Redbean’s scheme to help the seniors to be rich

Everyone is working very hard and suggesting all kinds of schemes to help the seniors to live a rich and comfortable life in their golden years. These people are really kind and compassionate and very caring. They should be recommended for National Day Awards.

I also want to share this honour, to help the seniors not only be comfortable but also rich, very rich. How to do that? Very simple. In order for the seniors to be rich and comfortable, they need to have $1m at minimum if they reach the age of 60. This sum could increase over the years to compensate for inflation. For the moment, I think $1m is a good number to start with. In the future this sum could go up to $1.5m or $2m. For those who are more on the side of caution or used to better lifestyle, that $1m may not be enough, maybe they can work on $2m.

Ok, how to go about it? How to ensure that the seniors would have $1m when they reach 60? Insurance is a good and simple way to go. And where to get the money to pay for this insurance premium? This is even easier. Just make it compulsory and use their CPF savings to pay the insurance premiums. I think to make sure that they get their million dollar target at 60, they should start to pay a premium at 21.

It is not rocket science to work out the premiums. It can be done, quite easily done. And I can guarantee that they will each be a millionaire at 60. But I cannot guarantee if they have enough to eat or to live comfortably when they are young. I cannot even guarantee that they would have enough money left to buy a HDB flat or to get by. But that is not my problem. I don’t promise anything about how they will live till 60. My goal is to make them a millionaire by 60. This is the most important part of this scheme. I don’t care if they have to live a life of a pauper or a beggar. This is not my problem, not part of the scheme.

Anyone interested in this scheme? And if they think $1m is not enough, I can even work out a scheme to make them have $2m by 60. See, I also very clever and very helpful and very caring for the seniors.

The more I think about this, the more I think I deserve a National Day medal. And I am sure the people will love me for making them a millionaire at 60….If they can survive till then without enough food to eat.

PS. I confess that I am not an insurance agent or my salary or bonuses depends on this scheme. Neither would I benefit a cent from it. Good luck. You die your business if you subscribe to my facetious scheme


Contempt of court – part 2

My first part on contempt of court was quite well received but Matilah was not too happy saying that I did not understand the meaning of contempt of court. Let me then quote in brief and easy terms what contempt of court is all about using a paragraph from CNA from an article by Lianne Chia on 15 Aug 2016.

“there are three main types of conduct which constitute contempt of court. These are disobeying court orders, such as refusing to pay a sum of money ordered by the court, publishing material that interferes with on-going proceedings and making allegations of bias against the judges.”

In my previous article I touched on the part about MPs writing to judges when a case is in court that would influence the decisions of the court. This is similar to the above para on publishing material that interferes with on going proceedings, tiok or not? Or is writing to the judges is not publishing material so tak pakai? Actually if the statutes are crafted in such a way, a clever lawyer would split hair and say writing to judges is not the same as publishing material. So the second part, the most important point, ie, interferes with on going proceedings are not applicable. And the judges would have to decide if the argument make sense or the intent and purpose were not to interfere with a court proceeding, ie influencing a judge’s decision on a case. The judges can either use his judgement to decide on this matter or say the law is not clear and ask Parliament to amend or rewrite the law to make it clear, like anything written to the judges or in print would also count as long as it interferes with the court proceeding.

Actually court proceeding and judgement can also be differentiated as the two are not the same. But never mind, I am more interested in the third point in the above para, ie making allegations of bias against the judges. Read this carefully, making allegations of bias against the judges. What about making allegations that the judges are stupid, simpletons, naïve, unprofessional, incompetent, can be easily influence by public opinions or social media? Would a person be charged for contempt of court to suggest, question or insinuate that the judges are stupid, or fools, lack the ability to be impartial and could be easily influenced by public opinions or comments in social media? See what I am getting at?

Would a person make comments that see the judges no up, insults the judges, that the judges are not very clever, fickle minded, unprofessional and would make decisions because of public opinions or silly comments by anonymous writers or bloggers be charged for contempt of court?

I think anyone who insinuates that our judges are stupid or naïve, or gullible should be guilty of contempt of court.

What do you think?

PS. I have full respect for our judges. They are professionally trained, and learned men and women with many years of experience on the job, not with fake degrees and qualifications from degree mills or from third world countries, and are very competent and know their jobs and the law very well. I swear that this is the truth and nothing but the truth. I will be dumbfounded if our judges are not what I believe like the third world countries. Please show some respect to our judges.


Why not use some of the reserves instead of more taxes

When this was raised in Parliament, Heng Swee Kiat’s PAP style reply was that the reserves cannot be touched. If now take a bit, tomorrow a bit, then eventually nothing left. What kind of logic is this? This is like the asking for one drumstick and they said you want to slaugher the chicken. There will be time when it is necessarily to use a bit from the reserves to tie things over like the how many times the reserves were used during Nathan’s time, was it thirteen times. How much was taken out and were they put back?

Why when there is supposed to be nearly a trillion reserves and not a cent can be touched? Is it like someone here said, want to keep the reserves as big as that of China? Or are the reserves thing a bottomless pit, can put in cannot take out? Or is it that there is really nothing left at the bottom of the pit?

Over three generations we, I used we because a big part of the reserves are the people’s own savings in the CPF, have squirreled quite a big sum of savings. Who is benefiting from these savings if the people contributing to it are not? At the rate the original Singaporeans are vanishing, the reserves would be benefiting foreigners that are being brought in by the millions and will be the main beneficiaries of our savings. The other main beneficiaries of our reserves are the millionaire fund managers getting paid by the millions. And the bigger the reserves, the bigger will be their appetite for risk and for more pay.

The other consideration will be that the sum is now quite huge and no one is so irresponsible to suggest spending them away. What the people are asking is to set aside some of the earnings to benefit the people. With the clever millionaire fund managers managing the reserves, the reserves should be growing every year and putting aside a sum to benefit the people would not deplete the reserves. I say again, no one is asking to spend everything, but just a part of the profits. Can understand this simple logic or not?

What is the truth? The reserves are actually the people’s CPF savings, or at least a big part of it. If they have problems returning the savings to the people andkept coming out with all kinds of schemes not to return, even to take by compulsory schemes, and keep telling people to put in more, you can make your guess whether there is enough money to return to the people. From this point, try to extrapolate how much is really there in the reserves.

The reserves are your money, not the govt’s savings or money, unless you believe one joker in Parliament claiming that the CPF is not your money and you deserve to be robbed of your life savings. Go and ask your MP and MP/Minister if the CPF is your money. If it is your money, then how much left are the reserves minus the CPF money and why you should not be benefiting from your savings but foreigners that are coming in to take over this country?

What do you think? I think they have a lot of money in the reserves. If not how to pay the fund managers tens of millions, some even wondered if some of the fund managers are being paid near to a hundred million. How near no one knows as their pay and bonuses are state secret. But surely if they can pay by the millions, the reserves sure got a lot of money.

Actually if they just put a few civil servants to park the reserves in FDs, safe and secure for 3% interest, there is no need to pay by the hundreds of millions to the fund managers and risk losing their pants and the reserves.

What do you think?


The Quad wants to build alternative Belt and Road to compete with China

The troublemaker Quad members, comprising USA, Japan, Australia and India are contemplating of building an alternative Belt and Road after failing to derail the Chinese Plan. Now from envy they are scratching their heads on how to build something to show that they too can think and plan. They are so clueless and hapless that they could only think of copying what China has done. And they claimed that they want to make it more efficient and economical. To do so, they must have the technology, the money and the cheap engineers. The only country that has the money is Japan. The US could print more fiat and useless banana currencies and hopefully they will still be in demand. Australia has no money and no technology. India could perhaps provide all the cheap engineers and labour.

So, what are they going to build, parallel roads and rails along side China’s leading to China? Or are they going to build roads to nowhere?

I can imagine that they will be building bridges instead as all the roads needed are covered by China’s Plan. What is the point of building all the roads and rails to India or Japan, definitely not to USA and Australia. What is there to buy or sell to India that needed such a grand plan? Perhaps they can build bridges, yes, build bridges across the Indian and Pacific Oceans to USA and India and Japan, from Australia.

Desperate men would come out with desperate measures and desperate plans. They forgot that the roads and rails would only be useful if there is trade and with buyers and sellers. China is the factory of the world, selling everything. And the rest of the world wants to buy and sell to China, the world’s biggest consumer market. Who cares about Australia and India? Who wants to buy from USA and Japan when they can buy the same thing cheaper from China, S Korea, and Taiwan?

The Quad is looking very comical. They can trade among themselves after they have built their bridge over troubled waters.


Budget - Generous govt giving angpows to the people

When people told me that when a govt is so desperate to scheme to keep the CPF savings from returning to the rightful owners, the poor people, and worse, even used compulsory schemes to take away the people’s life savings, it is a sign that the govt is really desperate, very short of money. Why, because the CPF savings are the people’s life savings, saved over a life time, it is SACRED. The CPF is different from the so called sacred cows. The money does not belong to the govt but the people, blood and sweat money, hard earned money.

Faced with this kind of logic, I must admit that I also agree with this assessment, that the govt is desperate. But after Heng Swee Kiat’s budget speech, I kinda change my mind a bit. I am very flicker minded and easily persuaded by good news. Now I am not sure. How can the govt be short of money when it has a budget surplus of $9.6b? This is real news from the main media, not fake news from the social media. And to support this fact that the govt has the money, it is going to give big angpows to the people. Everyone, oops, I think only citizens, they cannot be so silly to give to PRs, yes new citizens also will get this angpow as long as he/she is above 21.

The angpows are from $100 to $300, more for the lower income, ie less than $28,000 will get $300, $28,000 to $100,000 will get $200 and higher income will get $100. This is so generous, even millionaires will get $100 angpows. Where in the world got such generous govt? And more, there will also be enhancements to Edusave, housing grants as well.

I think in the next GE the percentage of votes for the PAP will go up to 80% or higher.
This is a budget of good news, a time for celebration. The 2% increase in GST will only kick in around 2012 or even 2015. Why? Because if the govt can make more money, like GIC and Temasek investments, then maybe no need to raise GST. See, better pray that the fund managers are good and lucky and make more profits. Maybe they should be encouraged to do well by paying them more bonuses in advance.

If not, the govt said, after prudent spending, saving and borrowing for infrastructure, there is still a gap. How big is this gap, I dunno. Not sure if the govt will continue to spend lavishly on big parties, on fake gardens, or F1s, on buying gold medals, on giving billions of dollars to educate foreign students? Not sure if there will be more schemes to spend the people’s life savings in the CPF.

In the meantime the govt is saying, have a prosperous new year with more angpows….when tomorrow comes, then see how. For you, with you and for everyone.

Heng ah, Huat ah!


If Singaporeans were to decide or elect their PM – Tharman it shall be

Below is an extract from a post about the curious case of a wildly popular politician by a Augustine Low posted in the TRE on Tharman.

“Tharman Shanmugaratnam is a one-of-a-kind politician. He has more ardent fans than any other. Netizens have long clamoured for him to be Prime Minister. Even critics of the PAP have heaped praise on him.

Yet Tharman never sought adulation. On the contrary he seemed discomfited by it and has done his best to deflect attention, protesting “I’m not the man for PM. I say that categorically. It’s not me . . . I know myself, I know what I can do, and it’s not me.”….
How cool is that – a poet and a David Bowie fan who became a Deputy Prime Minister?

The supremely smart and brainy side of Tharman is most apparent to people. He has a sterling record as Finance Minister and is the first Asian to chair the G-30 – a prestigious global body of top financial experts. He has also been named Finance Minister of the Year by Euromoney magazine.

For someone who is not attention-seeking or rhetoric-driven, who is in fact diffident at times, he actually has a great common touch and rapport with citizens. In the 2015 general election, Tharman outperformed all others, securing 79.3% of the votes for Jurong GRC….

In fact there are a surprising number of people who still harbour hopes of Tharman being Prime Minister. It may be wishful thinking. But it just goes to show that Singaporeans are not looking for sound and fury in their leader, for someone who is ever generous with promises. Rather, Singaporeans are dying for someone who is smart yet straight talking and sincere, and whose imperfections make him all the more human and relatable.”

If Singaporeans were to elect their PM, Tharman will win hands down. Unfortunately Singaporeans do not have this right to vote and elect a PM of their choice. The PAP elite, the inner circle, or is it one man, will decide who will be the PM of Singapore. Singaporeans have been living with this myth for a long time, that the electoral system allows them to elect the PM. No, never will they be allowed to choose or elect their PM. The PM is not the people’s choice, then, now and going forward under the current system.

In the same sense, Singaporeans did not and will not elect a President of their choice though they think they did. The system has excluded the people’s president and allowed the ruling govt to decide who the Singaporeans can elect as the president in a small pool of you know who.

But if providence would have its way, Tharman looks set to be the next PM. All the factors and schemings are working in his favour. The more they schemed the more likely Tharman would become the PM.


Contempt of Court?

Below are some discussions in the TRE regarding MPs writing to the courts. This issue was also reported in the main media. The discussions assumed that it was alright and an acceptable practice to write to the court on a pending case or a case under trial. Do these people understand the meaning of contempt of court?

What is contempt of court? To influence the judges to make decisions for or against the parties in a case. And knowing how sensitive and easily influenced are the judges even to social media, Shanmugam had warned the public not to anyhow write about a case when it is in court. Think about it, if the judges can be easily influenced by public opinions of nobodies in social media, not I say one, how much more would they be affected by letters from MPs or even ministers? (Personally I think the judges are highly trained professionals and with high integrity and would not be easily influenced by any Tom, Dick and Harry). Read below and form your own conclusion on the arrogance, ignorance and insensitivity of MPs writing to judges on a case.

And the party has no specific rules regarding writing to judges except a few words by LKY not to do so but nothing about writing to the judges is contempt of court! Is influencing the judges a contempt of court?

"Two weeks ago, High Court judge See Kee Oon questioned an appellant’s use of a letter from her MP Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West) to play down the offence she was convicted of. (Juz wondering? MP White Horse? Or spouse White Horse or grassroots tua kee?

Kee Chui, Minister and Chief Whip, was then quoted by ST as saying that the PAP has “no specific governing rules” on the sending of MP letters to the courts or other agencies or ministries.
A retired district judge, Mr Low Wee Ping, who was the Registrar of the Subordinate Courts and Supreme Court in the 1980s, in a letter to ST, said one Harry Lee had instructed all MPs, in writing, that they should not write such letters to the courts.
Mr Lee was also of the view that if the MP’s constituent resident perceived his sentence imposed by the court as lenient, he might attribute it solely to the MP’s letter, and, therefore, feel obligated or grateful to vote for the MP in an election wrote
MPs approached by TODAY, such as West Coast GRC MP Patrick Tay, said they are aware of the “long-standing practice” for PAP MPs not to write to the courts on behalf of their constituents*."


The Lunar New Year homecoming

2.98 billion trips, not 2.98m trips would be taken in the 40 days before and after the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Hundreds of millions of Chinese would return home for family reunions, a modern day migration of people working in the cities and overseas and making it a point to be reunited and to be in touch with parents, children and siblings during this festive season. These people will be travelling by land, rail and road, by trains, coaches and private vehicles, and by air and sea/river to be home all over China, some in remote villages, in the mountains and in the deserts.

The logistics to bring these people home safely and on time are a nightmare to the transport providers. Additional trains, flights, coaches, boats etc etc would be added to the routine trips. What is unspoken, unimaginable, are delays, breakdowns or accidents when the travellers commute to and from their homes and places of work. If errors or mechanical faults were to occur for 3% of these trips, it would mean 90 million trips affected.  A 1% error would mean 10 million trips affected.

The wonder of it all is that this annual mass migration have been going on smoothly, like clock work precision, with very little delays. A coach delay, a flight delay may just affect that coach or plane, a breakdown in a train, or track fault, would bring down the services of that particular line and many trains and passengers would be held back. It would not be simply detrained and the passengers walked to the nearest station and all is well. The journeys are in hundreds and thousands of kilometers and the stations are tens of kilometres apart. The providers of these services cannot afford to have train faults and delays. They did not have such luxuries to play with. They cannot simply apologise for the delays as thousands of people will be affected and you can have a riot in hand.

The Chinese transport providers have silently been providing these efficient services and have been taken for granted that it is part and parcel of life, normal, nothing unusual. The passengers, the govt, did not even have to say a thing or to acknowledge such seamless and efficient moving of people, transferring from air, sea and land services as if it is routine, to their destinations in time.

It is all about efficiency, technology, meticulous planning, work attitude and responsibility and many things more, to make this migration a success every year, every Chinese New Year, for the hundreds of millions of Chinese travellers. Nothing to crow about.


Keyuan - A touching new year story

Below is an extract of an article in Channel News Asia online that speaks about the goodness of being humans, to empathise, feel and to help when help is needed. Bless  the Yaps and Keyuan for a happy new year and many more to come.

"Given up when he was just a few days old, Keyuan was seven at the time of filming and already considered too old by a number of prospective parents, who preferred a child that was younger and female. In China, children become ineligible for adoption once they turn 14.

It was Keyuan’s poignant quote that did it for the Yaps. “I must be patient,” he said, the optimism shining in his eyes. “We can’t rush it. If we all rush for it, we’ll end up fighting!”

Said Dr Lim: “At the end of the documentary, I was in tears.
I remember thinking: What if everyone thought that someone was going to do something, and nobody did anything, and he just ended up waiting and waiting - and nobody came?
“The human heart can only take so much grief... so we thought - we can’t do everything but we can do this one thing.”

So the couple, who are Singapore permanent residents and United States citizens, flew up to Beijing to meet Keyuan and got the process going. And on Jan 29, 2018, he was officially adopted into the Yap family – with whom he is spending his very first Chinese New Year in Singapore, in a real home to call his own."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/china-disabled-orphan-keyuan-singapore-adopted-alenah-9965340


Redbean wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous Year of the Dogs

This Year of the Dog has a lot of great things for Singaporeans. A lot of them will be happy anticipating and celebrating to pay more taxes, something that the govt knows the Singaporeans love to do and can afford to do, be they working, not working, semi retired or retired, got money no money, never mind. And in return the govt will be working happily for more schemes to help the Singaporeans to put more money into their CPF accounts so that they not only can smile every time they see their CPF statements but also knowing that the govt is busily taking good care of them and their CPF savings.

The Year of the Dog is indeed a great year for celebration for Singaporeans, a great year for the dogs.

World Peace is threatened by the Evil Empire and its poodle UK

UK is is hanging on to the coat tail of the bankrupt Evil Empire to appear as if it is still a great power. It is obeying USA order to join the QUAD to provoke China in sailing their warships jointly through Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea. UK, USA , Japan and the West must be reminded China has not forgotten the Opium Wars they imposed on China in the 1830s and 1850s and the huge quantum of war indemnities of hundreds of billions of silver dollars they imposed on China that greatly impoverished China . China was reduced to an inconsequential pauper state and was still paying the war indemnities until 1949 when the Peoples Republic of China under the great leadership of Chairman Mao Tse-tung and his competent patriotic colleagues stopped the payment. UK must be reminded in no uncertain terms to stop playing mischiefs with China though it is at the behest of USA and must know China has yet to settle her scores with all the great wrongs and evil that was done to China with the resultant lost of over three million square miles of Chinese territory to Imperial Zarist Russia, UK, France and Japan. Through the hard work and deligence of the Chinese people China has risen from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix and is now rich and powerful. China must be firm and will not tolerate any nonsense from any quarter even if it is the Evil Empire and its Quad members.

But the desperate Evil Empire is hanging on as the world's only super power ( though it is declining now ) by depending on its military might and control of  of the toxic Petrol Dollar , a ponzi scheme which has been cheating and swindling the whole world in trade , commerce and finance for  decades. It knows the game will soon be over with the Petrol Dollar as China , Russia and the BRIC countries have every intention to take it down, so as for survival now it is using its traditional vile method of inciting, staging and conducting permanent wars to generate income via the vicious active roles of CIA and the Pentagon and its use and function of its NGOs to propagate and build its fifth columns in targeted countries .

USA is getting panicky and is increasing its military budget to almost eight hundred billion dollars. and upgrading its nuclear weapons to frighten Russia and China. It is playing a very dangerous game and is almost over the brink with its never ending caustic rhetoric and vile and wild propaganda against Russia, China, North Korea , Iran and Venezuela and the staging of simultaneous imperial wars in many Middle East countries, Afghanistan and Africa and inciting strives and tensions in Asia, Korea, East China Sea, South China Sea and South America.

USA's every insidious action is indicating to the world that the coming Third World War is inevitable. The imperial wars in the Middle East and hiking tensions in Korea and elsewhere is a preamble to the coming horrific Third World War.

Creating tensions in Korea and making false wild accusations against DPRK and Iran is only a side show but more to serve as a false basis for a reason for eventual attack against Russia and China.American leaders are psychopatic war mongers with deranged minds and they are mad and lunatic. Their evil behaviour and actions are putting the world in great danger for many of them strongly believe they can triump over Russia and China in a nuclear war and only USA can survive in that war. Neverthelesss Russia, China Iran, DPRK and the free world must stand firm and cohesive against USA and the West and be fully prepared to fight an all out total war against imperial America which may soon plunge the world into a nuclear war.

The survival of mankind is now in doubt with nuclear war clouds hovering over the horizon . But hopefully great men of wisdom will ultimately appear in all countries and with right logic, clear thinking and wisdom and the absense of false ego the world may yet be saved from nuclear holocaust.


Thursday, 15th February, 2018

UK – A has been world power refusing to live with reality

The UK, a spent force today, is sending a frigate HMS Sutherland, to the South China Sea in the name of freedom of navigation. The Chinese have said that every country enjoys the freedom of navigation in the SC Sea, but stay out of China’s territorial waters. China has warned the Brits not to cause trouble.

This spent military force, after the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse, hyped as the unsinkable battleships, were sank by the Japanese in WW2, and together the British Empire sank with them. China must stand very firm and should the British pirates sail the Sutherland into Chinese waters, they should simply sink it, make it the third British battleship to be sunk in the South China Sea. This would be a good avenge for the burning and looting of the Summer Place.

For the invasion of China and the Opium Wars, China would take its time to bring the British to justice. And no war would be needed. In another few decades the British Isles would be taken over by the Africans and Asians and the white British would be a minority in their islands. China could simply buy the islands from the new owners of the British isles that by then would be run down to become third world slums. This is the fate of Britain awaiting the descendants of British pirates.

The trip by HMS Sutherland would be the last hurray and would sink whatever there is left of the memory of the British Empire. China has completed its defence structures in the Chinese islands and the British would be foolish to think that it would be another easy foray into Chinese waters like their opium warships. Just don’t trifle or test the patience of the Chinese. This time the Chinese would not tolerate these foreign devils anymore.

And it would be too late for the British sailors to sing God Save the Queen when Sutherland goes down with its crew to meet the ghosts of Prince of Wales and the Repulse. There will be a big welcome party waiting for them down under the South China Sea. Old debt and new scores would be settled in the South China Sea in the 21st Century.

PS. It was reported in the media that Heathrow Airport duty free shop discriminated against Chinese shoppers, that discounts were given to other shoppers for purchases worth 250 pounds but for Chinese shoppers, discounts only given for purchases above 1,000 pounds. Chinese tourists have called for a boycott of Heathrow duty free shop. They should also boycott everything British. Imagine this kind of racist discrimination still going on in Heathrow and going on for so long until a Chinese national reported it. If not, the discrimination would continue against Chinese shoppers. The Chinese should boycott all the products from this beggar country now out on a limb from EU. They said, beggars cannot be choosers, but this beggar still thinks it can cause mischief in Chinese territories and want China to sign a free trade agreement with them.


Japan continues to stoke hatred against North Korea

The North Koreans’ participation in the Winter Olympic has drew vicious barbs from the Japanese, Abe and Yomiuri Shimbun. The media slammed the North Koreans for exploiting the Olympics for political gains. It even accused the warming of relations between the two Koreas as ‘the start of a dangerous, slippery slope’…’Such concessions could be endlessly expanded’, referring to the conciliatory attitude of Moon to North Korea.

All being said, the evil Japanese are hysterical. They fear the reunification of the two Koreas which would pose a strong challenge to the dominance of Japan and a strong reminder of the humiliation and cruelties committed by the Japanese during its colonization of Korea. Japan would do everything it could to keep the two Koreas divided for fear of a strong Korea. Japan still regard the Koreans as their colonial subjects, with total lack of respect for the Koreans as an independent and proud people.

The repeated condemnation of North Korea by the Japanese and Abe’s rude and arrogant interference of Korean affairs have been rebuffed by a self assured and confident President Moon who pointedly told the Japanese off. Abe and the Japanese still think the Koreans are stupid and would be pushed by them to kill each other. Japan is not going to go away quietly. Even with the USA toning done its hawkish stance towards the North, knowing that China and Russia would not allow a preemptive strike against North Korea, the Japanese would continue to want to stoke more fear and hatred against the North Koreans.

The Japanese may not be able to rely on the Americans to do the pushing and would be looking at Asean to lend its support. And Japan can be sure that there will be some silly Asean leaders that still think the Japanese are angels, despite their countries being invaded, people raped, and countries looted by the Japanese during WW2.

Let’s count how many silly Asean leaders will rise to the occasion when Abe comes calling to attack North Korea.


Pale attempt by the ST to clear the air on Eldershield

In an editorial piece in the ST on 10 Feb, it had a title, Clearing the air about Eldershield, and concluded with this paragraph:

‘Basic concepts ought to be explained now so that people can appreciate how lowering the enrolment age “makes sense”, as experts have observed – both to cover every Singaporean and to smooth out premiums. Of course, it’s natural for many to seek bigger benefits over longer periods. That’s why pains must be taken to show how costs will then rise and why a basic scheme must remain affordable. As for calls for a state subsidies for all, people need to see how this could lead to a blowout of healthcare expenses, especially when the Govt is obliged to offer premium support to the needy, and ensure the poor and frail elderly are not neglected. Any compulsory insurance scheme deserves to be closely scrutinized but first, the fundamentals must be made clear.’

After talking so much about the fundamentals, the most important question is still avoided, not to be spoken. Is the Eldershield Scheme a profit making scheme? Why should the people be compelled to pay for a profit making scheme and who is going to benefit from the profits? A compulsory scheme, a national scheme, forcing the people to pay from their life savings CANNOT BE A PROFIT MAKING SCHEME. Period.

If this point is addressed, all the woolly talks and deceptions about subsidies, helping the poor, high cost low benefits, overblown expenses, etc would take care of itself, would be non issue. The devil is that this scheme is going to be a profit making scheme, squeezing the people’s life savings to make profits…for who? Unless this is categorically denied by the govt, with a clear statement that the scheme is a NON PROFIT MAKING SCHEME, you can smell a rat.

No need to go round and round the bush. Profit making or Non profit making is fundamental to the real intent and agenda of this scheme.

More theatrics would not make any difference.

PS. With so many schemes, and so many scheming to empty the people's life savings, you can guess the financial health of the country. 


An independent Korea in the horizon

The continuing subjugation and colonisation of South Korea will not go away as long as the Americans have control of the state with its military presence. South Korea will forever remain an American semi colony to serve the American Empire's interest in East China, as a foothold to launch a war with China and Russia. The truce after the Korean War instead of a peace treaty was imposed by the Americans on the Koreans. The Americans would not allow the South Koreans to sign a peace agreement and the eventual reunification of the two halves of Korea.

The recent friendly gestures extended by the North Koreans under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un that the Americans and the West painted as a 'mad man' clearly showed that he is a leader on his own, and a very rational and seasoned politician. He has wrestled the initiative for peace from the stumbling Trump Administration and the belligerent warmongers in Washington. And heaven has brought about another equally brilliant and peace seeking leader in South Korea in Moon Jae In to appreciate the North's gestures and the virtues of a united Korea. Moon would not have an ounce of a chance to bring about a unification with the Americans having a stranglehold in South Korean affairs. The Americans are having the final with the threats of a military option, not just against North Korea but also against South Korea.

The only hope for a free and independent Korea, united, is the most feared weapons in the possession of North Korea. Yes, the nuclear weapons in North Korea is exactly what the South Koreans need to break free from the American vice to dictate their own future as an independent people, not American slaves, not Japanese slaves.

Kim Jong Un could extend its nuclear umbrella to protect the South Koreans from the Americans and Japanese should the South Koreans declare independence from the Americans. Any attack on the South Korean govt and people would be an attack on the whole of Korea. A nuclear threat or attack on South Korea will trigger a nuclear response from the North. This would be the safety net for the South Koreans to be a free and independent people again.

There are many fools still singing the line that the North Koreans must give up their nuclear weapons so that the Americans can continue to threaten them with wars and the continued and unending occupation of South Korea as a semi American colony.

The nuclear weapons of North Korea are the tools that would bring about an independent and united and strong Korea.  Without the nuclear weapons, South Korea and the South Koreans will forever be slaves to the American Empire, held hostage with the presence of massive American troops and weapons in their land.

The nuclear weapons would pave the way for the Koreans as a proud people to stand up again, as a free, rich and powerful nation state. But before this can be achieved, the Americans and the Japanese would be doing all they could to prevent this from happening. Watch the Winter Olympics and the subsequent days for incidents to be blamed on the North Koreans to raise tension and to further divide the Korean people into North and South and the country divided, a people divided against their will. The slavery and domination of the Korean people did not go away after the defeat of Japan. The Americans are the new masters today, with the Japanese hiding behind the Americans and pulling all the strings to keep the Koreans under bondage.

Moon Jae In just said that further improvement in relations with the North is conditional to the North talking to the Americans, a clear sign that he knew who is the master and he has no choice to act independently for the good of the Korean people. The master must give the nod before anything can move.

The Evil Empire, USA is the stumbling block to peace in Korea

President Trump is a war hawk and is surrounded by even more hawkish advisors and ministers especially those who are die hard Neo-Conservatives who adhere very closely to the Wolfowitz Doctrine of militantcy and world hegemony.

America will thwart every peace effort to a unified Korea. A divided Korea will serve American interest to continuing holding total colonial military power over South Korea and its intent to station permanent military bases in East Asia especially in Japan, South Korea, Guam and the Philippines. USA will see to it that the present Winter Olympic Diplomacy between DPRK and South Korea will never lead to serious dialogue to a negotiated peace and a unified Korean nation. American military bases in Korea, Japan and Guam will will serve USA interest to  spy and check on Russia and China.

USA is continuously building a case for support against North Korea. It is using a similar effort to its approach in its terrorist attack and war against Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya and recently in Syria. If there is going to have trouble or war in Korea , the blame is on America and not DPRK. It is not so much as DPRK having Nuclear weapons. It is USA determination to continue its seventy year military occupation of South Korea that splits Korea into two states arbitrarily. USA wants to maintain control of the strategically located territory of South Korea which is a critical part of its strategy to encircle China and Russia so that it can remain to be the dominant global power and a world hegemony for time without end.

USA state propaganda relentlessly demonise DPRK  without end and as a result of its meddling DPRK and South Korea are not able to achieve unification . USA often sabotage efforts by DPRK and South Korea to improve better communications and relations because imperial America fears a dialogue between the North and South Korea poses a threat to its continued military presence in South Korea and the region. It is doing this to Korea as to what it has been doing to China and Taiwan because without USA meddling in the Chinese civil war, Taiwan would have been united with China long ago.

Imperial America always treat DPRK leaders with disrespect and contempt. It doesn't want to end hostilities in Korea. It is not open to dialogue with DPRK. It is not DPRK is a communist country . USA is using communist rebels  as well as muslim militants like Isil to fight the legitimate government of president Arshad in Syria.

USA never wants to sign a treaty with DPRK to officially end the Korean War. It refuses to talk with the DPRK government or provide it with assurances that it will never attack DPRK for whatever reason. Imperial USA policy is very hostile and provocative, yet it continuously bombarded the world with false and fake propaganda to demonise DPRK in all its mass media via TV, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other world mass media control by America accusing North Korea of threatening USA and its allies and that DPRK is impulsive and evil and therefore it must be defeated and destroyed.

All the false accusations against DPRK is pure baloney. DPRK is not responsible for the Korean crisis. Just as China is not responsible for the South China Sea crisis. They are all manuafactured by imperial America to suit its evil agenda of world conquest and hegemony. Both the Korean crisis and the South China Sea issues are totally engineered by the Evil Empire , USA.

Thus USA has warned South Korea that other than talking on Winter Olympic Games it is useless for South Korea to have a dialogue with DPRK on peaceful unification without USA backing.

The ugly face of Western and USA white supremacist is there for everyone to see. They foster and supported the unification between West Germany and Communist East Germany but constantly thwart the efforts at unification between the two Koreas  and between China and Taiwan.

Never trust the West and the Americans. The native Americans had learnt the lesson too late and that is why and how almost all the native Americans of over eighty-five million or Ninety-Eight percent of them were completely massacred and genocided. China and DPRK must continue to build up the military especially nuclear capability to counter imperial America and if possible destroy this demon monster forever so that there will be peace on earth.


Monday, 12th February,2018


Air Show 2018 - Some aerial display pics

RSAF's F15 Eagle soaring to the sky
2 F16s in the company of a F15
Firing flares
Solid burst of flares by F15
Indonesia's aerobatic team in action
More actions from the Indonesians
Coming in from another angle like in Pearl Harbour
Malaysia's Su30, a match for our F15. The above pic is the Swedish Viggen that Malaysia bought.
Viggen also can fire flares
The deadliest bomber of all times, the monster B52, infamous for carpet bombing of Vietnam and a favourite weapon of the Americans to threaten North Korea and Iran with nuclear bombs carried by this aircraft. Also used to threaten China and Russia.

Banks are declaring big profits

Singapore banks are declaring big profits which is also likely to be translated to big bonuses at the top. This reminds me of the days before the banking crisis in the West when all the American and European banks were declaring bigger and bigger profits and the top bankers were paying themselves hundreds of millions each. And they did that for several years with all the top bankers turning themselves in multi millionaires and billionaires.

Everyone, every layman and all living persons were in awe at the supermen running the banks. No one questioned the big profit numbers cooked up by the banks. They had no reason to. The western banking systems were transparent, very good, ran by honest and honourable men and women, audited by world class auditors and monitored by world class rating agencies. All received AAA ratings. How to question them or doubt them?

Then overnight every one of these banks that were announcing record profits the previous years turned belly up, all suffered huge losses that were hidden for years while they were cooking their record profit earnings and paying themselves crazy. The banks were insolvent.

Even then, they were trusted by the stupid Asians that thought these were well managed banks and when they came asking for money, billions were handed to them happily, without doing much thinking or due diligence, thinking all was well, only to be duped further as the rot was so deep and widespread that only their central banks could save them by printing more money.

Today we are hearing local banks reporting the same kind of exuberant profits, record profits, year after year. Would this send a chill down the spine? Would our banks be suffering from the same disease as the American and western banks, and then turn belly up when it is game over?

I don't think so. Our banking system is so well regulated, the best in the world. And our banks are just as transparent in their accounting, also audited by the same great auditing companies and rated by the same reliable western rating agencies. It cannot go wrong. The big difference is that we have a very good govt that would not allow the same disease affecting the American and western banks to repeat itself here. We knew how they duped their govts and people and this would not be allowed to happen here. We learned from their crooked ways.

The record performance and profits of our banks are genuine, not cooked. Trust them. We will not have a financial crisis that would result in our local banks being bailed out by the govt by printing more money. Our banks and banking system are in good hands. I am also in awe at how well our banks are managed and how easy they made their billions despite the hundreds of millions lost in the marine and shipping industry. I take my hat off to them. What they have achieved are like miracles.

Sleep well. And our top bankers can enjoy their big bonuses with a clear conscience, that they have done well, extremely well, and deserve every cent paid to them.

What do you think?


The International Criminal Court should charge Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton for Crimes Aagainst Humanity

It is outrageous for International Criminal Court to initiate probes against President Duterte of the Philippines and the government of Venezuela for the dirty work of alleged crimes against humanity. The ICC has always been under USA and Western control. It is mischievous and unethical for ICC to do the dirty work of the Evil Empire. USA the world's most brutal state tries to flame Duterte and Venezuela of crime against humanity to deflate from its own horrendous crimes against humanity by Trump and each and everyone of the previous USA presidents.

ICC should bring charges against USA government and CIA as well as all its seemingly innocent NGOs for drug trafficking and killings of innocent people in the course of its illicit drug and heroin smugglings in the Philippines and many South American countries like Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecauda and Brazil.

Duterte and Venezuela are cleaning up the drug problem by legally killing CIA drug runners . America is not happy because it is losing billions of dollars from drug trafficking when the local governments of the Philippines and South America as a reaction to evil CIA indiscriminate illicit trafficking of drugs and heroins took actions to stem the tide against CIA activities.

ICC should charge USA and its presidents and officers of CIA and the Pentagon for war crimes against humanity for organising and supporting terrorists activities against countries which refuse to follow American dictates. USA instigate open conflicts and in due course start indiscriminate bombings against the establishment government troops and military resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens being killed which they just dismissed it as collateral damages. 

Since ICC is a proxy arm of the evil empire it will only serve its insidious agenda and look the other way of all the brutal and inhuman actions that the evil empire carries out against other countries which it deems unfriendly.

The world need to unite and take a stand against USA the most evil and monstrous country in the world.


Friday, 9th February, 2018

Asean step up effort to counter terrorism

It one thing to talk about countering terrorism. It is another to know who are the terrorists. It is even more serious to know who is the world’s number one terrorist and who is funding, training and support the terrorist organizations of the world.

Do the Asean countries understand this? Do they know? How many Asean countries are sleeping in the same bed as the world’s number one terrorist and even working with the world number one terrorist in terrorist operations?

What is terrorist operation? It is not just about indiscriminate suicide bombers. It is indiscriminate bombing of innocent people, invading a country, conducting regime change, and killing them in the thousands, hundreds of thousands. It is inciting wars, provoking wars, threatening wars. These are the operations of terrorists.

The Americans are fabricating another lie that the Syrians are using sarin gas and like WMD, would justify its military operation and occupation of Syria. It is increasing threats against North Korea to demand the latter to give up its nuclear weapons while it is upgrading its nuclear arsenal, the biggest in the world, to become more deadly. It is adamant to provoke a war between the two Koreans. Who is the real terrorist?

Would Asean be working against the real terrorist or be working with the real terrorist to create more fear and destruction around the world? If Asean do not know or refuse to see the real terrorist behind all the terrorist organizations, it is pure theatrics at best when it is talking about fighting terrorism.

What a joke? So pathetic?

Is Asean becoming a joke? The only good sign is that Asean is starting to see that China is a friendly power in the region and unanimously supported more joint military exercises with China. This is Asia and Asians must not continue to be ruled by the slayers of Red Indians, Africans, Arabs and Muslims. Asians have grown up and are capable of looking after themselves in peace. There is no need for war and for the world’s number one  terrorist from across the world to start wars in Asia.


When the people trusted the govt

There was a time when the people trusted the govt. Believe me, this is true, was true, in those days the people totally trusted the govt and would support the govt in many of its hard policies. That is history now, but it is good to reminisce and recollect how and why the people trusted the govt then. Some silly buggers are out there decrying that the older generations were stupid to trust the govt and they are to be blamed for the shit that the new generations and future generations are facing and going to eat going forward. I would say that this blame is partially right in the sense that many of the oldies could not see the change or did see the change but unable to change their mindset to change the govt of today that is very different from the govt of yesterday. The transition was initially slow, and like the proverbial frog, the pioneer generations are slowly being cooked to death.

What kind of govt then that could gain almost absolute trust from the people? In the first place the PM was getting a salary of $7,500 pm or thereabout while a minister was getting $5,000, and MPs were getting very much lesser. And the people could buy HDB flats at really subsidized prices, $6,800 for a 3rm flat, $27,500 for a 5rm flat. Anyone earning a 4 figure salary, ie $1,000pm could buy a simple car that cost $6,000. Anyone earning a 4 figure salary, ie $1,000 or $2,000 could get married and raised a family quite comfortably, even owning a car.

Anyone in the uniformed services, to serve and die for the country, would have priority in getting a subsidized HDB flat. The govt went further, and built flats exclusively for the uniformed services. And more, the most important factor, the govt then trusted Singaporeans and looked after Singaporeans, not looking after foreigners and giving good jobs to foreigners.

Under such circumstances, there was unspoken trust, trust that was given by the people to the govt without being demanded, without being asked. It was voluntary and involuntary trust, at times unquestioned trust.

Today the trust for the govt is in doubt, in question, and they have no clue why the trust was lost. Sure, the income has gone up, people are earning 5 figure salaries. But what can the 5 figure salary buy? Many earning 4 figure salaries are struggling to bring up a family, all in debt for the ‘highly subsidised’ half a million or more HDB flats and cars, expensive medical and education and high cost of living. In fact many could no longer afford to buy a simple car costing more than $100k. And things are spiraling downhill in double speed. Many have to sell their properties to spend their twilight years, not to hand down to their children. And once sold, nothing is left.

Still trying to figure out why the trust is gone? Millionaires, natural aristocrats, immortals have no clue? How about more theatrics?


Singtel replied to my complaint

I was having second thought on the title of this post. I saw a headline in thenewpaper, ‘SMRT updates app to give more accurate train timings’ and thought this would be more appropriate for this post instead of Singtel’s reply. You will see the relevance of why the SMRT headline later.

One guy from Singtel called asking to talk to me. I confirmed who I was. Then he turned into ‘machine mode’, that he needed to verify who I was. I told him this was a silly thing as it was he who called me. The natural thing would be for me to verify who he was. It is like I called up Hsien Loong and then tell him, wait, wait, I need to verify who he is. Then I will go on and ask, what is the name of his father, how many brothers and sisters he have, where did he live? Don’t you think Hsien Loong would be furious? He should be verifying me, the caller instead.

Anyway the guy was angry and cut off the call. Then I received a sms saying my account was transferred to a new platform and I can go online to check. Then I received an email reply confirming that I only used 36MB and got 60+MB balance. And I could call or go to another site to check my usage. Until today, the erroneous data in my mobile is still there and saying I have only 10MB left of my data plan.

See, there is nothing wrong about the data monitor in my mobile, a Singtel app, giving me false data. Is Singtel happy with the data monitor that cannot tell the real data but corrupted data, telling subscriber false data and confusing subscriber? And subscribers have to live with it? I was thinking that I may have no choice and need to upgrade to a bigger data plan if Singtel app data is going to be charged into my data plan.

How can Singtel provide its subscribers with an unreliable data monitor and simply tell the subscribers to call or go to another site to check for more accurate data? Might as well not to provide the data monitor when it is not helpful, not telling the real data, but fake data.

My reply to the email is that this is unacceptable practice and this must be brought up to the CEO’s attention. Now you understand why the SMRT wanting to provide more accurate train timings to commuters is relevant here? It is service, reliable service to the commuters/subscribers. Has Singtel degenerated into a third world service provider, providing a data monitor that is not telling the data that subscribers need and be happy with it? What kind of quality standard is Singtel setting? If this data monitor is what Singtel wants to provide, then I would tell Singtel to scrap it. It is useless if it cannot tell the actual data usage of subscribers.

I am waiting for my next bill to come to confirm that I am not charged for over usage, for exceeding my data plan though I am told that I did not exceed my data plan. You can bet left hand and right hand may not know what each one is doing or saying. I am keeping my finger cross.


More taxes to build boldly

This is what Lawrence Wong said. More money for mega infrastructure projects. For what, to bring in another 5m foreigners to create more jobs for Singaporeans to drive taxis?

How about building a castle in the air, like another city above the present city? This would be necessary for a 10m population. Singapore has a mission to provide good jobs and homes to the people of the world. If I am not mistaken, listening to the great thinkers, Singapore could be planning to bring in another 10m foreigners to share the good life in the island. And to serve such a population, there will be a need to build a high speed train running in circles, from the city to Changi, Punggol, Woodland, Tuas, Pasir Panjang and back to the city. This running in circles high speed train would definitely cost billions but not to worry, just raise taxes to build boldly. It is good for the economy. Wah, with 15m population, Singapore would become a vibrant and flourishing island of the future. Just not sure what is the economy and industries the island would be depending on to support such a population? More hawker centres, more shops, more HDB flats?

Please do not question the wisdom of growing population by importing foreigners to share this little island. After all this island if for everyone, not just Singaporeans.
And we can build another airport in Tuas and passengers can fly from Changi to Tuas and vice versa. Make it budget, cheap and good. No need to buy Boeings, can buy from China, Russia or India. Their planes are good and would not need billions.

Now with a castle in the air, a high speed training running in circles, a 10m population, and two civilian airports, one international and one domestic, what else is needed, what other mega projects can be built to turn Singapore into a fine city, the most expensive city in the world? How about building roads that lead to nowhere like what the Aussie woman said? Nope, bad idea, such roads would be too short and would not cost much.

Maybe build a virtual city and Singaporeans can buy virtual properties, big good class virtual bungalows to park their virtual limousines like Rolls Royce and Bentleys since they could not afford to buy real cars anymore.

Dreams are made of these. Big dreams, fanciful dreams, can be built with more taxes. The people will love it. After all their big CPF savings need to be spent wisely for the good of the country. Singaporeans, this is National Service. You need to pay boldly in taxes for a fine city to live in. Taxi drivers are not exempted from high taxes.

Yes, yes, build boldly, keep building, and keep taxing boldly.


Tharman must be on standby and be ready to take over

The 4G young turks are still not sure of themselves and not sure who should be the crown prince to take over the premiership. Hsien Loong said they needed time to feel for each other. The big question is how much time do they have and need to choose a new leader? And the assumption is that the new leader will be better than the two DPMs or other senior ministers today. Is this assumption valid, that the young turks would make better PM than the not too old senior ministers? Is the system of renewal, to appoint young turks to succeed a PM, by passing existing ministers, cast in stone and good for the country?

While some may think that time is on the side of the young turks and they can take their leisure walk pondering and musing who should be the next PM, there is also another saying that time waits for no man. A situation may crop up against the will of man, that a new PM have to be appointed quickly before the young turks knew what is happening, assuming that they are the one to make this decision, the two DPMs would be the natural choice to assume the premiership or like in most cases, be acting premier for the time being. And if historical precedents are to go by, taking the example of Thailand, an acting premier is not going to give up the premiership and would want to continue with the premiership himself.

Should such a situation become a reality, those people that wish to see Tharman as the next PM, and those people that fear Tharman becoming the next PM, would have their wishes and fear fulfilled. In all probabilities, Tharman is the most likely candidate to stand up to the plate when there is uncertainty and a power vacuum. He has crafted a fine image as the most desirable candidate for the next PM. None of the young turks has that credential, no achievement to their credits that can be used to justify their rise to the premiership. Their current position as potential crown prince is based on a system designed by the PAP, not based on merit in the sense that the best man should be the PM, regardless of age or seniority.

Given the current scenario, Tharman should prepare himself just in case. Saying no is one thing, but the forces of nature may push him into the ring despite him saying he is not interested in the job. Many things in life are unpredictable. And Murphy’s Law may prove that it is still relevant and real. Whatever can happen will happened. The longer the young turks dilly dally, the more remote would be their chances of becoming the next PM. It only proves that they are not ready or could not decide who should lead…and the natural choice is….

Singaporeans must brace themselves for an Indian PM if God chooses to dispose the schemes of man.


Fendi chooses Singaporean celebrities to parade its fashion wear

The famous Italian fashion house has roped in Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Fann Wong and Jeanette Aw to parade its latest fashion at a store opening in Ion Orchard. This recognition that local celebs are in, saleable and marketable is a new trend in this former British colony where everything white is good, and local is pariah. Many advertisements are still selling the idea that only the rich and fashionable are the whites and locals are poor and tasteless.

A good life is an angmoh strutting around with a local lass sticking by his side, looking so happy and pleased to be the sex toy of a successful angmoh. Compares this to American ads when the good life means a black hulk strutting his physique and success and a white woman by his side, adoring being beside a successful black man. What is the story of the choice of candidates for such ads?

The Koreans and Japanese did not have this queer taste for angmohs. They are proud of being who they are and their ads would be Koreans and Japanese. It is not just a matter of wasting foreign exchange, but a national pride, a people being proud and confident of themselves, secure, and not a sub standard specie compares to the angmohs.

When would Singaporeans be proud of themselves as a people and give up this colonial western hangovers? Our local celebs need to be celebrated, be the choice for such ads and to make the money that for some stupid hangovers would simply go to the angmohs.

Fendi is confident that local celebs can sell and is the way to go. Would other fashion houses follow suit? Would other local companies also follow suit instead of portraying our local women as the sex subject and angmohs as the successful dominant half with his prized collection?

In this Asian Century it is about Asians and a diminishing western civilisation. The rise of China and India have also set this trend rolling. The Chinese and Indians are also flaunting their own celebs, the other Asean states too, except this proud colonial outpost in the far east of the British Empire. And we are going to celebrate the bicentennial of the colonisation of this outpost in a big way. Maybe some would be dressed to their nines in British garbs, in hats  and headdress and flowing flocks, and drinking tea, and waving the Union Jack.

With their followers and fans, Fendi is going to sell well here with the local celebs.

I just lodged a complaint to Singtel

I am furious with Singtel and have just lodged a complaint to them. Below is my complaint that I want it to be sent to its CEO.

''I want this complaint to be sent to the CEO. I will also post this complaint in my blog, www.mysingaporenews.blogspot.sg

I have a data plan for 100MB which is sufficient for my use. I just received a reminder that my usage has exceeded my predetermined limit. On checking I found that 50.56MB was used up by Singtel Apps leaving only 15MB of my data plan unused.

Why is Singtel Apps data charged to me? This is unfair as Singtel could eat up all my data plan with all its Apps. Even if I have a 1GB plan, it can likewise be used up by Singtel Apps if this is allowed to happen.

I demand that the 50.56MB used by Singtel Apps be credited back to my data plan. Singtel must be fair to its subscribers and cannot use up subscriber's data plan this way.

Thanks you.

Chua Chin Leng


Singapore Dilemma – Should Hsien Loong rule to 70 years and beyond?

This is the new twist to the so called Singapore PM succession dilemma. Hsien Loong is now faced with a dilemma, to appoint a successor quickly as prompted by Chok Tong or to continue to rule to 70, thus avoiding the need to quickly appoint someone risking appointing another dud orchestra conductor without the privilege of an apprenticeship. The option for Hsien Loong to rule to 70 looks like the best solution at this moment, a win win formula.

Let’s look at all the good points for such an extension, looking at one side of the coin. The negative side I will leave it to your imagination. One, without having to rush to appoint a crown prince, a PM designate, Hsien Loong would have more time to observe how they perform and their suitability to be the next PM. A mistake would be very costly, the downward spin towards third world would be faster. Two, 70 year old is still very young. Just look at how healthy Chok Tong is and how LKY continued to serve and watch over the govt till past 90 years, age is no problem. Three, Hsien Loong took 14 years to learn to be a PM, Chok Tong needed 6 years to prove his competence, so on the average, the next PM would need about 10 years to learn the ropes. Given this proviso, 70 year is not enough and Hsien Loong should continue beyond 70 to give the next crown prince a fair chance to learn to be competent.

Four, since the current batch of potentials is not looking that promising, for Hsien Loong to go on beyond 70 would allow the 5G to come in and be in the running as well. The pool would thus be bigger, with the ageing 4G and the youngish 5G competing to be the best man. It would only benefit Singapore if the best man wins. Five, with Hsien Loong’s rule confirmed, it would bring in more stability and certainty, and no one can rock the boat, meaning more foreign companies would come to invest here and more good jobs for Singaporeans. And all wild ambitions would not have a chance to surface.

See, there is no dilemma if Hsien Loong would to rule to 70 and beyond, win win all round. Nowadays I got this strange feeling that my observations and analysis are getting wiser and wiser. Simply brilliant. I am sure the 70% would fully agree with my viewpoints.

What do you think?


Yin and Yang – The complementary roles of USA and China

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS in December 2017. According to a Peter Vanburen, an ex staff of US Statement department, ‘there is nothing to celebrate’ for the Americans despite the victory. The new Iraqi govt is pro Iran and would strengthen the power of anti American Arab coalition in the region which brews more trouble for the USA. The ISIS may have been weakened, but the Americans would not leave. The propaganda position of the Americans is to ensure that ISIS would not rise again. The unofficial position is just the opposite, to feed and nurse ISIS to live for more trouble for Iraq and the region. The Americans decided that they should stay in Iraq, with or without the consent of the Iraqi govt and Iraqi people. They are treating Iraq as a semi American colony, colonized after the invasion on the excuse of WMD.

The Americans claimed to have spent US$60 billion fighting the ISIS. And that is not all. The total cost to the Americans, still counting, is 4,500 Americans dead, many wounded, and trillions of US dollars for the invasion of Iraq. And the USA, after destroying Iraq to gain control of it as another American colony, ‘does not intend trying to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq’. This is how great the Americans are today. Ok, according to the same Reuter report, the US did contribute US$265 million for reconstruction since 2014.

This is like after destroying the country and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, turning their lives into hell, the Americans simply pat their backside and walked away.
But not to worry, the Jekyll and Hyde relationship between the USA and China would come into play. China has started to come in to offer to reconstruct Iraq, to rebuild Iraq from the destruction of the Americans. And you can expect the Americans and western media crying foul, that China is taking advantage of the Iraqi people and constructing buildings for no use and building roads to nowhere, or robbing Iraq of its oil. Now who have been stealing Iraqi oil since the invasion and the fall of Saddam Hussein?

Wherever the Americans conduct wars of destruction, the Chinese will be at their heels to clean up the mess and to rebuild the destroyed countries. This is the Yin and Yang relationship of the USA and China, a destroyer and a builder, a warmonger and a peacemaker, one destroys the other builds.

Who is the bigger devil? China of course, that is the lie the West and the Americans are creating for the daft of the world to read in and to believe in.

PS. In today’s news the Americans again are spreading another lie that the Syrian govt may be developing new types of chemical weapons, to justify keeping their forces in Syria and another invasion of Syria.

American Arrogance, Aggression and Imperialism - Part 2

The root source of all Western / American arrogance, aggression and imperialism lies with its militant religious doctrine and its white supremacist doctrine. White men first made use of the Doctrine of Christian Discovery to justify their conquest of the two American continents and  their massacre and genocide of the native Americans. The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny and the Doctrine of Exceptionalism show their arrogance and aggression at it height when USA launched endless wars from 1820s to the present time in its conquest of Mexico and across the Pacific Ocean to occupy Hawaii, the Philippines and Guam.

In the 1930s the doctrines of the Neo-Conservatives was founded by a cohort of American Jews. The founding members were Leo Strauss, Irving Kristol, Daniel Bell, Seymour Martin Lipset and Nathan Glazer. Leo Strauss was a German Jewish American political philosopher and his students include Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol, Alan Bloom, John Podhoretz and many more others. All of them were Jews. The Neo-Cons political movement became active in the 1960s and played a role in Ronald Reagan's administration . The administrations of George H.W. Bush, William Clinton and Bush Jr in the 1990s became a hotbed of Jewish Neo-Con operatives where they occupied most top strategic positions in the defense department, foreign office, CIA, the Pentagon, Wall Street, banking and finance.

The Neo-Cons are extremely arrogant and hawkish . They are white supremacists and can be found in both the Democrat and the Republican party. Their new doctrine is Unilateralism and New World Global Order. In the 1990s with the fall of the Soviet Union they feel vindicated of their policies and  they proclaimed that the 21st Century will be an American Century and in their  Manifesto they pronounced a "Project for the New American Century."  The chief exponent of "Unilateralism' and "New World Global Order " is Paul Wolfowitz - a Jewish military strategist and a Deputy Defense Secretary in George W. Bush presidency in 1990s where Dick Cheney (  a Jew ) was the Vice President Ronald Rumsfeld ( a Jew ) was Secretary of Defense. This new doctrine became known a the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

The main characteristics of "Unilateralism" and "New World Global Order" is that it has the tendency to see the world only in its own view of Good and Evil. It has very low tolerance for diplomacy and has a readiness to use military force. It lays strong emphasis on unilateral action. It consists of eleven or more articles with each article emphasizing a specific or fundamental objective.

Below are some of Wolfowitz arrogant and gingoistic doctrines.

1.     To prevent the emergence of a rival that poses a threat to US dominance and power,

2.      To prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would under consolidated control be sufficient to generate global power.

3.      USA fundamental goal is to deter or defeat attack from whatever source.

4.      To preclude or prevent any hostile power from dominating a region critical to USA interest and also thereby to strengthen barriers against the re-emergence of a global threat to the interest of USA and its allies.

5.      USA must convince potential competitors that hey need not aspire to a greater role or pursue a more aggressive posture to protect their legitimate interest.

6.      In non-defense areas USA discourage other advance industrial nations from challenging USA leadership or seeking to overturn the established political and economic order. USA must maintain the mechanism for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.

7.      Unilateralism :   The doctrine downplays the value of international coalitions . USA will maintain that the World Order is ultimately backed by the USA which will be an important stabiling factor.

8,      Pre-emptive Intervention

        USA will have the right to intervene where it is believed to be necessary to address those wrongs which threaten USA's interests or those of its friends or allies.

9.      The Russian Threat

          The doctrine highlighted the possible threat posed by a resurgent Russia. Russia remains the strongest military power in the world with the capability of destroying the USA.

NB:     President Trump has added China as a threat in his first State of the Union address.

10.      The Middle East and South West of Asia

           USA must remain the prominent outside power in the region and preserve USA and Western access to the region's oil. USA must prevent a hegemon  or alignment of powers from dominating the region . USA must continue to play a role through enhanced deterrance and improved cooperative security.

11.      On Israel

           USA is committed to the security of Israel and must maintain the qualitative edge that is critical to Israel security. USA-Israel strategic cooperation contribute to the stability of the entire

These Neo-Conservatives Doctrine endorsed USA military action in the Vietnam War from 1965 to 1975. It was the deciding factor in USA invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. It played a decisive role in overthrowing President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965 and the installation of USA puppet Suharto who with CIA and Pentagon's support killed and murdered more than a million Indonesians of Sukarno's supporters. Its next target now is to topple the present government of Iran. However it failed miserably in its plot against Russia in the Ukraine where Putin got the upper hand and annexed the territory of Crimea. It also failed miserably in its clandestine operations in Central Asia whereby the Central Asian states of Ubekistan, Tajhikstan  and Kajakhstan joined Russia and China in the solidarity Shanghai Organisation . However the Neo-Cons is now trying to create wars and instability in the South China Sea region by sowing seeds of dissension and mistrust among the littoral states and China.

The Neo-Conservatives are very determined to subdue every country and bring the whole world under American total control and hegemony. All the more the whole world must unite and defeat the Neo-cons and American facism, dictatorship and hegemony.


Friday, 2nd February, 2018



Beware of lightning strike

When the govt says it wants to help the people, be frightened, be very frightened. There is now another compulsory scheme to force the people to buy Eldershield Life Insurance using the people’s life savings. The concept is good but watch the small prints.

Chaly Mah, the review committee chairman said, ‘We want Eldershield to be a social safety net, and we all have a collective responsibility to take care of those with disabilities.’ Well said. But who is the ‘we’ and who ends up paying for the safety net, the govt or the people? I also have a grand plan to save the people of the whole world. I want to provide them with a life insurance, a safety net, so that they need not worry about no money. The only way for this to work is to make it compulsory for the people of the whole world to buy my life insurance, they pay of course. See, I also know how to help the people of the whole world by putting my hand into their pockets. But I must be wary of lightning strike if my scheme is to rob the people of their money to benefit me while giving the impression that I am helping them.

The govt is going to help you, be grateful, be very grateful. We have very honourable and benevolent people everyday scheming, cracking their heads, to help you with their great plans. They have your interest at heart and also your CPF savings. Trust them, they are planning and scheming to help you to take care of you with your own money in the CPF.

Lily Neo was asked what she thinks of the govt overseeing the scheme and she said, ‘ If it were you, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing the govt is taking control of it rather than have it in private hands?’ Do I trust the govt with my CPF money that the govt has full control of it and I have none? I am asking myself this question everyday and shaking my head.

One Chan Chia Lin, chairing the govt administration sub committee said, ‘The feedback was that being a national scheme, it should be administered in a non profit manner.’ Is this compulsory Eldershield scheme going to be the same as the other compulsory CPF schemes, profit making? Who is going to benefit from the profits made from compulsory acquisition of the people’s life time savings in the CPF? Why is the compulsory Eldershield scheme, and other CPF compulsory schemes profit making but the profits did not go to the CPF members who are paying for it when they are supposed to help them? Who is benefiting from the profits made?

It would be a different story if the govt were to say that since they are benefiting from investing the people’s CPF money they would now plough back some of the profits to pay for such schemes, using the profits to benefit the people whose money were used to generate the profits. Tiok boh?