SMRT CEO needs more supervision

Whether he needs more supervision or more help it doesn’t matter. When an organization hires a CEO and pays him millions, top dollars, the least expected is that he must be able to do the job, if not, to even bring it to a higher level. What Cynical Investor wrote in the below article has his points. The article is reposted in the TRE with the title, ‘Wah lan SMRT CEO so cock is it?’

‘Scholar and ex-SAF commander is so useless that Khaw, Temasek and SMRT thinks he needs more supervision, a lot more….
If he’s so in need of supervision, why not fire him? Or cut his salary by half? Meritocracy? What meritocracy?...
Here’s how MediaCorp reported the story. ST’s report is along similar lines so maybe there was a dictator dictating the narrative?
‘Temasek-backed Pavilion Energy’s CEO Seah Moon Ming will step down to focus on his role as chairman of train operator SMRT.’ CNA
That shows that Temasek thinks he needs more supervision.’

The rot has gone down so deep that no one can see anything wrong with the appointment of Seah Moon Ming as full time chairman of SMRT when so many new hires, all being paid in the millions or a few hundred thousands each and still no improvement. Why pay so much for so little or non performance, and keeps on paying, and bringing bigger guns to be millions more? Is this Seah better than super fixer Khaw Boon Wan?

This is how bad things are now. No accountability, no responsibility, just keep throwing money at the problem like throwing money into a bottomless pit as if it is normal. This is the new normal of collecting million dollar salaries and enjoying life without a care of how things work or did not work.

What if Seah Moon Ming cannot produce any result, hire a few more millionaires?

This is unbelieveable.

The other unbelieveable thing is that no one cares how Desmond Kuek feels. Hey, he was the Chief of Defence Forces, commanding the Air Force, Navy, Army and all the supporting arms. He is no little spring chicken. He is someone proven to be able and capable. The fact that Boon Wan has to tackle the problems of SMRT is a smack on Desmond Kuek’s ability to handle the problems. The fact that after being on the job for 5 years and now they threw in another aged chicken as the full time chairman to solve the perennial unstoppable problems is another way to say Desmond Kuek needs help. 

KNN, being paid in the millions, ex Chief of Defence Forces needs help from two without any experience in running a mass rapid transport system. What do all these things say about the handling of this saga? I can’t fault Desmond Kuek for it as he was not really in charge. There are bigger cooks in the kitchen.

Appointing a top brass, presuming the best guy for the job, paid him millions and not allowing him to do the job, unbelieveable.

PS. Before I am accused of over simplification, there are two assumptions in this episode. One, when a person is successful in his profession, he is assumed to be successful in any profession, even in things he has no training or experience in. The second assumption is that when one becomes a politician, better still a minister, one becomes a knows all, or even better, an expert in every field, with or without training or experience. These two assumptions form the basis of this fiction that is being played in real life.


Be wary of Anti-China Articles by tribal writers with roots to a South Asia country.

Last week an associate editor of a local mass media in his deliberation on an article about the Australian White Paper he couldn't hide his intense desire of reviving the previous
American, Australian and British sponsored mechanism SEATO to contain the peaceful rise of China. He strongly feels SEATO can be revived in the formation of QUAD or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue comprising US, Australia, Japan and India to contain China.

In his article he asserted  the term"Aggressive China " repeatedly nuanced to paint China in a bad light and with evil intent. And as a coward he also feared that QUAD as a medium to contain China may go the way as SEATO.

He wants US, Australia and Japan to lead the banner against China, even to have wars with China as he alluded that US should have stood its ground against China in the South China Sea episode and against Russia in Syria when he claimed Obama did not challenge Russia in the "red lines" on Syria laid down by him. As he is akin to the tribe of  South Asia I thought he should be brave and courageous enough to tell powerful India to take on China upfront and not depend on the sinews of others to take on a self-imagine or bogey enemy, China.

What is also most unacceptable are the many foreign well paid local mass media journalists, editors, writers and political analysts and commentators especially many of those with strong roots to a South Asia country who hide behind the protective state of mass media to echo the Americans and the West and the Japanese propaganda to demonise China and to constantly swipe at China and the Chinese people with slanted news, disparaging sinister remarks , innuendos, , insidious fake reports and fake news with calculative evil intent to hurt the interest of China and all Chinese people.

Hundreds of these well paid ghost writers or intellectuals are foreigners who work or teach in many of Singapore's institutes of higher learnings and international studies and their warped minds, thoughts , ideas and writings which are extremely biased and prejudiced against China and the Chinese people will have strong poisonous negative impact on the thousands of students and young minds under their influence. This does not bode well for Singapore which is a multiracial society. The government must take action to negate their evil influence on Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Monday,11th December,2017

The evil Empire screwed the Arab and Muslim countries again

The Americans have been shouting rule of law, justice, fair play, peace but have been violating everything they said every time. They have been inciting wars, starting wars and fighting wars, breaking all national and international laws, interfering with the internal affairs of countries all over the world and the worse cases ended with invasion and regime change, their leaders killed. But many silly leaders of so called democratic countries chose to ignore the violations of the evil Empire and chose to sleep with the devil. After being conned, duped by the evil Empire for so long, they found it embarrassing and shameful to admit the truth, that they were deceived by the devil all this while.

The latest painful truth is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in blatant violation of the resolutions in the United Nation agreed upon by countries of the world. The evil Empire has poked the middle finger into the nose of the nations of the world. Rightly many countries were incensed by this arrogant and dismissive act. Many are crying foul. But not all are demanding that the evil Empire obey the rule of law and international justice. The American cronies are hiding in shame by keeping quiet. It is heartening to know that some European powers are brave enough to stand up to this outrageous act of the evil Empire.

Have the Arab and Muslim countries woken up yet, that the devil they have been in bed with, praying to, and holding in high regards as the righteous nation to save them and protect them is indeed the devil that have been cheating them? No they have not. The Arab League countries might have condemned the Americans for this latest treachery. The sad thing is that they did not know that they had been betrayed all the years. This is what they said, ‘the US had withdrawn itself as a sponsor and broker of the Israeli Palestinian peace process with its controversial move’. This showed that they have all the years believing that the evil Americans were the good guys, there to help them when they Americans were selling them out at every occasion. And the daft Arabs and Muslims did not know.

When would the Arab and Muslim countries grow up and remove the blinkers to see the truth? The devil has stood up, naked and showing them the middle finger, that the interest of the Arab and Muslim countries is nothing compare to the interest of Israel and the evil Empire?

Do not be misled by the few screams of injustice. Tomorrow all the Arab and Muslim countries would be running back to the devil and begging to be whipped and prostrate in front of the devil pledging obedience. They would soon leave the Palestinians in the lurch. They fear the evil Empire and would choose to be the slaves of the evil Empire. And the Emperor will say, bow to me, you useless and mindless humanity of no pride and conscience. I shall rule you forever as before and thereafter. I am the Emperor of the evil Empire. Be good and you will be spare from my wrath. If not I will do a regime change in your country.

Jerusalem is as good as gone, now the capital of Israel. What can the Arab and Muslim countries and the rest of the world do now? Absolutely nothing. This is the law, the law that the evil Empire believes in. The evil Empire is above the rule of the law.


Voice of China – New meaning on freedom and human rights

I watched a few series of Voice of China where young artistes were given a chance to sing in front of a few hundred million viewers, on CCTV. There are similar programmes like Sing My Song, I Am a Singer, also offering opportunities for talented young people to showcase themselves, pitching their own talents and turning themselves into successful pop idols on their own. Three memorable individuals like Zhang Bi Chen, Su Yun Ying and Huo Jun were really impressive. Watching them performed gave rise to an unspeakable emotion within me, and my eyes welled up. It was so warmth and comforting to see young people carving out a new future of fame and fortune for themselves without having to depend on anyone else. The system allowed it, allowed freedom of expression and for a person to be his very own best, to be himself and accepted and appreciated. These rights were robbed from the Chinese people for almost 200 years, by the ex colonialists, notably the West.

Reflecting back, 50 years ago, 100 years ago, such things would not happen. Talented young individuals like these young men and girls would at best be begging for a few coins thrown at them on the roadside or in tea houses. And often, for a few coins, they would suffered the indignity of being embarrassed, harassed, abused or taken advantage of. They were at the mercy of corrupt officials, the rich and mighty and the bad. For nearly two centuries, the Chinese people suffered such humiliation for being weak and poor, for lacking opportunities, for living in a bankrupt political system made worst by foreign invasion, wars, bullying, looting, cheating and corruption. All the talented individuals did not have a chance to be what they could be, their talents treated with dismissive intolerance and wasted in a broken poverty stricken country. The result, the Chinese had no talent.

Many of our parents had no choice but to migrate to run away from such abject poverty when the simple right of survival is not even there. There was nothing, no pride, no dignity, no shame, just poverty. What human rights to talk about, what freedom of expression, what opportunity to excel in one’s pursuit in any field, in the arts and in the industries. That was what life was in a China that was not a country, insulted and branded as the Sick Man of Asia. The Chinese people were despised as a people, as a hopeless civilization where its people were like hapless flotsam in the ocean of life, weak, defenceless and taunted as useless and untalented and unskilled scum of civilization. Every country in Asia and SE Asia was even better off than China and the Chinese landing on their shores eking for a living, to do anything that their labour, blood, sweat and tear could exchange for. Being Chinese was a shame, a curse, to be less than a human bean. Where was the freedom, where was the human rights?

Today, China has rebuilt itself and is standing among the nations of the world as an equal among the equals. The Chinese people are now given the opportunity to be what they could be, to develop their talens and to excel in every field of pursuit, with pride and human dignity. Communism or whatever, China and the Chinese people are now able to live a normal and decent life, to live like human beans, to have a roof over their heads, to eat well and live well. They have security and a sense of well being.

Would democracy offer China and the Chinese people the life they are having today? Everyone one of them living in peace and security, and dreaming of making their dreams come true and with very real possibility of their dreams coming true, on their own merit, individual merit, without having to depend on anyone else. Freedom and human rights have returned to China.

There is a China Dream. The Chinese can dream of anything and making their dreams come true. This is the meaning of freedom and human rights, the Chinese way. The Chinese people have regained their confidence as a people, as a civilization, to have found a new pride to be Chinese. They are proud of their country and what they have achieved on their own, as individuals and as a country, a nation, on their own effort and hard work. Everything is now possible for the Chinese people. And they know it.


Welcome to the land of the Dabawallas

Aziz Kassim wrote the below article published in the TRE. He called these workers Dabawallas, a termed used in India. In colonial Singapore, a similar term is coolies, the uneducated and unskilled workers selling their labour, sweat and muscle, in exchange for a few cents or a bowl of gruel. Those were the days when Singapore was in the Third World, run by a colonial govt whose interest is in London.

Today, Singapore is supposedly in the First World, the most expensive modern city in the world, run by multi millionaire ministers elected by the people to look after 'their' interests, including providing 'them with decent jobs'. Today, the Dabawallas or coolies are not uneducated and unskilled. They are graduates of our highly rated ITE, trained with technical skills. What is ITE? It’s The End? Oops, it is Institute of Technical Education. The Dabawallas and coolies did not have this privilege to be educated and trained in our ITEs.

The big question, why are the ITE graduates doing unskilled jobs of the Dabawallas and coolies and earning a pittance to survive in this most expensive city in the world? How are they going to bring up a family when they decide to get married and have children?

As Aziz Kassim lamented, are their education and skills so irrelevant that they are unemployable. Some bloggers even commented that some of these Dabawallas or coolies are diploma holders. And we have near full employment, employment 2 million foreigners here, mostly in full time employment, educated and trained in dubious schools or even fake degrees while our modern day Dabawallas or coolies are either temp or contract workers. Who is doing this to our young? Who is condemning our young to be Dabawallas or coolies?

What is happening to Singapore and our children? What is their future going to be like? What is the multimillion dollar ministers going to do to alleviate these people to a higher station in life when they could provide millions of jobs to foreigners here? Or the multimillion dollar ministers think this is the new normal for Singaporeans?

From another angle, we are progressing. At least now you need to get educated and technically trained with a skill to be Dabawallas or coolies. And with the experience as Dabawallas or coolies they can go to neighbouring countries where their skills will be greatly appreciated. Their pay will be raised into millions, in rupiahs, rupees and pesos. Even our graduate drivers will be in high demands in these countries, to drive taxis of course.

What do you think?

Below are some parts of Aziz Kassim's article

Singapore’s Dabawallas – ... A desperate situations, last not least the Dabawalas which hold no futures for youngsters in their career ladders now a starting career for these youngsters.

One would never imagine this is happening in Singapore, yes it is happening in Singapore. Practically everywhere in Singapore you can find them, it is just too many. With Motorbikes, bysicles, electrical bike, young, old and handicaps carrying cooked foods.The shocking and sad part all of them are Singaporean. These show a desperate situations.

Dabawalla, is an old trade of India where Dabawallas earning an average of US $131, usually those of low education...

In Singapore, plying this trade of Dabawalla are Uber, Dolphin , Kangarooo and others. I met few of these Singapore’s Dabawallas; shocking! An average they earn$5 per hour, a miserable amount , worst without taking into consideration the petrol cost.... Are Jobs so scarce for these youth? . I found out most of these are ITE graduates.

Are these people their skills are so irrelevant to the local companies?. Look everywhere, aircon, wiring, starhubs technicians and building industries, all run by foreigners. What is the point of having ITE when local companies prefer to employ foreigners. No wonder the government is expanding the Prison complex....These are one of sad cases where living conditions of Singaporean are slowly deteriorating. The Ministers like an insane preacher, howlings, dont get a degree, jobs might not easy to get but even these poor ITE graduates supposed to be filling for the nation skills worforces they too cant even get a job. .... This Dabawalla thing, something of an eye opener that shows we are going downward hill....

In India , Dabawalla is one of the poverty striken jobs, hence PAP are bringing us to the next level, lol the third world.

Aziz Kassim


The Quad – New terminology built on vanity and past glory

The Americans and the little self appointed sheriff in the southern hemisphere have cooked up a new term called the Indo Pacific Region, in short, the Quad, helmed in the north by Japan, in the south by Australia, in the east by India and the west by the USA. The whole intent and purpose is to contain the growing military and economic power of China in the centre.

Just a few years back the common terminology was the Pacific Century dominated by an emerging super power in China and a fading super power in the USA. This term does not bode well for the Americans as it is a matter of time before they fade away as a ‘has been’ super power to make way for China. This is unacceptable. The American Empire is not going to go away and is clinging tooth and nail to hold on to its dominance in the Pacific region. But knowing the painful truth in the making, out comes the new terminology, the Indo Pacific Region with two pretentious powers and a defeated WW2 power wanting to remilitarize to bring back its past military glory.

The little arrogant upstart in the southern hemisphere, with a population of barely 20 million, is acting as if it is a force to be reckoned with, punching above its weight when it could be easily swallowed by Indonesia if push come to shove in a war on its own without the American Empire. It is no more than a little pimple in geopolitics with barely enough hardware or soldiers to be even the equal of Singapore.

The Japanese are trying very hard to make a come back after its barbaric invasion of Asia and SE Asia failed miserably with the dropping of two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was a pity that the Americans did not complete the job by dropping a dozen atomic bombs and there would not be another militarized Japanese threat to the world. Despite the pain and suffering brought about on the people of Asia, SE Asia and its own natives in Japan, the Japanese are embarking on a new military path for glory and fame again. In terms of military might, only China could out match the Japanese in numbers and military technology. Forget about the dwarf in the southern hemisphere, insignificant militarily.

In the case of India, the Americans are playing on the vanity of this dysfunctional, ’democrazy’ state claiming to be a super power to be. India has been bragging about itself as the super power of tomorrow when its economy is not only miniature in size but also third world in technology and maturity. It is in all counts a backward country but masquerading as a developed super power in the making. The Americans know very well what the Indians are up to and its state of development that it would take another century if it is to outgrow even the economy of Japan. But it is good to rope in the willing, no matter how pretentious, to form a chain around China hoping to contain the growth of China. Anyone willing, dead or alive, crippled or sick, would be of some use as cronies in the struggle for world supremacy.

The Quad is basically a two legged chair held up by the USA and Japan and two weak legs in India and Australia, if at all Australia is a credible and meaningful military power. For the time being, the Americans would be trying to make the world think that this Quad is indeed a formidable force to ring in China and to hold on to its lead as the leader of the Old World Order.

This is as good as the saying a dying man would grasp a straw even knowing that it is in vain. But vanity knows no bound. And arrogance and fiction of greatness would make great recipe for self deception of power and glory.

The Quad is going to be a formidable force to ring China in this Hollywood fiction Made in the USA after the failure of pivot to Asia. Goodness me. If only talks can be real.


Need to rethink on housing policy

Leong Sze Hian wrote an article in the TRE on the rejection of an appeal by single parents to allow them to own HDB flats. Here is a quote from his article,
‘… “A parliamentary petition by an MP, on behalf of seven single parents, calling for a reform of the public housing policy for single parents has been turned down.

Nee Soon GRC MP Louis Ng wants the authorities to recognise unmarried parents and their children as a family nucleus, so that they can be eligible for public housing schemes.

The ministry, which oversees public housing, said it has no intention to amend the law and introduce exemptions for unmarried and divorced parents.”…

As to “It said the Government is committed to housing the nation, and ensuring the well-being of children.’

My basic instinct on reading the above is that you do not go to beg a rich man for pity. In a documentary on the rich in India, a reply from a very rich man was that the people begging in the streets were idiots. I can understand where he is coming from. When one is very successful, one feels that one earns his keep, one is very talented and deserved everything while those that were failures deserved to be failures. I can only hope fortune will keep smiling on these ‘clever and very rich people’. They have little compassion for the poor. They did not know that in life, many things are beyond the control of the down trodden. It is life and fortunes can change within one’s life time.

Our public housing policy is just as brutal as the comment from the rich man in India. It is as good as you die your business. You are given two chances and if you squandered it, you blame yourself. This kind of heartless and arrogant view about life and the losers could only come from people that have not experienced hardship or thought that they were blessed with talent and their lives would always be smooth sailing, even for their children.

Life is not as simple and predictable as the high and mighty would want to believe. But that is their private life and they can go on believing that they would always have a good life because they are very clever. On the other hand, a govt is to look after the well beings of the people. And there would be many people that ended up as losers and failures financially, some by self destruct, some by circumstances beyond their control, some due to bad luck.

We have screwed up our public housing programme due to high and mighty thinking. It is time to review the cruel and ruthless rulings and to really think of building homes for the people. A roof on the head is basic necessity. No one can go without it. The parents may be failures or losers, their children are innocent. Stop the rubbish about double your asset price. A home is a home and is not a gambling chip.

The govt must go back to basics and see it as its primary duty to provide affordable, I mean really affordable homes, not one that you have to pay a whole life, with your limbs for it. The policy of two bites of the cherry is inadequate for a life time. And it is very cruel for civilised people to think that it is ok, a right thing to do.

The govt should build as many HDB flats as needed for the people. No limits to how many times a person buys and sell his flats. When there are enough of flats readily available, no one can go on buying and selling public flats or even private properties. For public housing, just limit it to one at a time and no ownership of more than one at any one time. Maybe a 3 to 5 year time bar would be more than adequate to prevent abuses. When everyone has a home, and can have a home from HDB at short notice, there will be no inflation of prices like what is going on now. A caveat, stop the crazy unrestrained influx of foreigners to artificially jack up property prices or at least banned foreigners from public housing.

Everyone needs a home, a roof over his head. Single parenthood, divorced, broken families, etc etc, no difference. This is the basic responsibility of the govt. Period.

Go and rethink and reflect on this unfeeling public housing policies and think of serving the people and the needs of the people. Not everyone is so fortunate to lead a life of plenty. There will always be the unfortunate. Public housing policies must be caring and compassionate and all inclusive. No one should be left behind. No Singaporeans should be left behind. Forget about the foreigners or the so called locals. They came here on their own because things are better here. They are not the responsibility of an elected govt by the people. The govt is responsible to the people that elected them to run the country, not to serve the foreigners and non citizen locals.

Did I get my points across to the high and mighty, the uncaring gods and immortals? The insincerity of it all is that they can turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the single mothers or broken families without a roof over their heads. They simply don’t care. This is my system, accept it or lump it, you mess it up, not my problem. You voted for it, you voted ME to make these policies. You asked for it.


Great opportunities beckoning from North Korea

Everytime I read about little Red Dot sending a delegation to the world's biggest economy in purchasing power terms and bragging about what they could learn from us, I can't stop shaking my head. There is absolutely nothing left that China can learn from Singapore except the bad things that they have rejected from the start. Our legal system or rule of law? Makes me laugh more heartily. If someone can tell China to obey the rule of a kangaroo court, unable to differentiate a kangaroo court and a court of justice, what credibility does such a person have when talking about legal system and rule of law? Not wanting to add more comments on this stupid stance by stupid people.

Now where was I? Oh, opportunities beckoning from North Korea! Can anyone see what I am seeing? It does not need a genius to see the great opportunities North Korea is offering to little Red Dot that is running out of ideas and craving for some openings to do some good businesses. They are not blind, but blinded by the blinkers put on them by the Americans, telling them what to read, what to see and what to say, what is good and what is bad. North Korea is like South Korea in the same way China, Taiwan, HongKong and Singapore are alike, the same DNA. If South Korea can be what it is today, North Korea will be the next South Korea, maybe even bigger and more prosperous once they adopted the Chinese system of separation between political ideology and economic reality.

Cut out the politics of the Americans. The Americans are running a brutal empire for world domination and anything that is against them or not for them is bad. They will demonise everyone and make the stupid believe in their demonisation. They wanted monopoly of nuclear weapons and WMD and to use these as threats against small nations and would not allow small nations to find ways to defend themselves against this evil Empire. Now is this familiar?

Singapore is a small country surrounded by bigger neighbours and must arm to its teeth, the poison fish theory. Isn't North Korea doing the same, arming itself to the teeth so that the evil Empire cannot threaten to obliterate it at will, to invade the country at will, by developing its own nuclear arsenal to prevent an invasion by the evil Empire? Little Red Dot has been practising the same principle to defend itself from bigger neighbours. North Korea is not going to threaten any country with nuclear weapons. North Korea is not going to attack any country with their nuclear weapons. It is the evil Americans that are threatening to do that. Get the shit off your numbskull and stop behaving like fools and allowing the Americans to make a fool of you.

Now that we have gotten rid of this American shit, let's think business and do business. Let the Americans continue with their political bickering and warmongering. Look at the potential of North Korea and what little Red Dot can offer to NK to complement each other. The NK capability in rocketry is something that little Red Dot can capitalise on, to market to the world to send satellites to space. Little Red Dot does not have the technology nor the space to be a provider of such a service. Little Red Dot can do the marketing and selling of this service to the rest of the world. Work with NK, cooperate with NK to sell this service. There is first mover advantage. And they are many areas that the two countries could cooperate economically, even sell them the idea of rule of law, open up NK like LKY helped to open up China. This is a role cut out for little Red Dot while there is still time. China is over as far as little Red Dot is concerned. There is no more value add that little Red Dot can offer to China. North Korea is where opportunities lie and the door is just opening.

Little Red Dot should say the same thing to the evil Empire. It would determine its own foreign policies to serve its own national interests, not the interests of the evil Empire. It would not allow a foreign power to dictate its foreign policies and will befriend whoever it wants if it serves its national interest. Before the rest of the world rush into North Korea, little Red Dot must act quickly or be left behind.

North Korea is a peaceful country and hungry for development, not for war. The country that is about wars and hungry for wars is the USA. They are talking about wars every day, sleeping, eating or shitting wars. The evil Empire should not be allowed to limit the freedom of little Red Dot to do business with NK. Remove the blinkers and start working, and be real.

NK is not going to bomb the shit out of little Red Dot. Little Red Dot is insignificant, irrelevant, non existence to NK, but little Red Dot can make itself relevant by doing the right thing or the wrong thing to NK.

In a way, little Red Dot can fan the lies spread by the Americans that NK is going to bomb everyone with nuclear weapons, for what reason no need to ask, no need to know. Then little Red Dot can go and sell them ‘Iron Domes’ to protect them from nuclear attacks. But first little Red Dot must produce the ‘Iron Domes’ for sale. This is exactly what the evil Empire is doing, create demons, create fears, create tension and threats of wars and then sell weapons. QED.


Would Asean turn into a tool of the American Empire?

It is funny to read in the media that Singapore is seeking public opinion on its role as the Chair of Asean and whether it is the right thing to push the agenda on Rohingya and North Korea. Asking this question is a sign of insecurity. They are not even sure of what they are going to do. Perhaps they know that they are stirring controversies, things that are not only unpopular but a waste of time to the rest of the Asean members.

The Rohingya issue is serious and definitely something that Asean members, or at least quite a number would be affected, notably Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The fate of the refugees and their outflow into the region impact some Asean countries directly and it is a subject that must be discussed in Asean. It is a job cut out for the Asean Chair.

The nuclear threat from North Korea is at best a red herring. The North Koreans are not going to send their ICBMs tipped with nuclear warheads flying all over Asean. Only fools in Asean believe in this piece of shit and rushing to hide under their beds. As far as Asean is concerned, North Korea is as good as irrelevant. Why waste precious time talking about it when there are better things to do? North Korea testing its own defence weapons is a defensive act. Conducting massive wargames outside North Korea to simulate an invasion is an aggressive and provocative act.

North Korea is an issue affecting South Korea and Japan and the American Empire. The immediate neighbours like China and Russia are going about their lives as if nothing has happened. Only the Americans cannot sleep, or not really, only the devils in Washington cannot sleep. The rest of the Americans can sleep very well unless they allowed the devils in Washington to attack the North Koreans. This is a self inflicted problem they invited themselves. Leave the North Koreans alone and nothing will happen. The North Koreans are no fools to invite a total annihilation of their country to start a war with the Americans.

So what is this shit about North Korea in the Asean agenda? Why must Asean be embroiled in an American agenda? Is Asean an American pet dog? The Americans have their empire problems, let them sweat their small stuff. Asean should be an innocent not participant bystander minding its own business. Asean must not be hijacked by the Americans to do the dirty work for the Americans and to make an enemy out of North Korea.

For goodness sake, Asean is an economic organisation and should be talking to North Korea for more trade and economic cooperation. Why should Asean by involved in the politics of the American Empire? Asean has nothing better to do and becoming willing partner and running dog of the American Empire? Let's hope there are wise leaders in Asean to steer Asean away from the sea of turbulence and threats of war cooked up by the Americans. Let the Americans go and fight and die. It is none of Asean's business.

It would be a very sad day for the people of Asean if Asean turns itself into an American tool, serving American agenda and interests and making enemies of North Korea and China to please the Americans, and without the Americans paying a single cent for this submissive role.


Why need to raise taxes when so many taxes have been raised?

The govt is taking it for granted that it is its right to raise taxes whenever it likes. The people must ask the govt to justify for the numerous taxes that it has raised and more to come, especially the monstrous GST which some clowns are still saying that it is good for the poor. If that is the case, some cynics suggested that it should be raised to 100% so that more poor people can benefit. Sophistry at works. The people voted for a govt to run the country efficiently, not to raise taxes. The people did not pay the politicians in the millions just to raise taxes. If that is what a super expensive govt is good for, might as well vote for a cheaper govt and pay lesser taxes.

The govt must explain to the people why there is a need to raise taxes, what are the taxes for, and how much is needed? It must not be a blank cheque without justification. And when the need and amount are logically explained and accepted, ie for public good and necessary and essential, not fake gardens, F1s, F35s, paying foreigners to study here with billion of dollars, paying millions in PA activities for PRs and foreigners, or building crown jewels. The latter is a business and should not be paid with taxes, should be self financing and profit generating from viable business models.

When the sum needed is justified, and before going the convenient route to tax the people, should not the govt first look at the reserves and see how much can be used? What is the point of having reserves for the sake of reserves and everyday thinking of raising taxes?

How much reserves we have and how much should be used first before resorting to increase the tax burden of the people should be discussed in Parliament. The people have been told that the country’s reserves are in the hundreds of billions if not trillions? Really ah? If we have so much money in reserves, why can’t some be used to lower the tax burden of the people?

Or we have so much reserves that it is so frightening to tell the people, that if the people know how many trillions we have they will die of shock! So better not tell the people, just keep on taxing the people and pretend the reserves did not have enough money and the govt must raise taxes and taxes and taxes to help the poor people.

What the hell does the govt need to raise taxes for, how much does the govt need, to do what, raise taxes for what? Boh lui is it? Didn’t the govt brag or said the reserves got so much money, chiak buay leow? Why every now and then think of raising taxes, fees, charges to burden the people already living in one of the most expensive places in the whole wide world?


Redbean on Youtube

While surfing the net I was pleasantly surprised by the few youtube clips of my postings in mysingaporenews. These were not done by me of course. The youtube clips were just my articles and read out by western newsreaders, a guy and a gal, in perfect English. It is a nice feeling to know that some of my articles are worthy of being read and converted to youtube to reach a bigger audience. I must thank the producers of the youtube clips on my articles.

Also, there was a book on the South China Sea ruling by the kangaroo court published by Oxford Press. Could not remember the title. And redbean's comment was quoted and even footnoted. Well, well, I must be making some sense in some posts.

Here are the links to the youtube clips.

Redbean on Youtube
Wisdom in a tricky situation by Chua Chin Leng aka …
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hong lim park? * The writer blogs at mysingaporenews.blogspot.com

Stupidity has no cure by Chua Chin Leng aka redbean - Youtube


There is a typing error in this article in the part, 
'to start start ' should be 'to start wars''.

Anger against foreigners mounting - Youtube

Anger against foreigners mounting Chua Chin Leng aka redbean
The writer blogs at mysingaporenews.blogspot.com.

This is the footnote part:

Is International Law International? - Google Books Result


Anthea Roberts - 2017 - ‎Law
... Debates with American Expert on the Arbitration 
Case, YOUTUBE (July 22, ... See, e.g., Chua Chin Leng
The Hague's Theatrical Judgment on the South ...


Xi Jinping’s anti corruption drive

The latest toll in Xi Jinping’s corruption is a Gen Zhang Yang, director of the state’s Central Military Commission’s political department. This once high and mighty general was under investigation for ‘gravely violated disciplinary protocols and broke the law, was suspected of bribery as well as taking bribes, and holding valuable assets whose origins are unclear’. So far 1.5m party officials have been brought down due to corruption charges since 2012.

The disciplinary purge by Xi Jinping is very real and very welcomed by the people and has brought back confidence in the Chinese Communist Party’s leadership. The latest casualty is not going to be the last as corruption has been going on for years and is quite pervasive.

To prevent more tragic death, maybe Xi Jinping could offer an amnesty for those corrupt officials to own up and spare the severe punishment. Such a move would speed up the anti corruption drive and clean up whatever there is that is still hounding the Chinese govt and CCP.

When the clean up has reached its final stage with corruption at a minimum, the CCP may want to reflect on this century old crime and culture and build in some measures so that corruption will not raise its ugly head again. One thing worthy to look at is to raise the income of military and govt officials to raise their standard of living comparable to those in the private sector. Though it is unwise to peg their salaries to the productive economy, it is equally unwise to keep the salaries of govt and military officials down or too far below the private sector.

If raising salary is too conspicuous and the people may not take it kindly, they could give the officials more appointments with pay for each additional appointment held. This would disguise the true income of the officials, a kind of legitimizing corruption since corruption cannot be totally eradicated. Legitimising corruption would make everything look nice and proper and legal, and no need for suicide or pursuing corrupt officials. The people would not know what is happening and everyone would be happy, especially the officials being paid handsomely.

This is food for thought for Xi Jinping.


Jedi Kim JU perfected his laser weapon

The news of North Korea successfully tested its latest ICBM with a range exceeding 13,000km was greeted by the imbeciles with disbelief. Some imbeciles are preparing to take preventive measures like sounding sirens and digging deeper holes into the ground or mountain in preparation for a nuclear strike by the ‘mad and irrational’ Kim Jung Un when they are the real retards.

Kim Jung Un has announced that this final test of the Hwasong 15 completed his nuclear programme, ie, it is now a full fledged nuclear power that can strike anywhere in the world, particularly all the American cities should the aggressive and warmonger Americans think it is still safe to attack North Korea. Just because the North Koreans have the ability to hit back does not mean that they are going to hit every idiotic city in the world. But many imbeciles are probably hiding under their beds fearing that their self delusion of a North Korean threat is coming true. A country developing its own defense weapons is NOT an aggressive act. If that is the case, the evil Empire must be the most aggressive country having perfected and possesses more than 7,000 nuclear warheads and threatening to use it at every occasion, real, imagined or fabricated.

The only country that is really feeling cheese off is the big bad wolf, ie the evil Empire. Now it is no longer in a position to threaten to conduct a preemptive strike against North Korea at its whim and fancy, at its own time using fabricated excuses like WMD in Iraq. But it is continuing with its war mongering rhetoric of destroying the whole of North Korea in outrageous speech in the UN. The North Koreans now can deliver and will deliver a few nuclear warheads into American homeland if attacked. North Korea has finally achieved nuclear security and safety from an attack by the mad Americans.

Now what would the world bully be doing? ‘We don’t recognize you, we don’t recognize you, we don’t recognize you as a nuclear power…’ This is about the most ridiculous comment that could come from the mad men and women in Washington. Like it or not, recognize it or not, the North Korea is a nuclear power state. The daft Americans can continue to live in their world of make belief and refuse to accept reality. North Korea as a nuclear power is here to stay. Period.

Now which other clowns are crouching in fear of the North Korean nuclear threat? Why is it that China, Russia, Iran and many central Asian and African states are not shivering in fear? Why are the Indonesians, the Thais, the Pinoys, Myanmese and many Asean states not bothering to say anything and life goes on as per normal? The big question, why should North Korea want to threaten them or fire its nuclear missiles at these countries? There is a saying, if one does not do evil, there is no need to fear darkness. I hope Singapore does not behave like an unthinking American crony and uses its position as Chairman of Asean to parrot American biased agenda and rhetoric against North Korea. North Korea is not an Asean problem but an American problem for world domination. Stupid. The other Asean states should stop Singapore from hijacking Asean to spread the sick agenda of the evil Empire.

My congratulation to the North Koreans for bringing peace to the Korean Peninsular. The North Koreans have issued a statement that it would be a responsible nuclear power and will help to protect and preserve peace in the world. The mad evil Americans can continue to demonise the North Koreans and only its silly cronies and little USAs would believe in this American lie. Well, stupidity has no cure.

The world is now a safer place with the evil Empire having one less country to start a war. Iran better quickly develop the same capability to ensure peace and not be attacked by the evil Empire and its cronies.

The air head woman representing the evil Empire in the UN is talking about war, seeking war. She really did not know what she was talking about, thinking that war is still an aggressive game for the evil Americans to go around bombing other countries and getting away scot free. If war started she would be evaporised with millions of Americans without even knowing what happened. A dying empire will get this kind of imbecile, thinking that she is the best, to represent them in a forum for mature adults. Trump’s temperamental outburst often is a kind of showmanship, and he would return to sanity quickly, but this knave would just go on and on for real.

The return of Jedi Kim KU will keep the evil Empire on its watch list.