traders thinking that their two cents worth of trades justified the market to open and to trade without breaks, could capitalize on this great scheme of things or not to lose out because the SGX was closed for lunch and they lost big monies or did not helped themselves with huge profits from the sacrifices of remisiers having to work with no breaks? Was there another stock exchange that thinks this is really necessary? What about the big funds in the USA and Europe and Japan, do they also believe in this myth that they cannot live with if their markets are not open longer, dispensing with lunch breaks, to breach the gap of different time zones?

Or were there other reasons that were not told, not spoken that made this no lunch break so bloody important? If it is, then it should not be changed. Or if the big funds or little traders needed the market to be open just in case they missed the golden opportunities or to cut positions when big changes happened in other markets then it is even more important to keep the market open with no lunch break.

So, would these funds and traders be complaining now if they made losses because of the market being closed for lunch? Now, would the return of lunch break, ie shortening of trading hours, reduces the trading volume further and reduces the income of remisiers even further?

What would happen to the future of the SGX when longer trading hours did not help and shorter trading hours too would not work? What is or are the real problems that are driving the stock market to irrelevance, becoming dysfunctional? Dunno leh.


Amos Yee - Freedom of speech in the USA?

‘The Harvard College Open Campus Initiative (HCOCI) announced online that it has cancelled a talk by Singapore’s most infamous teenager Amos Yee.
Our upcoming event with Amos Yee has been cancelled. Our apologies to those who were planning to attend.
— HCOCI (@harvardfree) November 12, 2017

This came less than two days after the event was publicised.’ Quoted from the mothership.sg

Many were pleasantly surprised that an esteem top university in the country where freedom of speech and human rights are sacrosanct in their constitution was inviting a young rebel to speak on its sacred ground. The event was scheduled to be held on 13 Nov and with the topic, ‘Jailed for Dissent’. Amos Yee even went to his facebook to invite people to attend. It was something that the Americans should be proud of, could be proud of, till a sudden turn of event.

Amos Yee was invited to speak but was disinvited two days later. This kind of flip flop only happened in third world countries and pretentious third world countries trying to pass off as first world countries. But not America, the USA, the Empire ruling the world.

Even for a tiny little country like Singapore, our govt pride itself as a country that would not comprise its policies and national interests or be pressurised to do so by outside parties. And it is unbelieveable to even harbour the thought that the American govt or Harvard, the seed of freedom and freedom of expression, is being pressurised to do so, to turn down a young kid from speaking his peace in the land of freedom.

No, it cannot be. Harvard or the American govt would not be pressurised to do such a cowardly and shameful thing. It is unimaginable that any country could have such a great influence to change what Harvard decided to do. No way. And there is Donald Trump that believes America is great or he is going to make America great again. He would not tolerate such an act of cowardice that undermines the greatness of the USA and to make America small again. I think if Trump comes to know about this, someone in Harvard or in his govt is going to get grilled.

The only reason I can really think of is that it was all a mistake. There was no such invitation. It was fake news.
What do you think?


Singapore promoting a cashless and car less society

This cashless society thing is a new thing the govt is promoting. Actually there is no need to promote this as this has been a reality for quite some time. Singaporeans' pockets are really and genuinely cashless especially those living in public housing. Maybe those in private properties are better off. The cash that Singaporeans have or used to have has been transferred to their properties and in the CPF. The little left over that some may still have would be transferred to the cars they are owning and that effectively made many cashless. So the govt need not have to sweat the small stuff urging the Singaporeans to become cashless. It is a fact that many are not talking about.

What many have forgotten is the govt's campaign to promote a car less society. This is an ongoing process and with the proliferation of bicycles all over the island, in the longkangs and bushes, yes bicycles growing in the bushes and floating in the longkangs as well, it must be a sure sign that bicycles have taken over the existence of cars. Bicycles are everywhere, for everyone, supplemented by e scooters and other personal mobile equipment.

And the main reason or justification for a car less society, other than being too expensive, not enough space as space is needed for more foreigners to come here to create jobs, while some say we need 10m population to sustain economic growth, is that we have an efficient public transport system that is the envy of the world. These are the basic assumption and premise for a car less society.

Well, how things have changed or not really. Boon Wan has been quoted in Parliament to have praise how the train services have improved over the years. Here is something quoted in thestatestimesreview.

Just earlier this week in Parliament, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan attributed government statistics claiming rail reliability has improved three times:
“For our MRT network, it has improved significantly from 133,000 train-km in 2015 to 425,000 train-km this year. For years, it could not even reach 100,000 train-km. That is how far we have come. The improvement is real and significant and is experienced by all the 5 MRT lines, including the oldest North-South and East-West Lines.”

I dunno if anyone disagrees with him but this was what happened last night, 10 Nov, and reported all over the social media. Below is quoted from thestatestimesreview.

'SMRT saw it’s third and fourth breakdown in a week last night (Nov 10) and stopped all East-bound train services on the East-West Line (EWL). From 11.15pm until the end of service at midnight, the disruption happened after the first train fault occurred at Outram Park station.
Shortly after a service train was deployed to push the faulty train, the service train also broke down at Paya Lebar station, and SMRT deployed another service train to push the two faulty trains.'

What is pertinent is the breakdown of a service train that is being used to push the faulty train. A service train is like a backup, like a standby UPS or like the drainage pump in Bishan. The backup train or equipment is supposed to take over or to provide emergency services when needed and must be serviceable at the critical hours, like draining water from the flooded station in Bishan. They must be tested and kept in working condition. Looks like they may want to have a standard SOP to check and maintain these service trains as well.

I digress, didn't I? We are moving towards a car less society and this is only possible if we have an efficient, comfortable and reliable public transport system. It used to be, Boon Wan still believes so. Many commuters are cursing themselves for giving up their cars. One commuter tweeted that he thought he could leave his car at home last night only to be caught in the massive jams due to train faults.

The point is, how is Singapore going to be car less if the public transport system is unreliable and breaking down is the norm? For those heading to catch a flight at Changi and got caught in the jam at Tanah Merah, hope they did manage to get to the airport in time.

What is going on? Oh, they are not issuing more COEs to keep the car population from growing, and there is a reliable alternative public transport for those who could not afford the cars or have given up car ownership.


The sinister agenda of the TPP

What is the purpose of a regional multi party trade pact for? To promote trade among its participating members. That must be the main objective of such a pact, an entity to benefit all parties economically. The key member of the TPP was the USA with 11 other partners.

When Trump came into office at the White House, he smelt a rat and immediately threw out the TPP into the toilet bowl. He did not want to enter into an agreement that is unfavourable to the Americans, economically. As far as money and business is concerned, Trump knows what he is talking about. He is a shrewd businessman.

His predecessors, the neocons, have a different agenda. Their objective is political, the containment of the growth of China by excluding China from the pact. They were prepared to pay some economic price for political gain for the American Empire.

What is China to a trade pact like the TPP? China is becoming the biggest consumer market in the world with 300 million middle class consumers, the size of the American population. And in another 10 years this would be 600 million. Why would a trade pact deliberately exclude the biggest consumer market in the world?

With the American market in the pact, it still makes some sense. Once the American market is out of the pact, the true economic value of such a pact diminishes instantly. Japan cannot replace the loss of the American market even if it wants to. The Japanese market is too small and the Japanese only buy Japanese goods.

The only reason left to continue this TPP is the sinister political agenda, to isolate China, to gang up against China. Who in the remaining 11 members would want this to continue as the raison d'tre of the TPP? Listen to their narrative and you can smell out the little USAs. On their part they have deliberately excluded China from theTPP. On the other hand they are questioning whether China would seek a China centric trade pact or regional order. This is despite the BRI and AIIB, two Chinese creations that have extended an open arm to all countries, excluding no one, two all embracing and inclusive organisations. The few countries left out are those that chose to ie you know who and their hostile intent towards China.

In a normal and genuine economic trade pact free from political motives, it would be reasonable for the remaining partners of this failed pact to recruit a bigger partner to replace the void left by the Americans. The very fact that some would want to continue in the same form, excluding China, speaks for the intent of some of these members, notably Japan and the little USAs. Japan wants to assume the leadership of this pact without asking the consent of the Australians and Canadians nor the other members. It is a convenient vehicle for the rise of Japan as the new Asia Pacific leader, though a declining one. Some former victims of the Japanese aggression in WW2 have forgotten the massacres and atrocities committed by the Japanese in their countries, against their people, and naively wanted to go to bed with the Japanese.

Would the TPP survive under the leadership of Japan to pit itself against China and deprive its other members from the growing and lucrative China market of 600 million middle class hungry consumers? China is negotiating and promoting the RCEP, another regional trade pact that does not exclude anyone.With its 600m middle class consumers and a market of 1.4b people, would the RCEP dwarf the TPP and turn it into oblivion to the disappoint of the anti China gang that talked inclusivity but practised exclusivity and division?


Liu Thai Ker peddling his 10m pop

After 4 years when he last brooded about the 10m population for Singapore, Liu Thai Ker is at it again. 10m pop is not only necessary but good for Singapore. He is not going to give up. In a way I can agree with him. It is like a multi millionaire saying it is good to be a billionaire. The only difference is why the need to grow population to 10m and then what if 10m is reached.

Let’s put aside the cost of having a 10m population instead of a 5.5m population. It is like a soldier’s problem versus a major’s problem. One is a soldier’s little problem, the other is a major problem. A 5m pop’s problem is different from a 10m pop’s problem. Don’t just look at economic growth alone. There are plentiful of other issues that would accompany a 10m pop. 

Housing a 10m pop is no issue. Like Josephine Teo said, you don’t need much space to have sex. Singaporeans used to squeeze 10 to 15 heads in a small cubicle. Squeezing 10m pop into this piece of rock is no different. Sure can.

Let’s ask this question, why is there a need to grow pop to 10m? Is this the meaning of growth, of existence? Economic growth is not dependent on just population growth. There are many ways to growth without growing population. Growing population to gain economic growth is suicidal, a sure way to self destruction, just like growing the population of mother earth.

Up to a point, more heads in the island is counter productive and destructive, like a family having 2 to 4 children and one with 10 children and still producing. What for? What is the point? What is the meaning of it all? Growing population for the sake of population or the flimsy excuse of economic growth? No population growth means no economic growth?

Heard of one trick pony? Even one trick pony already admits that growing population is easy but no longer workable and not sustainable in the long run.

For those who are commuting by trains, the packed train is getting very uncomfortable and irritable and very stressful. For those who are travelling in the comfort of their limousine, they would not appreciate what life is like squeezing in the packed trains with strangers, some smelly, some foul and some roguish, selfish and hostile.

What do you think?


CPF - Return to basic principles

The CPF scheme was and is a retirement scheme to provide some income for the retirees when they have reached their retirement age. They should then be living off their savings in their golden years. The original CPF scheme ends at 55 when all obligations came to an end when a person retires, take out his nest egg of a life time savings to decide how he is going to use his money. This is what a retirement savings scheme should be.

With longer life expectancy, perhaps it is logical and reasonable to extend the retirement age to 65 and the CPF scheme ending at 65. Under a normal retirement scheme like the original CPF scheme, a person should have enough savings to live the rest of his life of another 15 or 20 years. Under such a situation, the relationship with the CPF in terms of more contribution to the scheme should end. No one should need to contribute further into the CPF scheme as life after 65 can be terminated any moment.

A person should be allowed to withdraw every cent he has in the CPF. No such nonsensical things like minimum sum this and that, no such nonsense as pledging half of his assets to the CPF forever till his death.

However, the CPF scheme should offer to the people options to buy annuities or whatever medical insurance if they wanted to, strictly on a voluntary basis. Anyone can still voluntarily choose to contribute and save more if so desire with the CPF offering them more attractive terms. The important point here, the key principle, is voluntary. No one shall be compelled by legislation to continue to be stuck in the CPF scheme under whatever farcical schemes without their consent after the retirement age say at 65. Period..

A retirement scheme is to provide the savers an opportunity to retire comfortably and financially to live through his golden years. A retirement scheme is not to hold on to his money forever, after his death with many leftover to spare. There would be exceptions when some people may outlive their savings by living to the 90s and 100s. These are rarity. And one must not forget that the CPF is only one source of income to provide for the retirees. Many have other forms of support from families and relatives and other sources of income. The CPF is not the only source of financial security. At the very worst case, there would be a few that the state can pick up the tap. Why not, after living off the cheap loans from the savings of the members over a life time, it is only fair and equitable and ethical that the govt provide this last safety net.

The current CPF has been turned into a little monster when the people contributing to the scheme are held at ransom while others are feeding on the scheme like parasites, depriving the real owners from access to their money. And some happily think this is their money and not the savers money and suka suka would think of ways to take away this money from the real owners by legislation. This is unethical, immoral, and dishonourable. Only very mean people can go on living on the people's life savings as if it is money there up for grabs, with no owners. Anyone who claims that the CPF savings is not the owner’s money has very little conscience of justice and fairness. Anyone going along with this kind of devious thing is just as guilty.

The CPF scheme must have a termination date when all obligations to save would come to an end and anything more should be voluntary. Legally all money saved must be returned to their rightful owners to enjoy their hard earned money saved over a life time. Tentatively under the present life expectancy, a good ending point is age 65 plus or minus a couple of years and nothing more.

People should not disguise themselves as angels to control and keep the money from the CPF members for as long as they want while dipping into the fund for their own benefits.


3 aircraft carrier groups in western Pacific

The USS Nimitz, USS Ronald Reagan and USS Theodore Roosevelt are conducting a naval exercise with the Japanese Navy. What are they up to? Two of the most wicked countries scheming to plan a preemptive strike at North Korea? These monkeys still think war is an option when nuclear weapons are in play and desperately wanting to go to start a war. Do they think that this is going to be a limited war that will be over in a few hours or a few days?

Pray hard that it would be that way. The North Koreans are not Arab countries that are hapless and unable to hit back. They have every weapon ready and the slightest sign of an attack could be the signal to let go everything they got. Would there still be a Tokyo standing? How many Japanese cities would go up in smokes and would Japan still be habitable? And they are counting on the Chinese and Russians standing idly by and doing nothing while they devastate North Korea, their close allies, with nuclear weapons that would put both Russia and China and their people at risk of nuclear fallouts?

Be very sure that once started, it would proceed to its natural end when nuclear bombs would be flying all over the sky and many would be hitting American and European cities as well. It would be armageddon, no two ways about it. Don’t even think that it would be anything else. The days when the Evil Empires can go around hitting any country with impunity is over. The lessons learnt by the Russians and Chinese about Iraq and Libya have put them on full alert of the wicked intention of the Americans. Strike again and they would strike back. Syria is the last stand. There will be no more Iraq or Libya to fall to the evil Empire. North Korea, Iran and Syria are untouchable. Don’t ever try.

The mad and dangerous men in Washington and Tokyo are clear and present dangers to their people and to the people of the rest of the world. They still think they can hit the North Koreans and the North Koreans cannot hit back.
Look at this video again and again. Only 10 minutes.

This is the fate awaiting the Americans and Japanese should they be reckless and mad enough to think of attacking North Korea. Any attack on North Korea will be an attack on China and Russia. The North Koreans, Chinese and Russians will hit back. The Americans must not doubt the capabilities of the armed forces of these countries.

There is no way that the North Koreans would attack the Americans unless the Americans struck first. Only silly little countries are still clinging to the American lie that North Korea is a threat to them. The Americans must stop crying wolf that the North Koreans are going to attack the Americans first. The real devils are the Americans and now also the Japanese, with encouragement from the Americans. The South Koreans would be sacrificed. They are dispensable. In the American calculus to attack North Korea, the South Koreans are not in the equation.

Can the American people stop the evil men and women in the White House and the Pentagon who are seeking wars and not peace? The USA must stop behaving like a rogue state. They can continue to stage murders like 911 in homeland USA but not elsewhere.

PS. At this point in time, the Americans must not make any silly move that is mistaken by the North Koreans that they are attacking them for them to hit the button first. The consequences of such a mistake are unbearable to both countries and the rest of the world.


Kishore Mahbubani – Premature retirement

It was a piece of gloomy news that Kishore is retiring from his mentor’s namesake LKY School of Public Policy in yesterday’s media. I look at this development with a lot of misgivings. Kishore is just touching 70, at his prime for an academic and many good years to come. In the academia, people grew with age and experience. Many of more senior age are still plodding along well and good, but not many are of his caliber.

Like him or disagree with him, Kishore is an independent thinker, a very rare specie in an island where everyone thinks he is an angmo descendant after years of being fed with a western diet and believing that hamburger is good for him, his daily bread. Many of these pseudo Asian intellects are veneer thin western droids manufactured and made in the USA and thinking exactly like replicas of little USAs.

The departure of Kishore will lead to a vacuum that is difficult to fill but will be filled as they, as usual, would go around the world looking for another foreign talent to shit over the locals, oops, I mean Singaporeans. Is there anymore Singaporeans left that could think independently as an Asian? Many would think very carefully what they are going to say to be politically correct.

How many Singaporeans could have the honour of being invited to address American Ivy League universities? How many Singaporeans could sit in the same forum panel to discuss world issues with the best in the world without fumbling like a school boy?

Kishore is one of the brightest academics and thinkers that we have produced, of the LKY era. He was LKY’s favourite showman. Now that the LKY era has been eclipsed so would those that rose with that man. With Kishore passing on, not many of the pioneers of his stature would be left standing. And who is there to fill the void? I don’t see anyone filling his shoe and yes, better look for another foreigner of unknown background but a string of glittering degrees from God knows where waiting to be discovered as another fraud.

The grass is greener over the other side. There is novelty in foreigners, many passing off as young genius in the eyes of the gullible and naïve red dot that don’t believe in its own people.

With his experience and reputation, I don’t think Kishore is going to fade away just yet. There will be others that would appreciate his thoughts and ideas. Singapore’s loss is another’s gain. Another case of exchanging our talent with foreign duds is in the making.

Did someone said Singapore is getting dirtier? Must be the rubbish that are being welcome here.


Asean countries should trade less with China to avoid dependency

In an article by a Sulaiman Daub posted in the mothership.sg, he advocated that Asean countries should trade less with China to avoid a dependency relationship with China and came under the influence of China. In his piece he quoted this,

'In a paper published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies-Yusof Ishak Institute (ISEAS), academic Sanchita Bandu Das argues that China is using its growing economic strength to advance its political agenda in Southeast Asia, including its strong position on South China Sea issues and negotiating for the use of Chinese technology, supplies and workers for China-financed infrastructure projects.'

The same article also mentioned 'white elephant' projects initiated by China like the BRI, ports in Sri Lanka and highways in East Malaysia. There is some logic to this kind of thinking. And there are alternatives to just trading and depending on China for infrastructure building. The assumption is that the govts of these countries engaging in trades with China and with China making more profits are daft, especially those that joined the BRI, built ports and highway that are white elephants and have no or little benefits to their countries. I would not try to argue on behalf of these govts and leave it to them to justify their 'stupid' actions.

While trade in these cases favoured China, it is true that these countries need not continue trading with China. They can choose to trade with Japan and the West. But if the products from these countries are too expensive and they could not afford them, they can always look to India for Make in India products. I think these products, if available, would be much cheaper than China's and would be a good substitute. India could replace China to build highways, ports, high speed trains and mobile phones etc.

As for infrastructure projects like the ports in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan govt can send trade delegations to Europe, USA or Japan to invite them to build instead of China. Oh, England is a good candidate too, the former colonial master that looted the island but forgot to build a decent port like what the Chinese are building for the Sri Lankans. Likewise countries in land locked Central Asia can follow this option or dispense with the 'white elephant' projects since they are white elephants and remain isolated and cut off from the maritime trade routes..

Actually the Americans are having the biggest trade deficit with China compares with the Asean states. The big question, why would the Americans continue to buy China and not buy European or Japanese products or the cheaper Indian products? The Americans cannot be so stupid right? And this applies to more than half of the world that chose China as their number one or number two trading partner despite the trade deficits. Stupid or what?

China, unlike the colonial masters that came to rob and loot these former colonised countries with gunboats, negotiates and trades with these ex colonies on a willing buyer willing seller basis. No guns pointing at their heads. If the govts of these countries, given all the options available, they are not stupid for sure, still choose to trade with China, there must be some logic to it.

I would like to see these 'disadvantaged ex colonies' steering away from trading with China and choose to buy more expensive products from the West and Japan or cheaper products from India. That is only logical when they put everything under the microscope to compare prices and benefits.

Who is the idiot?

PS. The Indians have conceded that the Chinese are making products that are cheaper than the Indians in India. Even the Indian gods are made in China.


Hsien Loong hearing voices

Hsien Loong said he often heard voices of LKY, words of wisdom that he could rely upon to make political decisions. Could not remember what he heard but he quoted something, was it about the Elected President? Anyway, LKY said a lot of things and many are still relevant and applicable but many are obsolete or irrelevant in today's context. For instance his advice on taking up a govt scholarship to pursue a degree and subsequently join the civil service or PAP, I mean politics as a career. I can't disagree with him on this then as this was and still is the shortest and quickest and most assured road to instant multi millionaire for a young man without much working experience in the commercial world, without having to work to produce something of value.

I said I disagree on this is as many ministers have openly spoken out against having a degree while some even said a degree is really useless. It is skills that are more important. Fake degrees also never mind as long as people think you have the skills. Degrees cannot be eaten. So if degree is not important, what is the point of being a scholar? However some would say a scholar with a degree is different from a non scholar without a degree. Ok, I can accept that. The instant millionaire route is still relevant but for how long?

Now where was I? Oops, I was talking about Hsien Loong hearing voices. I think he did not hear this from LKY, and I quote, “Everything works, whether its water, electricity, gas, telephone, telexes, it just has to work. If it doesn’t work, I want to know why, and if I am not satisfied, and I often was not, the chief goes, and I have to find another chief. Firing the chief is very simple.“

LKY also used to say this proudly, ‘in Singapore, when you push a button, it works’. That was his Singapore. Can't say this about the SMRT today. In the latter it is more like every time a button is pushed, nothing works. The faults plaguing the SMRT are like a daily affair and if there is no fault in one day, it is a pleasant exception. This is Hsien Loong's Singapore, not LKY's Singapore.

Why did I bring this up? It is in everyone's lip, the amnesty offered by Desmond Kuek to his staff to own up for non compliance, non performance or even dereliction of duty. This is the first time such an idea is being used in Singapore, pardon first for non performance or violation of standard operating procedure, deceit, and talk later. You can imagine the kind of aghast and the shock waves spreading across the island.

There is a disbelief that Singapore's work ethics has degenerated to this level. Hsien Loong probably did not hear this in his head. LKY must be fuming if he is alive. This is not the Singapore he created or at least at one time during his watch.

LKY better makes his voice heard to make things better. How many CEOs would have lost their jobs in SMRT if he was in charge? Nowadays quite senang. Fingers point here point there and point everywhere. Definitely not my problem, OPP is other people's problem. Not bad for collecting millions every year with no accountability
Latest heard that Desmond Kuek’s amnesty bore immediate result. Several staff had owned up and they were duly sacked despite the condition that no punishment would be meted out. This part a bit grey and people could interpret it either way. Yes, no punishment, just leave. Some would argue that sacking is a punishment. The union would have ‘one head two big’, scratching on how to tackle this new development.


The faces of Rugao 国强民安

The faces of Rugao 国强民安 
I spent a week in Rugao, Jiangsu, a 3rd or 4th tier city about 200 km northwest of Shanghai participating in the 20th Asian Masters Athletics Championship. I went there with a simple expectation, other than trying to get into the finals of the 100m event for the 65-69 age group, to take some good photos of historical architecture, of a China before development wipes away all that was there in the past. I lugged along my SLR, which I normally don’t especially when I was there to run and not sightseeing. It was a piece of baggage that I would have to bear with for the whole trip.

I did not get to see what I would want to see in Rugao, a city famous for having the most centenarians alive in China. We arrived at Rugao nearly midnight and the first sight of Rugao was in the morning, from the window of Wenfeng City Hotel. There, right in front of me were rows and rows of neatly built and good quality low rise homes of pretty recent origin. And there were many high rise condomium rising in the distance. The streets were landscaped and manicured and not much different from Singapore.

The infrastructure of Rugao was everything a modern city could look for, not a small, tired, rundown 3rd tier city away from the futuristic coastal cities. I managed to sneak away into the villages and along the way the sight was of newly built farmers' homes, built just behind the small living quarters of the past. The few remnants of the past that were still standing have been rebuilt and served the owners in their bigger homes as storerooms or garages.

The only pieces of the past left in Rugao were the mansion of Mo Biqiang and Dong Xiaowan and a well preserved patched of low ancient houses right in the heart of the city. These houses still served as living quarters to some residents and small commercial enterprises. The mansion and the houses were some 400 years old and stood there to remind the people of the way of life of their forebears.

What really impressed me was the sight of the people of Rugao. The people were pretty well off, well heeled, living in good quality homes and looking very contented with their lives. The children, the youth and the young were a pleasant surprise. They were all at the stadium during the Opening Ceremony for the Asian Masters. Some were there to perform, some were there as spectators to this international events. And the unpredictable happened, the sky opened up, and everyone was wet. But the youth and children came well prepared, with a thin transparent raincoat over their costumes and their latest trendy wear.

The rain did not dampen their free spirit. They ran, but to the stadium, not away. They were there to celebrate a big international event, to welcome the visitors to their home town. What was written all over their faces was a future of hope, confidence and well being. Their innocence, their free spirit, their laughter, there was not a hint of fear or uncertainties in them, as they celebrated life. For over 200 years, the children of China had never slept well or eaten well. (两百多年,中国儿女,没有一天睡的好,吃的饱). The youth then never knew what was growing up like as children. They did not have that luxury. Those days are history, not to happen again. The faces of the Rugao children today are the faces of joy, of a happy young people living for now and for a better tomorrow as young people should.

China today has reached a point where the people could live life, enjoy peace and be themselves without a worry. Such a privilege only comes about when the country is strong and prosperous and well managed. It is like the saying, 国强民安. The children and youth of Rugao are a manifestation of the children and youth of China today, living in a time when security and prosperity are a new normal. To live a happy and cheerful life of plenty, being young and enjoying growing up as children and young adults (无忧无愁) shielded from the vagaries of life, with a bright and secure future that a strong and prosperous China has bestowed upon them. The children and youth of Rugao and all over China are the new China, a people blessed to live a life never the same as the parents and grand parents of old China. This is the new China and the China Dream.

Below are some pictures of the children of Rugao.


Singaporeans should venture abroad, Singapore too small 猛龙过江 or 小虫过江

This seems to be a favourite mantra to the elite. Singapore business must go overseas, NTUC training our retrenched PMETs to go overseas to work. Superficially this sounds logical. Singapore is indeed too small for our growing companies and they need to spread their wings abroad to grow.

What these talkers did not say or ask is that many third world companies are flooding into Singapore to do roaring businesses. And all the unemployed third world workers are rushing here to take up jobs, steal jobs from Singaporeans and with many queuing to come in.

While the elites are calling Singaporeans and Singapore companies to go overseas, they did not mind the foreigners to come in and replace the Singaporeans and Singapore companies here. Is there anything wrong with this situation?

Why are Singaporeans encouraged/forced to go overseas and their places at home being taken over by hungry foreigners? What is the long term effect and damages to this country and people?
Yes, we are going to be replaced by foreigners, our country and homes, jobs, our govt and commercial institutions, schools, universities etc etc and even the ministries and govt.

Unfortunately our schools do not teach the meanings of nationhood and what it will be like if we lose our country and become boat people, being kicked out of our own country by inviting too many foreigners here and they have a different agenda of their own, to take over everything we have built.
This is the consequence of not knowing that we are a nation, a country and this is our country, not a piece of land belonging to everyone.

Still thinking of leaving your homes and leaving your country to the foreigners? Should not we be securing our home base first with Singaporeans and then go overseas?

PS. If Singaporeans unable to find jobs here, would they be able to compete overseas? Maybe for low paying jobs.


Exposé (Part 1): Culture of Fraud in Singapore Universities

Flexible Standards of Honesty, Ethics and Fraud Exist.

Fraud Encourages Fraud.  Fraud begets fraud; and then some.

It is just a matter of time.  The erosion of integrity and authenticity must eventually destroy the moral basis for ethical management and burst the bubble of dishonesty.
The latest revelations that Singapore’s premier Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has revoked the 2013 PhD degree of a former Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) scientist, one Ms Sabeera Bonala, after she admitted that she had falsified data in her research and doctoral thesis.

This is the latest fallout in one of the biggest cases of scientific fraud in Singapore, which first came to light in July 2016.  Six research papers were retracted then, including three that had listed Ms Bonala as the first author. Two other researchers have left their posts and another one had his PhD revoked in the earlier episode.

The trio involved in the 2016 scandal are Professor Ravi Kambadur, who was with NTU; Dr Mridula Sharma, who was associate professor at the National University of Singapore's (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine; and former NTU researcher Sudarsanareddy Lokireddy, who had his PhD from NTU.

Dr Sharma is no longer at NUS and Dr Lokireddy’s PhD from NTU has also been revoked. NTU investigations in December 2015 led to 3 papers on Myostatin, a muscular growth protein, published in 2011 and 2012 being retracted. Another paper was withdrawn before publication and the other 2 papers were corrected. Three more papers published from 2012 to 2014, based on research funded by A*Star and the National Research Foundation (NRF), were also retracted from the prestigious Molecular Endocrinology and Biological Chemistry journals.

NTU has earlier in June 2016, following an unrelated investigation into allegations of research malpractice, retracted 11 academic papers authored by researchers from the National Institute of Education (NIE). Dr Noel Chia who joined NTU in 2006, promoted to Associate Professor in 2014, is the lead author of 8 papers and co-author of the other 3 papers. He was a well-known local expert in the area of special-education needs such as autism, dyslexia and dyscalculia. Of the 11 papers that came under investigation, 9 were published in the prestigious Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP).

I am sadden by these revelations but not surprised. I have expected these research frauds to surface much earlier.  As an NTU Associate Professor, I have been told some of most unbelievable research malpractice, and often similar things from more than one person! Here are just a few, albeit unverified:

1) The known record is nearly 40+ research papers claimed by a single staff (with various co-authors) in a single year. One Professor actually claims to have more than 1,000 publications over 15+ years, but whose expertise has remained relatively unknown!
2) It is “common” to have more than 10+ research papers per year claimed by a single staff (with various co-authors).

3) Many research papers claimed by a single staff (listed among first 3 authors) are in technical areas not within the staff’s known expertise, training or technical competence.

4) A paper where authorship claimed was 15th among a longer list of authors.

5) Cases of papers submitted under different titles, but with similar contents.

6) Cases of papers submitted under the same title to different journals.

7) Papers translated from their original non-English, foreign language, and claimed as one’s paper and submitted to a English-medium refereed journal.

8) …. And then some.

A Google Scholar search for the publications of senior Professors will return a lisiting of their publications and citations.

The prevalent NTU research practice of questionable ethics involves situations of "gratuitous" or "gift" authorship, where co-authors are added either by themselves or by their subordinates and where they were not involved in the research in any significant manner.  Supervisors generally expect junior Professors to include them as “co-authors” as a matter of normative practice. The latter sees evidence that those who did so would often get compensated and promotions for their generosity in gratitude.  

The Fraud Culture IS the New Normal
Especially noteworthy is the fact that the above affected Professors and staff joined the NTU and NUS at a time when the Universities have fully embraced the bogus and fraudulent World University Rankings standards.  The timing is not coincidental.

By 2010, any seriousness in research vigorousness has been abandoned.  Research integrity suffers as NUS and NTU blindly embraced THE [Times Higher Education] and QS Rankers, without demanding to examine the scientific basis of their “methodology”; especially the criterion factors selected as measures of “best” Universities, nor the population and samples of the respondents who participated in surveys purportedly conducted and whose “data” were used to compile the final annual league table rankings. 

Finally by 2014, NTU was ranked as the Top Youngest University in the World by QS Ranker, from 77th in 2008, and ranking just 39th Worldwide.   

The new guiding principle for integrity is "the end justifies the mean”.  Authenticity has become immaterial and irrelevant as they buy into what the United Nations, UK and European Governments, as well as eminent Professors of Higher Education have already condemned as a bogus standard of questionable excellence.

Given the dodgy nature of World University Rankings and their questionable deliberate fabrication of unreliably unscientific methodologies, NTU victories to their top ranks are in essence as pyrrhic as winning a beauty contest; the mere appearance of uncertain meaningless quality.  

By flaunting the bogus World University Rankings as its fake brand of questionable quality, both NTU and NUS have flouted its blatant disregard for research integrity and ethical authenticity.  

Whither the basis of their moral authority to discipline their Professors and staff for their disdain and defiance of academic honesty and research integrity and ethics?  

Where is NUS/NTU “zero tolerance” towards the research malpractice of the World University Rankings standards?  By embracing and adopting it?

And indeed, whither NRF’s claim to “high expectations” with regard to research funding as it disburses millions of public funds to Universities who embrace and support fraudulent and bogus quality brands that have no integrity and authenticity?  

End the Culture of Fraud in Singapore Universities, now!
Integrity lights our Path to Excellence.

Do it Right and Do it Best!